May 24, 2012

Libya news [backup libyasos] 01. May - 10. May 2012.

The Brother Leader  GADDAFI
Libya S.O.S. resistance news 10.  May 2012. 

24h/ Bani Walid - crowd at the gas stations
23h/ Mr. Bashar Ja'afari , the Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations accused Libyan NTC for   arming terrorists in Syria and feeding violence and extremism.
22h/ CAIRO — Egypt seizes dozens of heavy weapons likely smuggled from Libya and bound for Sinai Peninsula
21h/  Russia is celebrating Victory Day, the anniversary of the defeat of Nazi's in World War II. Our friends were there. Thank you Friends.
20h/ Reaction on NYT article The future of Libya depends on mercy or revenge
 In Libya, the Captors Have Become the Captive
18h/  Tripoli - No more surprise. Explosions in Tripoli area Today
Tarhuna -  explosion is targeting of armed gangs from Misrata
Photo from Tarhuna : explosion is targeting of armed gangs from Misrata
 ALGERIA ISP / Haraka Elmokawama According to Libya, the rebels of Misrata in a large convoy tried to return City Tarhouna. The youth of Tarhouna surrounded and they attacked with RPGs and small arms. Two rebels were killed in Misurata.
The army of the NTC “Darae Libya” launched “Operation Chourouk” to clean the town of Bani Walid and Tarhouna loyalists Qadhafi.
65 Resistant in the city of Mchachiya Laejilates are heading for the town of Bani Walid and Tarhona to defend the cities against the barbarians of Misurata.
The picture of a rebel city of Khoms that goes to the town of Bani Walid and Tarhona.
The GREEN Strength is asking the public to be careful in Tarhona since the rebels have launched 50 Grad rockets and is positioned on the outskirts of Tarhona. The attack is imminent.

16h/ Head of Libyan Election Committee, who is supposed to be neutral,was telling everywhere that he is a Muslim Brother. #LYELECT
15h/ Surprise, the NTC Amnesties Its Own Crimes #lyelec #libya
Mark provides invaluable analysis of the new law, distinguishing between “good” amnesties and “bad amnesties” and pointing out that, by any measure, this is one of the bad ones. He also rightly adds, referring to Libya’s pending admissibility challenge at the ICC, that “Judges aren’t politically blind. They may not be able to rule that Libya is unable or unwilling to try Saif or Senussi on the basis of the country’s commitment, or lack thereof, to trying other perpetrators, but it certainly doesn’t give a good impression.”  I’d simply add that the amnesty foregrounds the importance of the OTP not limiting its Libya investigation to members of Gaddafi’s regime; it must also be willing to prosecute high-ranking rebel commanders who are responsible for serious international crimes during the revolution.
14h/  Libya WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Seemingly everyone in Libya has guns. The place is awash not just with AK-47s and the like, but also rocket-propelled grenade launchers, anti-aircraft guns, and lord knows what else.
13h/ UN Foundation/UNA-USA Strategic Alliance

12h/ “If The New French Government Fails To Arrest Sarkozy For War-Crimes In Libya, The Repercussion On France May Be Devastating…..”
Fair Justice (FJ) said: “Sarkozy, must now be arrested and sent to The Hague for prosecution, he is not only a war criminal but an international terrorist sponsor.

“His role in plotting coup d’état in Ivory Coast and illegal dumping of unaccounted cache of weapons of mass destruction to Al-Qaeda, who are now  in control of Libya spreading wild their terrorism not only in Africa but around the world. He was also part in the drowning of hundreds of refugees that were trying to escape his/NATO/ terrorist bombing and killings in Libya.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 09.  May 2012.
24h/ People are getting killed. Video of  - killing on the street. #Libya
23h/ Militia groups disgruntled over the Libyan interim government's halting of payments for their role in betraying of homeland.
Are they socalled "revolutionaries"?
The name of they is mercenaries and traitors.

23h/ HOGWASH NEWS #Libya Five "Goals" for Libya’s National Transitional Council
22h/ Libya today: drugs, alchohol and death
21h/ Benghazi: NTC Chairman Mustafa Abdul Nato Jalil left hospital today, Tuesday, sources at Benghazi Medical Centre have said.
20h/ Benghazi - The three-man gang arrested on suspicion of carrying out Sunday’s LD2 million armed robbery, in which three guards were murdered and a fourth left for dead.
The three suspects were from the brigade hired to protect the Benghazi premises of the Libyan Central Bank. They were arrested yesterday by brigadesmen from Tobruk, who also recovered a quantity of cash.

The vehicle carrying the money from the Central Bank to the Bank of North Africa in Tobruk had been ambushed on the road between the two cities.Three guards were shot, two of them fatallyThe fourth had his throat cut, investigators allege, because the gang wished to make it look as if the crime had been carried out by Islamist extremists.
19h/ Seven Somali asylum-seekers have died whilst attempting to reach Malta from Libya by boat, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has said.
After a week-long voyage, the boat came ashore at Riviera Bay on Saturday and the emergency services were alerted to the arrival of 90 exhausted Somalis by people enjoying an evening on the beach.
18h/ Benghazi local elections on 19 May; disappointing registration figures
17h/ Over 500,000 registered [LOL] to vote by Monday morning – candidate registration extended to 15 May [ARE LIBYANS BOYCOTTING ELECTIONS? AND WHY?]
When pressed by the programme presenter, Elabbar confirmed that according to the last available 2006 Census and with the necessary projections made to that,the maximum theoretical voters is about 3.4 million people. When challenged to forecast the expected number of Libyans that would actually register to vote, Elabbar said that he expected about 2 million people.
16h/ Can the Saudis Continue To Service American Destabilizations Without Destabilizing the House of Saud?
Redstar Leroye: Can the Saudis Continue To Service American Destabilizations Without Destabilizing the House of Saud? 10 03 2011 “You are always lying and you’re facing the grave and you were made by Britain and protected by the United States,” Gaddafi told the Saudi monarch before the microphone was cut off.–Arab League meeting at Doha in March 2009

soon...SAUD will be forced to attack IRAN. What will become of the house of Saud then, when they get forced to directly engage in a fight?
15h/ Janzur, Libya  - Last night - NTC Supreme Security Committee stormed villa in the neighborhood of Janzour - Tripoli, in the past the headquarters of the Company of Libya Airways and is currently the headquarters of the Yefren rats.
And very violent clashes [last night] with light and heavy weapons and fire and smoke seen from the building, injured people reported.
14h/ Private security contracts for #Libya worth 10 million euros approved by Department of Foreign Relations of the #EU , chaired by Catherine Ashton. The contract of 10 million euros for the British institution of private security guards G4S deploys the elements to Libya.

13h/ “Arab Spring, Libyan Winter” has timely lessons for NATO summit
In "Arab Spring, Libyan Winter," Prashad draws on his extensive contacts in the region and the diplomatic community, as well as sources such as the Wikileaks State Department cables, to provide unique information about how the "Arab Spring" emerged in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and Libya, who and what has driven it, and the damaging role of the U.S., other Western powers, and Saudi Arabia. In all these cases Prashad gives a balanced overview of the history of imperialism and of national liberation efforts and missteps.
12h/ #Libya NATO puppets aka #NTC holds first #civilian trial of alleged Gaddafi supporters
ZAWIYAH, Libya (Reuters) – Libya began its first civilian trial of alleged supporters of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime on Tuesday, officials said, as five men accused of planning to create instability by “terrorist acts” appeared in the dock. Judge Amer al-Turki did not read out a charge sheet but adjourned the trial, which is being held in the western town of Zawiyah, for a week at the request of defence lawyers

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 08.  May 2012.
00h/ Libya rebel attack: there were 200 militants in 50 cars [video/ The Telegraph]]
One person was killed and several injured when militiamen protesting outside the Libyan prime minister's office in Tripoli started shooting, highlighting the country's volatility a month before its first general election.
Witnesses and officials said the militiamen, from Libya's western mountains, were at the prime minister's compound to demand cash from the government when the protest turned violent.
Government spokesman Nasser El-Manee told a news conference one person from the government security forces was killed. He said four people were injured, of which three were from the security forces and one was a demonstrator.
00h/ Photo story: Saif Al Islam

How can Libya hold elections with ongoing armed clashes when even government buildings are not safe from militias?

23h/  TRIPOLINTC Supreme Security Committee stormed villa in the neighborhood of Janzour - Tripoli, in the past the headquarters of the Company of Libya Airways and is currently the headquarters of the Yefren rats.
And very violent clashes now with light and heavy weapons and fire and smoke seen from the building, injured people reported.
22h/ ABU SALIM:There was an explosions in Abu Salim 20h
22h/  SIRTE: Headquarters of the NTC security committee in Sirte have been BOMBED by resistance! today VIDEO
21h/ URGENT TRIPOLI: witnesses saw on the airport road around 150 armed   cars coming from the mountain. People inside have masked faces!
21h/ TRIPOLI: At least two people killed and others wounded in an attack by NATO mercenaries on Keeb Government, demanding their share of the money ..
Correspondent in Tripoli said that about 12 pick-up trucks, armed with anti-aircraft guns surrounded the building, noting that it is not clear whether the Keeb was in his office at the time of the attack!
"BBC" said that most of the officials escaped from the building, including the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister.
20h/ TRIPOLI: Heavy clashes now in the vicinity of ministry building
20h/ This product contains a pig protein in a shop in Tripoli.
ham protein = protein pig
Please watch out of meat imported from abroad or other canned meat
21h/ MINSK, Belarus –  The leader of Belarus has entered the controversy over claims that Libya under Muammar Qaddafi funded French President Nicolas Sarkozy's 2007 election campaign.
Read more:
20h/ Bombing of NTC gangs crawlspace in Al Barsha area
20h/ LIBYA, MURZUQ:  closure of all registration centers for elections in the Murzuq, streets are currently being evacuated by the citizens in order to start the popular civil disobedience.
 Note: Pro-Jamahirya politicians are banned from from competing in Libyan elections. Support for Gaddafi was criminalized by law couple of days ago.
Elections such as these are an undemocratic fraud.
19h/  Libya One Year On (Part 4): Opened for Business: the corporate takeover
In other words, the powers that be had planned for a full corporate takeover of Libya, and their well-funded propaganda machine tried to convince their Western domestic publics that NATO was acting as a guardian of human rights.
18h/ NTC  spends JD40m on hotels in Jordan
The Libyan authorities will soon pay the Kingdom’s hotels part of their outstanding dues for accommodating NATO -led Libyan rebels and NTC mercnaries, Libyan Deputy Prime Minister Omar Abdul Karim said on Monday.
According to the Private Hospitals Association, the medical bills for more than 50,000 Libyan rebels treated in the Kingdom’s hospitals total JD120 million, of which Libya has paid some JD70 million.
18h/ AP:  Rebels killed 2 guards when they attacked #NTC government building in #Tripoli #Libya today. Photo: Closed streets in Tripoli now

17h/ Insight: In muddle of Libya's finances, billions go missing
Months after NATO-led rebels brought disaster in Libya  and the disarray in Libya's state finances at the end of last year was so bad the new leadership did not know the size of state assets, how their money was being spent, or what had happened to more than $2 billion transferred from the sovereign wealth fund.
In the report, the NTC committee said it had no information on why the LIA's assets had shrunk. 
"Total (LIA) resources after 2010 allocations were $65 billion, how did it become $62.956 billion?" the report asked.
16h/ SAIF AL ISLAM  - [Reuters]  Feature - Wrangling hampers Libyan drive to try Gaddafi son
On Monday Libya will outline to ICC judges in the Hague how it intends to try Saif al-Islam. If the court concludes that Libya cannot or will not try him, and is not cooperating with its own case, it can refer Tripoli to the U.N. Security Council.
His captors say it is up to them, not Tripoli, to decide when to give him up.

"It's not known when he will be moved to Tripoli, it is our decision," a source close to his captors said. "We're waiting for when it will be calm and that's not certain now."
15h/  Launch of the humanitarian aid shipment from Austria to Libya:
The Austrian humanitarian aid was sent to the Libyan capital of Tripoli under the name "Austrian- Libyan friendship" on board a military transport plane carrying 2 tons of medical aid and relief materials, accompanied by an Austrian medical team consisted of 30 members, coordinated by Austrian army.
Photo : Refugee from Libya getting water from a puddle
Photo : Refugee from Libya getting water from a puddle 

Photo : Refugee from Libya getting water from a puddle
14h/ Over 500,000 m2 of farm land released through clearance of Explosive Remnants of War this week alone in Libya
Libya NTC's rebels laying landmines
Libya NTC's rebels laying landmines
13h/ A map showing known hazards in Libya and clearance taskscompleted by JMACT partners who have been working to clear landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO) across the country since April 2011. In total, JMACT has removed 196,154 items of Explosive Remnants of War from across Libya!

12h/ Libya before "humanitarian intervention". Libya with "brutal dictator" was like wonderful pearl necklace -->
11h/ "Trial" of Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians in Libya to be held on May 21
Libya S.O.S. resistance news 07.  May 2012.
00hLibya, Sirte -  Protest! People of Sirte demand of Mustafa Nato Jalil to step down. after his boss Sarkozy lose on election in France.

Be careful what you buy and eat in Libya these days.
Complete absence of control is obviously

24h/ Christian church attacked in Libya
Archimandrite Joachim of the Greek Orthodox Church of Alexandria and all Africa was attacked on May 5 at St. George Church in Tripoli. An unknown gunman opened fire on the priest while the latter was standing in the church yard. Fortunately, the priest was not wounded.

The congregation at St. George parish is mostly Greek, while some are Russian or of other Eastern European origin. The diplomatic missions of Greece and Cyprus have filed a protest with the government of Libya, demanding protection.
23h/ Congratulations Mr. #Putin - Russia's President-elect Vladimir Putin has been sworn in as the new head of state. Putin is an inauguration champion -- he has played the main role in the performance three times out of six to have taken place in modern history. The inauguration ceremony took place in the Grand Kremlin Palace.

22h/ Flash back 
The Brother Leader Muammar Al #Gaddafi with friend Russian President Vladimir #PutinLibya, Tripoli,  April 2008
The Brother Leader Gaddafi and President Putin sip tea in a Bedouin tent that the Libyans pitched in the Kremlin's garden on a cold night in November 2008.

21h/ Tea time with Colonel

20h/ Afriqiyah, Libyan Africa Airways daily none stop flights from Sabha to Tunisia, starting today
19h/ The world will remember Sarkozy as the guy, French president who took money from Gaddafi to become president of France, and then killed him.
 This is the new history of France, and the world.
Just some of moments:

Whistleblower Mediapart sued by Sarkozy & attacked by his campaigners
EXCLUSIVE Sarkozy wants Sanusi because " Gaddafi's Black Box " could destroy his election chances
Libya: Some civilians are more equal than others - Cameron and Sarkozy in Benghazi [news 17.09.2011.]
Libya: to King Sarkozy, the Spoils [by Pepe Ecosbar]

18h/ Libyan People Must Hold On Until Victory is Achieved, 1 of 6[byAfriSyenrgy]
17h/ Benghazi -  Mustafa Abdel NATO Jalil said on Sunday that he had undergone a hernia operation and a doctor at the hospital where he was treated said he was recovering .
Abdel Jalil was born in 1952. He served as justice minister under Muammar Gaddafi, but resigned early last year and betray Libya.
16h/ Lebanon seizes 150 tons of Libyan arms en route to Syrian rebels
[foundation of  NTC]
[foundation of Brutal Dictator” Gaddafi]
"I dream of a united Africa." -Muammar Gaddafi
14h/  NATO’s school of death [ by Manlio Dinucci]
Congratulations, you have learned the lesson—say the JALLC teachers—but now you must get even more involved: "Buying expensive aircraft and technical equipment, could take years to put in place." That is the lesson learned from the war in Libya.
Students who successfully pass the test go on to the next war.
13h/ What's Next for Libya? [by Stephen Lendman]
When is war not war? It’s when mass killing and destruction are called the right thing. It’s also when terrorizing and traumatizing an entire population continues unaddressed.
Libya was developed and peaceful until NATO intervened. It arrived on cruise missiles, bombs, shells, other munitions, depleted and enriched uranium, other terror weapons, fifth column infiltrators, and media scoundrel complicity, as well as coverup and denial.
Afriqiyah, Libyan Africa Airways daily flights from Sabha to Tunisia, starting today
12h/ Links between insurgents in Syria and KLA go back further than current cooperation [by Lizzie Phelan]
Today it was reported that NATO's insurgents, (insert western and GCC media terms: freedom fighters/revolutionaries) have sought advice from the so-called "Kosovo People's Liberation Army".
So how does this relate to Kosovo?

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 06.  May 2012.
00h/ Mustapha Abdeljalil had surgery at the clinic in Benghazi (May 6, 2012)
Explosions in Tripoli
@AlgerISP sormiou12
24h/ 330,000 Libyans register for vote in June.. Uh that's just 5% of the population of 6,355,000.. I wouldn't be impressed just yet! #Libya
[by Real Libyan @ahmabd55]

Q: Anurag S. "Where is 95%?"
A: B. Seven Knight "See you tube - Tripoli 1-7-2011"
23h/ Comedy Drama or Horror? - Libyan  New Fashion Tips&Tricks

22h/ People are are not safe in Libya . Even in Hospital [video ]
22h/ Direct Democracy: The Secret of the Effectiveness of Peoples` Resistance to Imperialism
21h/ PHOTO of Libyan NATO rebels in #Jordan after the clashes among them inside one of the Jordanian training camps and placing them in Henaher, where they are waiting for hours the arrival of airplanes to transport them ....
The clashes took place inside the camp between rebels from Benghazi and rebels from Misurata, because of the disputes

20h/ Lies Killed the Colonel
19h/ Jalil in Hospital today

18h/ Libya today Globalisation mean that all the world will accept western values? Who have guarantee that it is wright way of life? Who? DRONES or Depleted Uranium?

17h/ Off with King Sarko's head [By Pepe Escobar ]
He posed in spectacular grandeur as the neo-imperial Liberator of Libya - only a few years after Colonel Muammar Gaddafi helped finance his 2007 election campaign with a cool US$65 million.

Profiting from a mysterious alliance between the Holy Ghost and an African chambermaid in New York, he got rid of the unstoppable challenger to his re-election, former International Monetary Fund director general and international sex fiend, Dominique Strauss-Khan.

15h/ Election in Serbia today :-)

14h/ It is weird and strange that mosques nowdays shifted from places of prayers and worshiping God to places of death, destruction, fighting and sedition among various people. This is what we have seen in Libya. Mosques were transformed into places for collecting armed militias competing for power and money in the first place, in the processes of destruction, sabotage, spreading sedition and stockpiling weapons and ammunition. In Syria minarets in mosques have been turned into military barracks for terrorists/saboteurs firing snipers and weapons on civilians and Syrian army. Meanwhile in Egypt, Egyptian armed forces helped by residents of Abbasiyah, have been able to capture some terrorists from the roof of the Al-Nour mosque in Abbasiyah, while they were unpacking snipers preparing to attack civilians and members of the army, to ignite the situation and sabotage the country, as it happened in Syria and Libya. This is a time of discord of which Messenger Allah talked about, peace be upon
13h/ One Year On. Why we attacked Libya
Axis of Logic columnist T.J. Coles begins his series on the destruction of Libya after one year of occupation of that country with an analysis of England's role, examining the reasons that belie the myth of a 'humanitarian war." In his letter, introducing this article he states: "I don't forget Britain's war crimes, and in this era of 'information' people move on too quickly." - Axis Editor & Publisher
12h/ Libya: One Year On (Part 2): Recording NATO's War Crimes
Contrary to hysterical media lies about Gaddafi’s alleged plan to “ethnically cleanse” Benghazi,9 the UK-armed-and-trained rebels committed an actual ethnic cleansing of Sub-Saharan Libyans, sparking a major refugee crisis—the consequences of which they continue to suffer. The UN Human Rights Council’s Report of the International Commission of Inquiry in Libya reported a year after the NATO assault that the "Thuwar" (NATO mercenaries) committed serious violations, including war crimes and breaches of international human rights law, the latter continuing at the time of the present report.
11h/ Libya One Year On (Part 3): The Propaganda and the Law
LIE #14
NATO engaged in unprecedented “precision air strikes” and made unprecedented efforts to avoid civilian casualties and civilian infrastructure.

A 5,000-word account of NATO’s bombing of civilians and civilian targets—drawing on coalition documents and mainstream press reports—has been published elsewhere.69 In addition to the information provided in that article, here are some facts dispelling the “precision air strikes” propaganda.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 05.  May 2012.
24h/ Criminalizing Gaddafi Support [by The Libyan Civil War:Critical views]
In conditions of war, there is a prison sentence for any person who spreads information and rumours which disrupt military preparations for the defence of the country, spread terror or weaken the citizens' morale,” he added.According to the law, Libya is still in a state of war following the 2011 bloody conflict that pitted Gaddafi loyalists against NATO-backed rebel forces.
Hold on - back when this started and started to finish it wasn't even war. In February, "Please note (to media): Libya is NOT at civil warthis is a state and regime attacking a whole population." In late October "Libya was not a civil war.
23h/ Sarkozy’s Libyan War By Robert Harneis
A year-old insight, but still relevant: Sarkozy’s Libyan War By Robert Harneis | William Bowles [ @HarryFerro]
22h/  Libya #Jalil says doctors have told him to rest ... "Because of the amount of work [ treasonous acts ] and the circumstances and the problems we are facing every day ... I had a small health problem," he said.
21h/ Abdul Jalil has been taken Today to a hospital in #Benghazi suffering from high blood pressure #NTC #Libya
20h/ #Torture in #Libya 
"There is no punishment for acts made necessary by the February 17 revolution," read the law published on the National Transitional Council's website.
The immunity covers "military, security or civilian acts undertaken by revolutionaries [?] with the aim of ensuring the revolution's success," the NTC added.

18h/"Praising or glorifying Moamer Gaddaiafi, his regime, his ideas or his sons... is punishable by a prison sentence"
Free NATO's Libya ? !? Really !?
The Brother Leader  GADDAFI
17h/ Direct Democracy: The Secret of the Effectiveness of Peoples` Resistance to Imperialism

16h/ LIBYAN OIL - #Libya's  #Arabian Gulf Oil Company (Agoco) has cut oil production by another 10,000 barrels per day (bpd) due to protests that have closed off its headquarters for nearly two weeks, a spokesman said on Saturday.
Protesters have prevented employees from entering Agoco's office since April 23, calling for more transparency over how Libya's new rulers are spending its money and more jobs for youth.
15h/ “FREE” LIBYA  Revoke Draconian New #Law
(New York) – Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC) should immediately revoke a new law that bans insults against the people of Libya or its institutions,Human Rights Watch said today. The law also prohibits criticism of the country’s 2011 revolution and glorification of the deposed HERO leader Muammar Gaddafi.
14h/ LIBYA/NIGER - Niger officials on Saturday held talks in Tripoli on security issues including Saadi Kadhafi and other members of the former regime who are sheltered in Niger and wanted by NATO's  Libyan government.
Saadi Kadhafi was granted refuge last September in Niger on humanitarian grounds. Niger has refused to extradite him despite Libya's persistent requests.
13h/ ENGLAND/LIBYA - British cleaning-to-pest control firm Rentokil Initial is talking to Libya's new leaders about resuming a contract to kill ratsafter a rise in rodents on the streets of the capital Tripoli.

12h/  • On 29 April 2012, the lifeless body of Shukri Ghanemformer oil minister of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, was found floating in the Danube.

In May 2011 Ghanem had betrayed his country by joining NATO. Since then, he’d led a comfortable life in Vienna and London under protection of the Atlantic Alliance, despite the international arrest warrant launched against him by the New Libya.

With no trace of violence on the body, the Austrian police concluded that the "bather" died of natural causes.

• On 2 May 2012, General Albarrani Shkalformer military governor of Tripoli, was murdered in Libya.
Mr. Shkall had been secretly recruited by NATO in May 2011. Remained at his post, he had demobilized the 3,800 men of his guard and opened the gates of the capital to foreign troops during Operation Siren, 20 August 2011, delivering Tripoli to the Atlantic Alliance.

The execution of General Shkal was claimed by the Green Resistance. However, it may have been commissioned by his successor, Aldelhakim Belhaj, with whom he was at loggerheads.
11h/ NATO and UN  gets competition
UN warns of changing nature of global terrorism

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 04.  May 2012.
Is it some kind of joke?
**** Rebels crimes - Videos
1. Libya Insists on Right to Try Seif for Crimes Committed Against Libyans?
2. "There is no punishment for acts made necessary by the February 17 revolution," read the law published on the National Transitional Council's website.

The immunity covers "military, security or civilian acts undertaken by revolutionaries with the aim of ensuring the revolution's success," the NTC added.
February 17 marks the start of a popular uprising [ for WHO popular?]which led to the collapse of Kadhafi's regime last year.
01h/ UN concerned about possible death by torture in Libya [Pathetic hypocrites]
00h/ TRIPOLI, Libya — The head of eastern Libya’s self-declared semiautonomous region on Friday called for a boycott of next month’s national vote for an assembly that would form a government and prepare for the country’s new constitution.
00h/ One voter registration centre in Tripoli had to be closed after armedmen from one of the country’s many gangs arrived in pick-up trucks mounted with anti-aircraft guns. They were protesting over the rules of the vote.

24h/ I am sorry western machinery but you are really losing every value of HUMANITY !
To Screen Libya Documentary From a patch-work filmmaker Bernard-Henri Levy #BHL
The Cannes Film Festival has added yet another title to the official selection with Bernard-Henri Levy’s The Oath Of Tobruk set to unspool May 25. The special screening is philosopher Levy’s look at the conflict in Libya which put an end to the rule of Muammar Gaddafi. The film “illustrates how ideas and convictions can alter the course of history in the form of a political and humanitarian intervention that had heretofore seemed unthinkable,” according to the festival.
BHL: A philosopher who’s never taught the subject in any university, 
a journalist who creates a cocktail mingling the true, the possible, and the totally false, a patch-work filmmaker, a writer without a real literary oeuvre, 
he is the icon of a media-driven society in which simple appearance weighs more than the substance of things. 
BHL is thus first and foremost a great communicator, the PR man ofthe only product he really knows how to sell: himself.

Read also:
BERNARD-HENRI LÉVY or BHL, French members of the Israeli lobby [I]
BERNARD-HENRI LÉVY or BHL:The verbal fig leaf for the interests of Zionist [II]
23h/ Libya: NTC must not curtail freedom of expression in the name of protecting revolution
--- Via Amnesia International. ---[Thanks to Remmic Lewis ]
The Libyan authorities must not suppress freedom of expression in the name of protecting the 17 February Revolution, Amnesty International said following the adoption of a law criminalising the “glorification” of deposed leader, Mu’ammar al-Gaddafi.

On Wednesday, the ruling National Transitional Council (NTC) approved “Law 37 of 2012 on the Criminalisation of the Glorification of the Dictator”. 
22h/ Syrian opposition studies terror tactics in Kosovo
... "We come here to learn" says the head of the Syrian delegation Ammar Abdulhamid
Words that have been associated with the KLA – assassination, terror, bombings – is that really the kind of thing that the Syrian opposition wants to be associated with?
21h/ Only Green Libya is Free Libya!
Message for NATO puppets aka NTC and NATO slaves aka rebels:
"You can put all your laws in toilet!"
Libyans today
20h/ TUNISIA -  Muammar Gaddafi's former prime minister, in jail in neighboring Tunisia, says the ousted Libyan leader funded French President Nicolas Sarkozy's 2007 election campaign to the tune of 50 million euros ($66 million), according to his lawyer.
19h/ FRANCE - Sarkozy wants Sanusi because " Gaddafi's Black Box " could destroy his election chances [May 2012.]
Addressing the Peace and Security Commission meeting at the African Union Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, at the end of January President Mugabe said: "I saw a picture yesterday of Gaddafi shaking hands with Sarkozy in France after they invited him there, but those hands that Gaddafi was shaking were the hands that were going to kill him a few months later.
18h/ TRIPOLI [2011] - #Nato attack on #Libyan anti-corruption office an attempt to destroy incriminating evidence on #Sarkozy and others
17h/ AUSTRIA - Top Vienna murder unit gets Libyan oil boss case
The body of Shokri Ghanem, a confidant of Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi who fled to Austria after defecting last year, was found floating in the river Danube on Sunday. Ghanem's son Mohammed flew with the body to Tripoli on Thursday and a funeral was planned for Friday, his nephew Loayi Ghanem told Reuters.

Police have said they have no reason to suspect foul play but the circumstances surrounding his death remain under investigation
16h/ LIBYA -  Why the silence?
Just before the FUKUS-Axis countries set up camp in Benghazi on the eve of the love affair with the NTC terrorists which they unleashed on Libyan society, raping, murdering, torturing and pillaging, destroying the country in a wanton demonstration of demonic and sheer evil, the media was full of stories about Libya. Today, why the silence?
15h/ LIBYA -  Thousands Still Afraid to Return Home
 Six months after an uprising brought down Muammar Gaddafi's government, thousands of displaced Libyans are still living in abandoned construction sites, empty student dormitories or with host families, too afraid to return to their homes.

"We want to go back but cannot," said Abdul Aziz al-Irwi, who lives in Sidi Slim camp in the capital, Tripoli. "Some people from another camp tried to return about two months ago, but about seven of them were captured by forces from Zintan and imprisoned."
14h/ UN - LibyaUN mission voices concern over detainee deaths resulting from torture
The United Nations mission for Libya has expressed its concern to the country’s authorities over the recent deaths of three people in a detention centre in the north-western city of Misrata, saying it believes that the deaths may have resulted from torture.
13h/ SYRIA - "#Terrorists of the World, Unite!" @mrzine_notes
Syrian opposition activists ask Kosovo for advice [???]
12h/ ”There is no place for rat in Libya”
Libya today
Libya S.O.S. resistance news 03.  May 2012.

24h/ Even after his assassination, the so-called "revolutionaries" are not able to delete, Muammar Al Gaddafi in the hearts and minds of the Libyan population.

Neither NATO bombing, yet all the cruelties of the "revolutionaries" against the people could force the Libyans to their knees. Now - just before the "free" elections, the self-appointed Transitional Council tries with the threat of life imprisonment for those who love and follow Gaddafi or continue to belief in his ideas! What kind of ridiculous figures!

Libya's ruling National Transitional Council has criminalised the glorification of slain leader Moamar Gaddafi and his regime.
"Praising or glorifying Moamar Gaddafi, his regime, his ideas or his sons... is punishable by a prison sentence," a judicial official says the law reads.
If those news reports, rumours or propaganda cause any damage to the state the penalty will be life in prison.”
by Michel Chossudovsky
Last night in Tripoli, the resistance fighters had a major operation in the Jadida prison, and they were able to release 150 prisoners Jamhiriya.

Rebel commander, who was the director of the prison Jadida "Mohammed Salem NAEJA" was killed in this operation. This was the one who tortured Abouzid Dorda and filmed this torture.
21h/ Major Craig Williamson: the 'real' Lockerbie bomber
The hirsute man pictured above knows for a fact that Abdelbaset al-Megrahi is not the ‘real’ Lockerbie bomber and that Libya is not responsible for the sabotage of Pan Am Flight 103.
Who is this man? And does he know who actually did it?
His name is Craig Williamson. And he is the ‘real’ Lockerbie bomber.


Craig Michael Williamson (born 1949, Johannesburg), used to be an apartheid South African police major, who was exposed as a spy in 1980, and was involved in a series of state-sponsored overseas bombings, burglaries, kidnappings, assassinations and propaganda during the apartheid era. In the late 1970s, Craig Williamson had inveigled Lars Eriksson, director of the International University Exchange Fund (IUEF) in Geneva, into employing him as deputy director and help in the award of IUEF scholarships to African students. 
He was thus able to infiltrate the banned African National Congress (ANC) and, at the same time, make high-level contacts in Sweden which provided most of the funding for the IUEF. Williamson's networking through prime minister Olof Palme's office in Stockholm put him in touch with a number of Palme's close associates including Pan Am Flight 103 victim, Bernt Carlsson, who had become secretary-general of the Socialist International in 1976 and was based in London until 1983. 
The same source accused Williamson of syphoning off IUEF funds to establish a dirty tricks operation in Pretoria known as "Long Reach" in order to target apartheid's opponents both in South Africa and abroad. This dirty tricks operation also involved arms trafficking. Again using IUEF funds, Williamson set up the South African News Agency to recruit and use journalists for apartheid South African counter-intelligence purposes. 
© Patrick Haseldine, Facebook, 3 May 2012
 Dr Jim Swire, whose daughter Flora died in the Lockerbie atrocity, believes the Heathrow evidence would have undermined the prosecution's case against Abdelbaset al-Megrahi in the Lockerbie trial.

Mulholland and FBI in secret Libya mission 
18h/ Speaking about the incident when armed fighters surrounded the headquarters of the NTC on Tuesday, NTC spokesman Nasser Al-Mana said:“We are open to discussions on all topics and with everyone but it is not the right way to come armed to the protest.” LOL .. He emphasised that it the “beauty” of democracy was that everybody had a right to voice his opinion but it should be in a civil manner. LOL...
 On the issue of protesters blocking the AGOCO headquarters in Banghazi, he said: “They are threatening the interests of the state. They should use freedom of speech with responsibility.”

ACOGO say they will halt oil production if the government does not deal with the protestors by the end of today. However, he declined to confirm the number of AGOCO employees taking part in the protests. AGOCO says there is none.

Armed fighters and police are protecting the security of the oil installations and the exporting terminals. The oil fields were operating in a normal fashion and the production was good, he said, adding that it had reached 1.55 million b/d last week.
16h/ Protest in front of non-liquid bank, banners saying help us, we are starving..

14h/ ALGERIA ISP / Zengtena According to the NTC sent an official note to all Libyan governments about the elections asking them to accept registrations of Libyans as candidates or voters without asking their criminal record. This master piece has been removed from the obligation of citizens.
13h/ NTC DICTATORSHIP: New laws criminalise support for Gaddafi family
Qadaffi family assets have in practice been seized within Libya, but NTC believes that there are more to be discovered. A law will enable a funded "government" department to spend time and effort tracking down assets.
In Italy five weeks ago, the authorities seized more than $1.5bn in Libyan assets, mainly shareholdings in major companies, with the false explanation that they belonged to Gaddafi. These, however, were seized at the request of the ICC. Now Libya needs to pursue its own assets abroad and have them seized back!
12h/ Whistleblower Mediapart sued by Sarkozy & attacked by his campaigners
Mediapart: "We learn with astonishment that Nicolas Sarkozy had filed a complaint against us by providing the public prosecutor of Paris with a complaint involving acts of forgery and uttering forged documents, receiving stolen property and disseminating false information. [ Which is it then Sarkozy- are the documents forged or stolen? If they were forged, who were they stolen from and how do you know that?]

11h/ Libyan Resistance News 02.05.2012
10h/ Libyan Resistance News 01.05.2012
09h/ Libyan Resistance News 30.04.2012

Libya news [backup libyasos] 13. september  - 20. september 2011. 
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