Feb 16, 2012

NTC supports ethnic cleansing of black Toubou tribe in Kufra

Ahvah Nagy: "What is happening now in Kufra is the process of ethnic cleansing of Toubou tribe, in every sense of the word".
12 wounded NTC fighters flown back to Benghazi from Kufra 16-02-2012
Many NTC fighters came from the eastern part of Libya to the southern town of Kufra to fight against Toubou tribe, fuelled by the new wave of media disinfo about "Chadian mercenaries" which are supporting  Toubou  tribe. 
Initialy a very old tribal local conflict between  Toubou  and Azwaip tribe, became a full-blown war in Kufra, due to the false informations broadcasted on NTC media stations. We wonder how big is the responsibility of Mr. Al Gamaty [ Chairman of Feb17 Media Circle] in these new propaganda efforts which are raising new racist feelings among the eastern fighters.
This amateur Goebels already has some serious record of inciting to racist crimes. He might be deemed responsible for ethnic cleansing of 35.000 black Tawergha Libyan civilians, when he labelled them as "black foreign mercenaries".

At this moment, residential homes are shelled in Kufra, and there are women and children which are wounded but can not access the hospital , because Azwaips are controling the hospital at the moment. 

This situation is very interesting, because it is very similar to the situation when the roles were opposite, and  Toubou 's were the opressors [during the attack on Tragn], media were in favour of them, now when they are opressed, feb17 public opinion is against them.  Toubou  fighters invaded Tragn for pure reasons of tribal revenge, but using the banner of feb17 revolution. Every NATO media channel justified their actions then. But now when they are subjected to injustice, and children and women are shelled, noone sympathises with them, instead they are justifing military action against them. This just shows how easily mislead are Feb17 supporters by media stations, and how easily NTC is comitting crimes against humanity (especially against black Libyans) without being questioned by public.
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