Feb 18, 2012

Angelina Jolie – In the land of blood and honey

Angelina Jolie, American actress and UN ambassador of goodwill, whose visit to one side in the conflict in Libya was supposed to be a blessing for the whole Libya, has just made her debut movie about Balkan wars, in which she portrayed Serbs as villains and mass rapists.

This fashionably anorexic ex-junky and a mixed product of Hollywood and Council of Foreign Relations who likes to carry the blood of people on necklaces, and malnurished children in her hands as a latest accessories, has hoped that her latest political adventure will become a blockbuster. 

But sadly, due to her incompetent directing and the fact which was confirmed by Angelina – that she never heard of Bosnian war untill couple of months ago, movie ended up as a flop. 
Angelina Jolie - weapon of the NATO/ USA  military inetrventions
In the mean time, we are still waiting for Angelina Jolie to adopt one sick and malnurished American child, cause there are plenty of those in her home country. But hey, it wouldn’t be PR-wise if Angelina Jolie would walk around the globe with one sick and malnurished American child, what kind of picture would that paint on USA. 

On the other hand we are expecting her to adopt one child without hands and legs from Balkans,in order to pass an appropriate message to the world about that part of the ‘savage shithole’, as Croatian Vedrana Rudan would put it.

Angelina Jolie certainly knows how to perform tasks, wherever they send her. She is very good at it. Bringing bling and glam to the western ‘humanitarian’ military interventions. She knows how to put a puppy-face and drop a tear or two for a photo when she is posing with wounded Misurata fighters for example. Yes, the same ones which ethnically cleansed , raped and killed 35.000 black Tawarghans just days before that. But that’s ok, cause the world is not informed about the mischeifs of the guys she weeps and drools over. The UN media club has coordinated a campaign very smoothly and she is a disco queen in a club.
Angelina Jolie visiting wounded criminals in Libya 2011
Angelina is one very busy and successful woman, apart from stealing other women’s husbands, she has earned a lot of money, and her fame is undisputable. But such a success comes with the hefty price tag, and she is obviously ready to live to the expectations and obligations to her powerful CFR lobby, paying her dues to them. 

I wonder when will this protector of US military interventions, called Angelina Jolie, feel that she had enough of movie fame, and stop being the much hated “weapon of the NATO /USA military ineterventions” as a result. Cause the ‘movie fame’ and ‘the whore of the war fame’ are obviously related in Angelina’s case.

This part of the world, which she likes to visit on her high-powered media tours would certainly be relieved if Angelina Jolie suddenly decides to become a stay-at-home mom to her political accessories [children]. We are sure those children would enjoy it too.
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