Feb 4, 2012

Report Libya 04. February 2012.

Update 05. Feb. 2012. G A D D A F I printed on back [@nit2am ]
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[testerday ]Against my better judgement, I spent $70 on this today. Next step: get G A D D A F I printed on back[nit2am ]
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Libya S.O.S. resistance news 04.  February  2012. http://libyasos.blogspot.com/p/news.html
24h/ The celebration of birthday of Prophet Mohammad in Bani Walid [yesterday]-  the security and safety the city

23h‎/ On the third day of the month of February, many Libyans suffered serious injuries due to improper use of fireworks on the occasion of the celebration of birthday of Prophet Mohammad. They have been admitted to hospital in Tripoli with eye infections and other body infections.-> http://youtu.be/6lUpMg023TA
injured with this

22h/ BENGHAZI TODAY  - National anthem of Libya

21h/ Plane carrying American soldiers has landed in Mitiga military airport, this happened after the resumption of internal militia fighting over a property owned by Saad Al Gadhaffi being used as head office by the Misrata brigades, Misrata brigades lost the property and territory to Zentan rebels, pushing Misrata rebels to seek relocation and their heavy ammunition seized, Italian occupying police moved in and arrested 16 militia men, all the movement in Tripoli indicate militias inability to govern themselves, this is an invitation of foreign meddling force in Libya.

20h/ We are very saddened to report two significant deaths and many other Libyan deaths in the ranks of green army and the green people. Ahmed Mohamed, captain of operations in Libya-Sudan border has been murdered by the militia of Toubou Murzuq, and also the mysterious murder of Dr. Omar Brebesh, the former ambassador to France, who was detained on January 19, 2012 and died of torture and the body ended up in Zentan, investigation launched by green army indicate Dr. Omar was arrested by Misrata brigades, also linked to Belhaj brigades in Tripoli, all investigations yield to Dr. Omar having suffered savere beatings, lost conciousness and was transfered to hospitals in Zentan for treatment, he passed away immediately or on the way to Zentan, this has been a careful organized pattern by Misrata and Belhaj brigades to discredit Zentan, the Zentan have no history of killing captives, this would be the first time implicating Zentan to open and serious murder.
19h/ TUNISISA BORDER - Ras Jdeir border re-opened. Securityclosed border few day ago. It is open again because reinforcements sent on #Tunisia side and militias "pulled back a few meters" on Libya side.
18h/  TRIPOLI   - NTC bandits wth Syrian bandits attacked Syrians embassy in Tripoli, moved  Syrian  flag and posted "flag of Syrian resistence" [?!]  50 Syrian bandits expats outside chanting against
 Isn't strange how they are good frineds? hmm coincidence .. I am not sure

 Libyan terrorists from Belhadj brigade in Syria
17h/ Omar Brebesh, Libya's ex-ambassador to France, was detained and tortured by NTC criminals - A preliminary autopsy report obtained by the organisation, and photographs provided by Brebesh's family, showed that the cause of death was "multiple bodily injuries and fractured ribs" and that his body was marked by welts, cuts and the apparent removal of toenails.."
comment on FB Libya W. T. ... before two weeks ,personaly I know some one ( young man24) live in janzuoz his brother told me that he Was arrested and taken to a prison in Zawia when he get a chance to visit and found him his toe_nails removed and the pone of his arm broken , one of his eyes is damaged , so all of that why, why don't they hang him and finish ? what they want What they want exactly ? they want to satisfy instinct reprisals . . shame on you RAT
Libyan NTC criminals torture prisoner

16h/ Please do not be fooled into thinking that such killings and torture made by rats, because the perpetrator is not important, but - Endorser! 
This is an ancient military - a tactic in which animal to possess, occupy, and most importantly - retain a land and its people .... must be made three things - 1) Sacking, 2) intimidation and terror, and 3) killing of intellectuals! 
This means that people will be - materially, spiritually and intellectually (not leaders) paralyzed and would take several generations to recover !!! [Niakoi Niakakav]

15h/  Against my better judgement, I spent $70 on this today. Next step: get G A D D A F I printed on back[nit2am ]
Green - the best color
14h/ Libyan diplomat's son speaks about father's 'torture'
[how hog wash media report about NTC crimes]The Libyan authorities are being urged to investigate the death of a former ambassador, who was detained by an armed militia group in Tripoli.
The organisation, Human Rights Watch, says it believes Omar Brebesh was tortured to death. [I am sure it is NOT FULL INTERVIEW]
drebha @Libya_SOS why torture between " " ? This BBC just takes rebels & oil business serious ? give no dime for disaster they have hailed 9 months?
13h/ Green resistance on #Libya streets lastnight 3-2-2011 Video

12h/ TRIPOLI - Burning of "Palestine" school in Friday Market #Tripoli #Libya yesterday

11h/ One of the #NATO mercenary leaders Suleiman [captured before 2 days by #Sirte revenge group] was exchanged for 40 green fighters [which were detained in Benghazi]. Green soldiers are in safe place now.
 Released Suleiman is however held now in the security part of Cairo International Airport , being barred from entering #Egypt . Reasons of prohibition unknown
10h/ Halla El Mesrati - Before and After Her Capture
I get a Facebook message:
"Hello. I wrote this' article on Halla El Mesrati, pregnant Libyan journalist captured by the "rebels" in NATO now would be a prison, the SIJN Jdida in Tripoli ... With means to you, you can raise the topic? Maybe writing something too. I appeal especially to journalists, but also to bloggers. Chlorine! "
What Not To Do? 
Find an excuse not to write? 
Not for me. Add, besides I am not an 'expert in anything, LIBYA: Libyan journalist Hala Misrati was raped 17 times by the rebels. According to Doctor Yousef Shakir, Hala Misrati, journalist of the Libyan Jamahiriya television. She was kidnapped by the rebels in August 2011 after the fall of Tripoli. She was imprisoned and raped 17 times. 
They cut her hair. She is imprisoned in Sijn Jadida prison in Tripoli. The TNC Launched in rumor speaking about the escape of the journalist in Tunisia. This is wrong, but it is still in Libya may be They Murdered her. "

On 3 January a real journalist, Serena Grassia , wrote of Atlas : "Libya: elections," pink quotas "The controversy is too low and 10% of the seats in the Constituent Assembly to be elected in Libya next June will be reserved for women . The proposal is contained in a draft electoral law introduced today and posted on the site of Committee preparer of elections . The reaction of the organizations defending the rights of women was immediate. A coalition of NGOs, including the Organization for the Rights of Women and The Voice of Libya Libyan, called outrageous the low level of participation granted to them. "The fact, women now constitute 50% of the Libyan population and it is absurd to reduce their representation in a low 10%," they wrote in a joint statement directed to the National Transitional Council, asking it to help ensure that the role of women in construction the country will not be marginalized. "

In the frontispiece of the blog above, is quoted a phrase of Cesare Cantu , "Plague of the country is the journalism that accepts no news examine them, if not invented yet"

Why not? Why not go even this story of a woman and a journalist? There are too many facts and reliable sources? What do you drink each day? [British Civilians for Peace in Libya]
(V) Hala Misrati, state TV host, kidnapped by jihadists in Tripoli, Libyahttp://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/08/hala-misrati-state-tv-host-kiddneped-by.html

Halla El Mesrati - Before and After Her Capture

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