Feb 13, 2012

Tripoli: Racist mistreatment of the ambassador from Niger

Libyan racist NATO mercenaries have expelled honorable Niger's ambassador in Tripoli because his government accepted Saadi Gaddafi [who was btw not involved in Libyan war], and who's only "crime" has been a recent call to AlArabya TV in which he warned of an uprising in Libya, reffering to the situation on the ground and the mood of Libyans which are unsatisfied with a new government.

It seems that new "democratic" government of Libya can't handle the truth well.

They obviously can't handle having any sort of oposition also. How's that supposed to fit in the definition of a democratic society? Please remind me of the reason for overthrowing Gaddafi? 
O yes, they wanted DEMOCRACY..
Well let's see..
Gaddafi's family was spending 150e per day according to the recent testimony of his personal cook Mr.Djordjevic, and Libya's new military leader [Al Qaeda's strongman] Belhadj spends $ 1,5 million just on a hotel bill in Tripoli.

Yes, you heard me good, Al Qaeda scum is spending millions on his luxurious hotel stays earned by ovethrowing a man who lived in a tent. [democracy 1 : common sense 0 ]

Gaddafi was the most prominent and popular figure in whole Africa, he was seen as a protector of black Africans, and he considered himself as one of them. Around 25% of population living in Libya is black. There were many foreign workers from all African countries as well, who perceived Libya as a land of oportunity, where they felt welcome [well, never quite welcome in the racist part of far East- the Feb17 'democracy seeking' part].

This new Libyan Feb17 democratic government on the other hand has ethnicaly cleansed 35.000 black Tawargha people. In Benghazi black Libyans were hanged on the lampposts, beheaded and massacred. And we have tones of evidence for these claims right here. One black man was actually hanged DIRECTLY from the window of NTC government headquarters in Benghazi in February, in the video you can see peaceful democratic protesters beheading him with machetas. [democracy 2 : common sense 0]

"So it is not very unusual for us to see these democratic gentlemen treating one ambasador in  manner which is shown in the video. These gentlemen which killed, massacred, ethnicaly cleansed and lynched thousands of black Libyans, tried to make THIS black man feel ashamed [Of what, may I ask?]
Splendid, clap clap, your mothers must be proud
Cause your so-called democracy has won over common sense in Libya
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