Aug 18, 2011

Libya news [backup libyasos] 10. august - 17. august 2011.

Day 149: 17. august 2011. Libya news

Very interesting LibyaSOS can not be on  CNN, BBC, AlArabiya, Al Jazeera, SkyNews, France24... Twitter list ? WHY?! Why not ?!? Becouse I don't speak english very well like @Sbhafreedom @FreeLibya @FreeBenghazi ... Is it reason ? or.. becouse I am not soo fancy like NATO-led rebels
24h/ News from the fronts, the rebels are defeated and Benghazi is the next and last step 23h/ Tribal Leaders Speak out against NATO Aggression (English-Summary, August 15, 2011)
22h/ Three NATO ships demolished by the Libyan Army
22h/  More crime against humanity Rebels  shut down an oil pipeline to #Tripol (...)The pipeline from Zawiya to Tripoli has been switched off"
21h/ Leonor in Libya Update Misrata nad Libya today. Media lies ... Human Traficking etc -

21h/ Breaking news from Libya : After capture 360 rebels, Libyan army  put them in a camp in Subrata, after minutes NATO bombed that camp.
20h/ TRIPOLI, (Xinhua) -- Brega and Zawiyah, Libya's two oil-rich towns, are still in the complete control of Libyan government forces, said government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim on Tuesday
18h/ BRUSSELS -- A NATO spokesman said on Tuesday that the anti-Gaddafi forces had made "significant advances" on several fronts, however, situations on the ground still remained "very dynamic".
17h/ African Union Monitoring NATO’s Attacks On Libya.
16h/ Olga Sokolova - It is Russian journalist Nikolay Sologubovskiy went to Libya from the first days on his own to tell the truth about this war. He tells the truth and made actions in Moscow he said opposit opinion from opinnion of Russians massmedia He worries about the Libyan cultural tresures THis exibition attracted the attention from all the world people called from Germany they want to invite this exibition to German ! It is a wonderful chance to tell the truth to the world !

16h/ [march] UNESCO - Director-General urges military forces engaged in Libya to refrain from endangering cultural heritage
15h/ The Revolution Business: Are "Spontaneous" Uprisings Strategically Planned by the West? As Optor release their latest gadget, a resistance training computer game sponsored by American organisations, world leaders are voicing their concerns. "This is called a gentle coup!", insists Hugo Chavez. 
13h/ NATO massacre of Zliten civilians unreported by media . 85 people were killed including 33 children, 32 women, and 20 men as a result of NATO’s deliberate targeting of residential areas and civilian infrastructure. Many of the injured civilian victims are in critical condition and near death.
12h/ Zliten massacre carried out by brits: Update 14 August: According to an article in the Eastern Daily Post the NATO planes involved in this raid were RAF Tornados which flew the 3,000 miles of this...[ translation by Al_Fatah69]
11h/ The current processing of the information on Libya and Syria has marked a turning point in the history of war propaganda in that it uses new ways that have taken the international public by surprise.
10h/ Breaking News: Gadhaffi Retakes Key Towns. Is Gadhaffi losing? Au contraire. In total contradiction to the propaganda push on CNN, sources inside Libya say Gadhaffi soldiers have retaken a number of key towns.
08h/ France -  Margie Sudre is radically opposed the French military intervention in Libya / La députée européenne UMP, s'oppose à l'intervention française en Libye...
Margie Sudre, une femme politique et médecin anesthésiste française née le 17 octobre 1943 à Vinh, au Vietnam qui a été présidente de la délégation des députés européens UMP (Union pour un mouvement populaire) et qui fait partie du groupe PPE (Parti populaire européen), le groupe politique le plus important du Parlement européen.

Day 148: 16. august 2011. Libya news
*** Leader Muammar Al Gaddafi -  speach 15. august 2011.
24h/ Currently Sabrata is completely clean. Some rebels have been cornered want to negotiate with the gov.The Libyan government has said it already completed negotiations after the amnesty to so many rebel soldiers. Especially not the place to negotiate with the rebels who entered because they killed some people Sabrata in the city then beheaded and quartered. It must have been mercenaries from NATO outpost used to frighten people. They are Al Qaeda or Islamic extremists. Always follow the same tactics. [STOP THE WAR IN LIBYA. WE DEMAND IT That's the translation!][EN]
23h/ Further confusion has been sown with reports of increased activity along the Libyan-Tunisian border and the reported presence of South African and Qatari planes at Tripoli airport. As speculation continues on what talks would mean for the future of this North African country, Libya's Interior Minister Nasser al-Mabruk is said to have flown to Cairo on a private jet accompanied by nine family members for what he claims is a holiday, although some say it is a defection.
22h/ Tawergha has been taken by rebel forces from Misrata. Unfortunately, the mainstream media has not been giving any context to the battle for Tawergha, so most viewers will be entirely ignorant of the significance of this event. Rebel forces from Misrata, including one of their commanders, have long threatened to wipe Tawergha off the map, ethnically cleansing its inhabitants.
21h/ Why NATO Cannot Stop Until The Total Destruction of Libya. This comment may not be what some want to hear, but it is a fact of history and psychology as well as taking into account the ultimate objective of NATO
20h/ Libya, Benghazi - For months Benghazi citizens feared that Gaddafi's revolutionary committees and a fifth column loyal to him were wreaking havoc in the city. But today their concerns focus on gangs wearing the army fatigues favored by the rebels, terrorizing citizens and robbing them at gunpoint. "It is not safe anymore to travel in some parts of the city," says Dawood Salimi, 41 "Criminals are taking advantage of the instability for theirown profit.", 8599,2088749,00. Html# ixzz1VCDmupskLife
19h/ Captured Libyan intel officer: Gadhafi still strong  -  Ujaili (rebel)  said there were no signs that the supreme leader was in imminent danger of Gaddafi losing his 41-year grip on power.
"He is under threat, but pushing him out will be very difficult. The tribes are key. He has their support," said Ujaili, as rebels barged in from time to time to glare at him with hatred, shaking their heads., Brega - In Brega Oil
18h/ AMSTERDAM (Reuters) -Netherlands gives £87 million of frozen assets to WHO ? The Dutch government agreed on Monday to release 100 million euros in funds frozen from Muammar Gaddafi's government [money of Libyan people ] for the World Health Organisation ???to buy medicine for the Libyan population.
17h/ OMAN - Second batch aid soon - Ceasefire talks begin - The first batch of Omani aid supplies were distributed to Libyan refugees staying in Tunisia and other places - By ONA/Agencies - MUSCAT — The first batch of Omani relief supplies has been distributed to Libyan refugees in Tunisia and those in the western mountain inside Libya. The Oman Charitable Organisation’s (OCO)Executive Chairman said that about 600 tonnes of food, medicines and other supplies were distributed to the Libyans in refugee camps in Tunisia and in the Nafusa Mountain in Libya.
... to buy medicine for the Libyan population? are you sure?

16h/ Red Crescent provided weapons to Libya rebels  
15h/ Libyan army began for the first time to use missiles "Scud", and on Monday afternoon,missile fell 50 kilometers from Brega
15h/ News from Zawiyah, the situation is okey. no armed gangs presented and the Libyan goverment calls the people that left from Al Zawiya ue to the raid of the criminal gans to return to their homes.
14h/ Six Dutch F-16 warplanes have taken part in enforcing a no-fly zone over the north African country since the end of March, but did not fly bombing missions.Apart from fighter planes, the Dutch warship Haarlem has also taken part in the NATO operation by patrolling Libyan waters and enforcing an arms embargo, the ministry added.
13h/ STOP THE WAR IN LIBYA. WE DEMAND IT / #LIBYA Update 14 August: According to an article in the Eastern Daily Post the #NATO planes involved in this raid were RAF Tornados which flew the 3,000 miles of this mission from RAF Marham in Norfolk supported by VC10 and TriStar aerial refuelling tankers attacking what they describe as a “staging post” in Zlitan. Leonor en Libia[EN]
12h/ Italy, Rome - Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni has said that more than 48,000 immigrants from Libya and Tunisia have arrived in Italy since the beginning of the year.
12h/ BBC- Benjamin Barber, a Libya expert and fellow at the think tank Demos, said such claims were "wishful thinking". "I don't think there's any particular reason for hope unless they're willing to do a negotiated settlement, but neither the opposition council, nor Nato, nor the United States seem very interested in that right now," he told the BBC World Service. "There are a great many tribes and groups in and around Tripoli whose future depends on the survival of Gaddafi," he added.
12h/ ? The United Nations has denied that its special envoy on Libya is involved with talks between representatives of Muammar Gaddafi and rebels.
10h/ ? United Nations special envoy to Libya, Abdel Elah al-Khatib searching for a way to end the six-month long conflict in Libya, Monday arrived in neighbouring Tunisia for talks, the Tunisian Foreign Ministry has said.
10h/ Libya, Qatar, France: Weapons Transfers - the French and Qatar Connections. France is a major producer of arms, and is likely to have supplied the Libyan rebels with domestically produced arms It was recently alleged in a Swiss television exposé that Swiss ammunition, which had been bought by Qatar, was re-exported to the Libyan rebels in contravention of the end-user certificate.
10h/ cdoebbler curtis doebbler - #Libya: Qatari insider says Al Jazeera agreed to tow US gov line in return for access to US markets.
09h/ Libya, Tripoly - Press Conference from Libyan Spokesman Moussa Ibrahim during a meeting of the Libyan Tribe Leaders in Tripolis at 15.08.2011.
09h/ Libya, Zawiya -Inhabitants of Zawiya defend themselves against the rebels
09h/ Libya 15.08.11, NATO War On Libya
06h/ Libya Media war -  The rebellion in Libya has been more of a media war than a full-scale armed clash. Sure, the rebels seized tanks and weapons from government troops in the early stages. This led to some skirmishes between rebels and Gadhafi loyalists in seesaw battles along Libya’s coastal highway.
06h/ Libya Media rumors. The media rumors about 'negotiations' in Libya are a trap. It is not the first time that the media spread this rumor with the intention to weaken the Libyan government. This is part of the psychological warfare.
03h/ Libya diary by Lizze Phelan: Clearing up the latest media rubbish on Libya.While the journalists suffering from cabin fever in Tripoli’s Rixos hotel, publish their dreams that imperialism’s lackies (the rebels/rats) have taken Zawiya, Ghuriyan and Sorman, they are ignoring a decisive moment in the crisis. [THANK YOU Lizzie for truth] ->
04h/ Mathaba - Lizzie Phelan has given a report that confirms an earlier report that was given by Mathaba Libya Coordinator and also a young member of the Libyan Army: Misrata has been liberated by loyalist volunteers of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and the Libyan Defence Forces. 

06h/ Battle for Libya: MISRATA HAS BEEN LIBERATED [15. August 2011.]

Day 147: 15. august 2011. Libya news
 Libyan angel
***  In an audio broadcast, which national TV  was a live speech, Gaddafi said "the end of the colonizer is close and the end of the rats is close," referring to the rebels and NATO. "They (the rebels) flee from one house to another before the masses who are chasing them," Gaddafi said. He also called on Libyans to arm themselves and free the country from "traitors and from NATO." Gaddafi Speech [15-08-2011]
*** Gaddafi Calls On Libyans To Take Up Arms Against NATO. TRIPOLI: Libyan state television early on Monday broadcast what it said was a live speech by Muammar Gaddafi calling on the Libyan people to arm themselves to liberate the country from “traitors and from NATO.”

Sirte, 14.8.2011 (JANA) A funeral of 3 martyrs of Crusader NATO aggression on Braigah was held last Sunday in Sidi Ben Hemal cemetery, Sirte. Participants in the funeral were a gathering of worshipers, the martyrs' relatives and friends. The participants were carrying green flags, and chanting: Martyrs ... martyrs for you, Libya. '' The martyrs were martyred in Braigah on Sunday because of the NATO brutal bombing on the region'' JANA correspondent said. =JANA=
24h/ This Global Research video was produced and directed in Tripoli by a team of committed journalists, researchers and cameramen, who decided to defy the consensus of the Western media which consists in spreading lies and misleading public opinion.

23h/ Iran Blasts NATO’s Meddling In Region As “Big Mistake” TEHRAN: Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lashed out at NATO for its interference in the Middle-East and North Africa, Libya in particular, stressing that the regional states are able to govern their own affairs.
22h/ Libyan War: U.S. Global Hawk Drone “Reaches Critical Milestone”
22h/ GHANA - NATO, ICC Criminalise Stone Throwing, Legitimise Street Shooting. “This is pure criminality and must be confronted and defeated”. Just in case you were wondering where I was going with this statement, these are the words of Prime Minister David Cameron, which also represents the official position of No.10 Downing Street on the current unrest in what we use to know as the Great Britain. You know what; I will come back to that.
21h/ Rome - About 2 000 migrants from north Africa have arrived on the southern Italian island of Lampedusa this weekend, ANSA news agency reported on Sunday.
20h/ Germany- Deutche Welle  - Ten new boats full of North African migrants have arrived on the Italian island of Lampedusa. Most have come from Libya, where rebel fighters and Gadhafi's forces continue their battle for control of the country.,,15315901,00.html
 20h/ A NATO official in Brussels described the situation on the ground in Libya as "fluid." "Pro and anti-Gadhafi forces have been engaging each other. Nothing is certain yet and there is no confirmation about who has control of Zawiya because the situation changes every day," the official said.
19h/ We hold [French President] Mr. [Nicolas] Sarkozy and [British Premier] Mr. [David] Cameron responsible for every Libyan death because what they do is for their political gains. They push our kids to fight against their nation,” Libyan government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim told reporters on Saturday.
18h/ Nato allies could be seeking a regime change in Libya in a manner that is “unacceptable”, President Jacob Zuma told the Parliament of Burundi on Thursday.
17h/ Libyan Army Victorious Retakes Misrata - Breaking News
15h/ Rebel supporter Dr. Rejeb Muftakhov Budabusa: "Both NATO and the rebels have already lost the war..."This war is unjust and illogical" -- Dr. Rejeb Muftakhov Budabusa, described as one of the most prominent dissidents amongst the elite of the Benghazi rebels
13h/ Atti di una guerra illegale. – La NATO sta conquistando la Libia ?
12h/ Libyan  army captured two leader for rebels they are Hassan Amin and Khalifa Hfter in the west of Misurata.
11h/ TUNIS, (Xinhua) - Kriza u Libiji proteže Tunis je već ustajala ekonomije koja se oporavlja od vlastite krize, službena novinska agencija TAP izvijestio je u subotu citirajući izvješće nedavno je objavila Afrička razvojna banka (ADB).
10h/ The tribes of Libya are now inside Misrata and cleaning some little remaining rebels
09h/  Libyan  volunteers control Surman City. The City Subrata now under the cover of NATO .
05h/ Ahmadinejad to RT: Europe & US need freedom most of all (Exclusive Interview)
03h/ The Doha Debates: Should Arab Governments Let NATO Deal with Libya?
02h/ These dramatic pictures show how British airmen blew up one of Colonel Gaddafi's warships from 20,000ft in the sky. The images were taken from a Tornado as it the vessel which was berthed in Tripoli harbour. read more

Day 146: 14. august 2011. Libya news
 ** Libya: Almost 19,000 NATO Sorties, Over 7,000 Strike Missions
 23h/ cdoebbler curtis doebbler
#Libya: NATO-led rebels seem bent on killing Libyans, even their own fighters in civil war.
#Libya: NATO-led rebels seem bent on kill Libyans, even their own fighters in civil war.
#Libya: NATO-led rebels kill each other in Benghazi when one fraction attempts to arrest member of another fraction.
#Libya: NATO-led rebels under increasingly heavy pressure to kill more Libyans for Western paymasters who want Libya's resources.
22h/ (FR)  Becoming pure lies and propaganda, the westarn journalism is dead in Libya.
We give here evidence about its lies concerning Zawiya as simple example.Only the bbc has not picked up this fake rude. So according to some press, the Libyan rebels took control of the center of the city of ZaWIYA located about fifty kilometers west of Tripoli, says a journalist Reuters located in the town. Journalist said even announces that he saw 50 insurgents near the market. 50 people managed to take a city where there is an additional refinery supplying Tripoli?
22h/ Hall for Shame (about Al Jazeera. ) -
21h/ NATO Allows Libyan Refugees to Drown in the Mediterranean -
According to the UN refugee agency UNHCR, 1,500 Libyan refugees have died while trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe since the beginning of the war against Libya in March.
18h/ NATO war crimes in Zliten Wha's happen and  NATO PRESS BRIEFING aboout massacre  ->
15h/ Mussa Ibrahim: "We have information that NATO is planning intensive bombardments of the Ras Jedir border post to help the armed bands, some of whom are positioned on the Tunisian side, to enter Libyan territory NATO is very dangerous pointing out that Ras Jedir was a crossing point for thousands of Libyans, including women and children."
"By bombing it, NATO will be committing a new massacre," warning against an illegal act.
14h/ Libya, Al Zawiya - Government spokesman Musa Ibrahim told reporters that rebels' statements saying they have taken the city of al-Zawiya, 33 miles west of the capital, were exaggerated. "This is what you call a skirmish, what you call a suicide mission," Ibrahim said.
14h/ Libyan Rebels Again Fall Victims to 'Frendly Fire' from NATO The rebels  in their new conquest city of Az-Zawiyah were at the wrong end of yet another mistaken identity, by the NATO warplanes. They once again fell victim of the alliance's 'friendly fire' fand four of their men were killed by NATO warplanes who misakenly destroyed a tank they had captured from the regime forces in the western port town of Zawiyah.
14h/ NATO bombs captured Libyan tank, 'killing 4' ZAWIYAH, Libya — NATO warplanes mistakenly destroyed a tank captured from Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi's forces in the western port town of Zawiyah, killing four rebels, an AFP photographer said on Sunday.
13h/ Libya, Benghazi - Tribal Rifts Threaten to Undermine Libya Uprising. The increase in discord and factionalism is undermining the effort to overthrow Colonel Qaddafi, and it comes immediately after recognition of the rebel government by the Western powers, including the United States, potentially giving the rebels access to billions of dollars in frozen Libyan assets, and the chance to purchase more modern weaponry.
12h/ SZhazi Sarsenbaeva Zhazi -  in the south of Tunisia, there is a navy coming from Qatar and there are many arms in it for the rebellion. The people are very angry.
11h/ Tripoli - Libya on Saturday accused UN chief Ban Ki-moon of playing with words after he acknowledged Nato efforts to avoid civilian casualties a day after urging restraint over "unacceptably" high deaths.
10h/ The Libyan rebels group, the Transitional National Council (TNC), has remained defiant to the Africa Union’s proposal to start a negotiation with a Muammar Gaddafi-led government.
09h/ The question is, when will NATO stop murdering Libyan children, when will NATO realise it made a monumental mistake in attacking Libya and siding with the "rebels" (most of whom are not even Libyan), when will NATO stop wasting hundreds of millions of dollars of its taxpayers' money on bombing a country whose population stands with its leader?
08h/ @antiwar_soldier informed me that today rebels have executed thirty captured soldiers in the town of Tarhouna, thereby committing a major war crime. The captured soldiers were reportedly executed as rebels were retreating from the city, which they were unable to keep under control.
07h/ 'Millions in Harlem March' aims to stop US, NATO warmaking in Libya, Louis Farrakhan’s historic speech

Day 145: 13. august 2011. Libya news
17h/ BREAKING NEWS: Zlitan, Government forces have shot down a US drone in Zlitan.
22h/ Millions March In Harlem Gears Up!In the New York Area? Attend in Person! - Help Stop the U.S., NATO Warmongers!
Read More
20h/ NATO reneges on its mission. After 150 days of bombing, NATO has razed numerous facilities while failing to achieve any convincing military results. This is largely due to its lack of strategic forethinking. In Libya, ... thousands, of Arab fighters belonging to the networks of Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, known as "Al-Qaeda."
19h/ Leonor in Libya--  Durante las primera semanas de la crisi de Libia, se corrio el bulo de que Gadafi habia traido mercenarios de otros paises africanos. Estos hechos fueron negados por la Union Africana que sentencio que no existian evidencias de que el lider Libio, hubiera contrado mercenarios.
18h/ How Gaddafi helped Africa (and why the war against Libya also is a war against Africa)
18h/ NATO’s lies: The civilian casualties in Şurmān Investig’Action published today an analysis of a NATO press release that followed an airstrike in Şurmān on 20 Jun 2011. Here’s a translation of that analysis by Simon de Beer into English. You can find theoriginal article in French here. And NATO’s statement in English here.
17h/ Deutsche Presse-Agentur - Copenhagen: Denmark was to continue to contribute to a NATO-led mission over Libya, two cabinet members said Thursday after talks with parliamentary leaders. ‘We agreed that Denmark should be patient and stand firm,’ Foreign Minister Lene Espersen said after the meeting with foreign affairs and defence affairs spokesmen from other parties.
16h/ NEW YORK ( - Activists representing a broad coalition of anti-war organizations, the Nation of Islam, the political left, Islamic organizations and a plethora of grassroots community organizations recently stood together on the stage of the Assembly Hall at the Riverside Church, proclaiming that “all roads lead to Harlem” for the Aug. 13 “Millions in Harlem March” to stop the bombing of Libya.
15h/ PARIS -- French President Nicolas Sarkozy says his country will stick with the international campaign against Libya's longtime leader until the end [NATO end].
14h/ Top Canadian military and diplomatic authorities are saying little about whether they will be able to pull out of the UN-led military mission in Libya by the end of September as planned.
13h/ Hanna Gaddafi …  [article for comment]The documents were found in the Libyan Embassy in Knightsbridge this week after rebels fighting to end Gaddafi's reign formally took possession of the "People's Bureau". They disclose a London dentist's work for the Gaddafi regime, reopening the mystery of the daughter the Libyan leader claims was killed in a US bombing raid.
12h/ MOSCOW, Aug. 12 (Xinhua) -- Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree Friday backing the U.N. Security Council resolution that authorized international military action in Libya, the presidential press service said.
11h/ New Era (Namibia)- Defend the homeland! The youth leagues of Southern Africa’s former liberation movements should be commended for speaking out in defence of the homeland when so many of their leaders have gone to sleep. Africa’s leaders have dropped their guard of the African revolution. Many of them have gone to bed, while others have joined their former colonial masters in pursuit of self-serving agendas.
10h/ On Thursday, the U.S. State Department announced a $200,000 grant to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), a Middle East media watchdog closely aligned with U.S. neoconservatives and Israel’s hawkish security establishment and rightist Likud Party. The grant was awarded “to conduct a project that documents anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial and Holocaust glorification in the Middle East.”
09h/ Massimo Zucchetti. The issues regarding depleted uranium (DU) and its toxicity have sometimes, in recent years, gone beyond the scope of science. The writer has dealt with radiation protection for twenty years and depleted uranium since 1999. After an experience of publishing scientific papers in journals, conference proceedings and international conferences on DU, this article attempts to estimate the possible environmental and health impact of the use of depleted uranium in the war of Libya (2011). Reports of its use have appeared in the media since the beginning of the conflict [1].
08h/ Tripoli, Libya (CNN) -- Moammar Gadhafi's government is disputing rebel claims that they have taken the embattled oil hub of al-Brega, saying Libyan forces are still in control of the city.
07h/ Isolation, air strikes take toll in Gaddafi's Libya read more
06h/ UNESCO Head Deplores NATO's Killing Of Libyan Media Workers
05h/ Did Ban just subtly admonish NATO’s Libya campaign?
04h/ antiwar_soldier BREAKING TAWREGHA #LIBYANS Ethnic cleansing civilians put in a camp as hostages in Misrata.
03h/ Libyans protest at deadly NATO strikes
02h/ L'information déjantée, au Kärcher, et la liberté d'expression dans sa quintessence
01h/ Analysis of Financial Terrorism in America
Day 144: 12. august 2011. Libya news
24h/ NATO's Collective Punishment Continues; targeting Civilians in Sabha, a desert city of no military value. With a vote due in Three weeks is whether to continue the NATO enforced no-fly zone or not, There Is a sudden Urgency to tell the world about NATO's crimes and murder.
24h/ Managua, August 12 (Prensa Latina). Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega Demanded year end to the bombing of Libya Against the people, Where the NATO planes again Attacked Civilian population, Leading to the death of 33 children. According To the latest news, Air Force, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Have Committed More than 8400 attacks on the North African country, killing More than 4400 people, leaving more Than 5,400Wounded , Said last night the leader of the Sandinistas.
24h/ Younis Abdul Fatah's talks about his father's death history and how He Was Tortured and Killed - he adds the NTC That Did not react Towards this gold  Protection One of Their leaders at the end ----- They Say That They Donot want this council anymore
24h/ Brave Libyan Arny are still in control of the oil terminal and refinery of the strategic eastern port of Brega despite rebel advances, a spokesman for rebel forces has told Reuters. Only yesterday,in Brega,9 rebels got killed,and more than 70 wounded.

The Rebels Advance On Brega :o)
Only in June did the rebels not advance on Brega. I wonder why. And when will they arrive?
23h/ BRAZIL - A group of politicians and social activists in Brazil embarks on Sunday (14) toward Libya, responding to an invitation of the Libyan Popular Committees. 
23h/ August 11, 2011 "Pravda" - - -NATO is committing war crimes daily in Libya, the latest massacre of children and civilians in Zliten demonstrating its cold-blooded and reptilian callous disregard for human life as it proceeds to bomb indiscriminately in a desperate attempt to aid the terrorists it supports, knowing full well the TNC has the support of some 2% of Libyans.
22h/ UN, Ban Ki Moon- There can be no military solution to the Libyan crisis, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said in a statement circulated by his press service.[ BLAh BLAh BLAh]  
20h/ NATO targetting Libyan frozen assets -
19h/ Iranian lawmakers have previously condemned the events in England as violations of human rights and called on the United Nations to adopt preventive measures against the "oppression" and "violent crackdown on protesters."
18h/ OPEN LETTER – Libya, Africa And The New World Oredder. We, the undersigned, are ordinary citizens of Africa who are immensely pained and angered that fellow Africans are and have been subjected to the fury of war by foreign powers which have clearly repudiated the noble and very relevant vision enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations.
** LIBYA - REFUGEES AND HUMAN TRAFFICING . lets remember NATO decided to intervene in Libya to protect civilians," MSF field coordinator for the Shousha camp in Tunisia, Sasha Matthews, told IPS. And it was the United Nations Security Council who decided to impose an air embargo, to prevent "mercenaries and weapons" being flown in, but it's prevented everyone else from flying out. Desert crossing are a dead end - no one is allowed to fly or sail out of Tunisia or Egypt, it seems.
17h/ Arms controls continue to be flouted in the context of the Libyan armed conflict. Both France and Qatar have openly admitted to supplying arms to the rebels as a complementary strategy to the NATO-led air strikes. Such actions not only undermine the United Nations arms embargo regime, but may also violate contractual obligations between arms-exporting and arms-importing states.
17h/ Algiers (Algeria) - Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mourad Medelci and his Italian counterpart Franco Frattini, visiting Algeria Tuesday pleaded for a "political solution" to the Libyan crisis.
16h/ ATHENS- Libya's foreign minister held talks in Athens with his Greek counterpart Thursday, as part of international efforts to launch a diplomatic process aimed at ending the civil war in Libya.
Greek diplomats said Abdul-Ati al-Obeidi's meeting with Greek Foreign Minister Stavros Lambrinidis lasted 45 minutes and followed a request from Tripoli.
16h/ MOSKOW, Russia - The UN resolution on Libya seemed to cause a split between Medvedev and powerful Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in March after the premier said it resembled "medieval calls for crusades." Medvedev said such comments were "unacceptable" and could lead to a "clash of civilizations." -
15h/ STOCKHOLM — Police stormed the Libyan Embassy in Stockholm on Thursday to arrest seven protesters who had occupied the building, torn down images of Moammar Gadhafi and threatened to commit suicide by jumping out windows. read more 
14h/ Democracy broken in ENGLAND - According to an analyst, the British government is responsible for the current unrest in the country because it neglects the needs of a large “number of people” lacking proper representation.
13h/ Skelemani said Botswana's recognition of NTC would remain until there were elections and the rebels were (hopefully) officially installed in office. [after visit of americnas “o) ]
12h/ Washington (CNN) -- The Libyan Embassy in Washington officially re-opened Thursday under the control of the Transitional National Council, a senior State Department official and the new Libyan ambassador told CNN.[ nice try slaves]
11h/ David Cameron has told parliament that in the wake of this week's riots the government is looking at banning people from using social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook if they are thought to be plotting criminal activity.

Day 143: 11. august 2011. Libya news

23h/ A 70-page plan detailing Western designs for the occupation of post-Gadhafi Libya, and apparently signed off on by the political leadership of the rebel Transitional Council in East Libya has been leaked, and paints a grim picture of the new regime NATO is planning on installing after the war.Even more controversial will be the “Tripoli task force,” a 15,000-man force operated by the United Arab Emirates which will, after Gadhafi is out of power, occupy the capital city of Tripoli and conduct mass arrests of Gadhafi’s top supporters.
21h/ mb08082011.html The 105 children, part of more than 1000 missing, were "kidnapped" by rebel forces as they entered Misratah and went on a killing spree, some of which has beendocumented by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International among other groups. There is no question that the children are no longer sheltered in their facility. But from there what became of them remains a mystery.
21h/ While NATO-backed rebel forces have made ​​stunning territorial gains against Qaddafi, the rebels' government is in complete disarray after the murder of its top general. What's going on in Libya?   
20h/ Rape of Libya: Mass funeral in Libya #Feb17 don't care care about killing children of Libya [09.08.2011.]

18h/ NATO challenges Libyan TV report of civilian deaths -
18h/ Human Rights Investigation. Zliten NATO bombings: “No evidence of civilian casualties”
17h/ Southern Africa Liberation Movements Youth Groups: All NATO Leaders War Criminals
16h/ Tripoli/ 10-8-2011(JANA) British Prime Minister and his government have lost legitimacy as a result of the massive demonstrations in Britain and will have to go, the Undersecretary for Media Affairs at the GPC of Foreign Liaison and International Cooperation said. The Undersecretary Khalid Keim demanded at a press news in Tripoli last night, the international community and the UN Security council not to stand idle in the face of this flagrant breach of the rights of the British people who stood for their right to rule their country. =JANA=

15h/ Amnesty International wants NATO to investigate claims by the Libyan government that it killed 85  "NATO continues to stress its commitment to protect civilians. To that effect, it should thoroughly investigate this and all other recent incidents in which civilians were reportedly killed in western Libya as a result of air strikes," Hassiba Hadj of Amnesty International said in a statement on Wednesday.
Khamis al-Gaddafi (Arabic: خميس القذافي‎; born 27 May 1983), is the seventh and youngest son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, and military commander of Heroic the Khamis Brigade of  the Brave Libyan army.
14h/ 'NATO [Responsibility to Protect not withstanding] has not replied to inquiries demanding information about the disappeared children nor has UNICEF, Save the Children or Secretary of State Clinton's office' by FRANKLIN Lamb
14h/ NATO blamed for Libyan 'massacre'
12h/ Libya: NATO MASSACRED 85 CIVILIANS, 33 CHILDREN 08.08.11 [ 2 Ramadan week]
12h/ NATO Massacres of Civilians in Libya R.I.P. 08. August 2011.
10h/ NATO Massacr in Zlitan 08.08.2011.
09h/ What's really happen in Zlitan? [ yeah BBC will tell to us] A photocopied version of Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea lay in the rubble. Next to it were school books, their pages fluttering in the light breeze.
08h/  An Iranian Majlis (parliament) National Security and Foreign Policy subcommittee has urged the UK to immediately stop violent treatment of people protesting the killing of a black man.
07h/  The South Africans for peace in Africa initiative marched to the embassy of the United States and the British High commission here to handover their list of demands. They say academics across the continent, such as Professor Mahmoud Mamdani have also voiced their support for the campaign.
07h/ The truth behind the U.S./ NATO war on Libya, August 13 anti-war demonstration in Harlem
07h/ BRUSSELS, Aug. 10 (Xinhua) -- The European Union (EU) on Wednesday extended assets freeze to two further Libyan entities to strengthen pressures on the embattled authorities. The EU said the two entities were"closely linked to the perpetrators of the serious human rights abuses in Libya."
**  "Heavily armed police and emergency services are in place at the Libyan Embassy in Stockholm since several people entered the building." read more 
06h/ Effects of armed conflict between NATO and indirectly affected by Libya and Russia. On Wednesday night in Tripoli missile air strike destroyed the frigate "Al-Gardabiya", built in the Soviet Union for a friendly Libya. NATO claims that the ship was damaged long ago. 
06h/ UN, 9.8.2011 (JANA) UNESCO Monday strongly Condemned NATO's bombing of a building of AL-Jamahiriya Channel in 30th of last July, which is a violation of UN resolutions on the protection of journalists and media professionals. The Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova said in a statement on the website of the organization, yesterday, ''I condemn the NATO attack on the AL-Jamahiriya Channel and its facilities …
06h/ Colombo, 10.08.2011 (JANA) Sri Lanka condemned the NATO crusader aggression and the ongoing violation of the international law and legitimacy in Libya. The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka asserted, during a meeting with the delegation of the GPC for Foreign Liaison and International Cooperation in Colombo recently, that the aggression targets the oil capabilities of the Libyan people. He said the crimes of Western countries in several nations especially in Libya are due to their rejection to submit to the colonial oil greed and colonial agenda to dominate peoples' wealth. 
** VENEZUELA- Editor's Comment: In the article that follows these comments, the Washington Post/Associated Press didn't bother to make mince meat out of President Chávez' response to the letter he received from Libyan Leader, Moammer Qadaffi with their usual attacks by inuendo and direct prevarications. I suppose that after villainizing Col. Qadaffi to the US public and supporting the US/French/English war on Libya, simply showing Chávez' support for Qadaffi would be enough, using the old guilt-by-association ruse.

Day 142: 10. august 2011. Libya news

** Musa Ibrahim - government spokesman Libyan 09/08/2011
23h/ While community programmes and being cut back in Europe, did our readers know that up to 100.000 USD per aircraft per hour is being wasted massacring children in Libya?
** Tripoly today – Lizze in Tripoly : Libyan Foreign Minister chastised British Prime Minister David Cameron for “describing his own people as criminals” and echoed the sentiments of the youth by declaring him “unfit for the job”.
22h/ Libya : Human trafficking . Considering that desert-dominated Libya is a nation with a native population of only about six million, this is bound to have en effect on Libya, let along the refugees' home nations. There are also an unknown number of foreigners who haven't left - those still employed and safe, those lynched in "free Libya" and now dead - a number that's almost surely in the thousands - and those existing unsafe but in hiding in Benghazi and elsewhere, we're looking at possibly five million or more. That's a lot of damn people who the rebels felt didn't belong there.
22h/ Human trafficking mafia in Benghazi. From the outset the NATO propaganda was selling Libyan rebels as knightly freedom fighters, and it transpires at the moment to what extent the picture is at odds with reality.
21h/ Russia, India and other UN Security Council delegations voiced concerns about NATO strikes on Libyan state television last month, saying they were awaiting results of a NATO investigation.  The same HEAD LINE but Al Arrabia [copy paste BY Reuters]
21h/ All this despite the fact Gaddafi still controls about half of the country, there’s no sign progress in ousting him is imminent (Maj.-Gen. Jonathan Vance told a  special summer sitting of the Commons foreign affairs committee that the situation is “static”, which means “going nowhere”), the rebels have made little progress despite ongoing air support from NATO, and there are signs the rebel government is putting as much effort into internal factionalism as it is in fighting Gaddafi.
20h/ "One good thing that could come of Younis' assassination is that the rebels will try to get the groups together and develop a coherent military force," said Libya expert Ronald Bruce St John. "Then they will have a better chance to overthrow Gaddafi."[ Xaxaxaxa IN YOUR DREAM STUPID  ]
20h/ The documents claim that the rebel groups in Tripoli and surrounding areas have 8660 supporters [ all of them?!? Xa]
19h/ Bulgaria - The European Council, in a decision on August 10 2011, extended an assets freeze to "two further entities closely linked to the perpetrators of the serious human rights?!???  abuses in Libya", given the gravity of the situation, a media statement said.
18h/ Almost a month after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that the United States now sees the Libyan Transitional National Council (TNC) as the official government of Libya, the TNC is on the verge of reclaiming the Libyan embassy in Washington but it's nowhere near getting its hands on billions of dollars in frozen assets formerly held by Muammar al-Qaddafi. [hey dude this is money of LIBYAN PEOPLE] Read more
17h/ BRUSSELS — NATO has rejected growing international criticism of its airstrike on Libyan television last month, saying Tuesday it has no evidence the attack caused any casualties.
16h/ [WHAT   US want? Sorry US no free OIL. ] Senior US diplomats are visiting several African countries as part of continuing efforts to urge leaders there to press Libyan leader Muammar Al Qathafi to step down immediately after a 41-year rule, officials said. The diplomats will be meeting with African Union members to discuss the crisis in Libya and the need for Al Qathafi to relinquish power.
15h/ Attention! "The French mercenary base was destroyed during the NATO missile attack helicopter in a suburb of Benghazi. Attack was in error. The bodies were immediately transferred to France, a military helicopter. "The number of French mercenaries fighting on the side of the rebels, now in excess of several hundred people. This is an instructor in mine case for training in the use of MANPADS, in the case Sabotage
пре 5 ч
13h/  Ottawa expels Libyan diplomats:All Libyan diplomats who remain in Ottawa are being expelled. Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says the diplomats have five business days to vacate the Libyan Embassy and leave the country.
13h/ COPENHAGEN - Two remaining Libyan diplomats serving in Denmark would be sent home to Libya within the next five days, the Danish foreign minister has said.
12h/ For all person knowing a little of history,do you remember the massacre of Ouradour-sur-Glane. In Libya, it is called Mejar-sur-Glane. Please read the following nice article about the Zliten massacre
11h/ They repeat all the right information, but when it comes to key issues that have been common causes for all free Libyans, @LibyansWB has tried to counter,or refute, that effort by injecting with what is effectively the Gaddafi government’s position. Examples of this include:...
10h/ Message to to news agencies and journalists (share)
Reading the articles of propaganda in various newspapers of the terrorist organization (NATO) , I found that most journalists do not sign these articles with their names.
Please ask your colleagues to take responsibility for their lies and have at least the courage to sign what they write.

02h/ (V) Khamis Gaddafi visited hospital in Zlitan [ 09. August 2011. ] after One more Ramadan massacre by NATO -
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