Feb 18, 2012

17. February 2012. Reuters: "Flags and hope on Libya's uneasy anniversary"

Take a look at the at photo, also Green Square was almost empty.
Last year, green flag was long 3 km, and on march was million people.
 What is now in "free" Libya ?
[We are all Muammar Gaddafi]
Libya Tripoli 17. February 2012.
Reuters propaganda: Abdelwafi Mohammed, 25, a recent university graduate beamed as he pointed to those around him: "I feel like all the Libyans feel happiness and joy. We don't have any fears. Our spirits are high. This is a blow to the Gaddafi loyalists."

*** Dr. Hamza: celebration with green flags prevail everywhere in Bani Walid in their explicit challenge to NATO rebels in #Libya

 ***#Feb17 "revolutionaries" who are invisible according to today's attendance of #Libya celebrations,should look at this #Photo!
Libya 2011 Millions people on March.
Reuters propaganda: BENGHAZI/TRIPOLI Feb 17 (Reuters) - Libyans took to the streets on Friday to celebrate the first anniversary of the uprising that toppled Muammar Gaddafi, but some rued the insecurity and disorder that still stalk a country preparing for its first free election.

Flag-waving crowds converging on Martyrs Square in the capital Tripoli or Freedom Square in Benghazi, cradle of the revolt, had to negotiate extra checkpoints set up authorities to stop Gaddafi loyalists from disrupting festivities.
***  Do you see any Libyan preaching on this photo?
Bengazi 2011 : BERNARD-HENRI LÉVY and Senator McCain 
Reuters propaganda: "February's uprising began in the long discontented east around Benghazi, inspired by unrest that overthrew leaders in neighbouring Tunisia and Egypt. It then ground slowly across the country before the sudden fall of Tripoli in August. 

*** Interesting #Photo from #Libya -  Pro- #Gaddafi rally Vs #Feb17 rally
Libya vs "New" NATO's darling Libya
Reuters propaganda: "Just look at what was achieved in this past year."
Families out for the day flew flags and listened to a band play the national anthem on Martyrs Square - it was Green Square in the days when Gaddafi would address crowds there for hours. Fireworks popped, small lanterns floated in the Tripoli skyline and ships in the harbour blew foghorns.

*** It seems that not many Libyan people are celebrating #Feb17 in #Libya Take a look at the #Photo. Green Square now "Martyr Sqare" is almost empty
Reuters propaganda: For a day, however, it was time to party and renew the hopes for a better future for themselves and their children, even if the government was holding back on official celebrations.

***  BANI WALID:  in daylight hours on #Feb17 first emerged three cars belonging to traitors in the city center- to celebrate betrayal.. and the response was that young Warfalla people gathered around these cars and occupied them completely. Now I hear marches of many young people with green flags and sing Libya is free Libya is free free since 1969 Hahahah,,,, people remained faithful to the leader

Reuters/ UN  propaganda:
"Today, Libyans are within reach of a democratic future which one year ago seemed only a distant dream," Ban Ki-moon's spokesman said in the statement, urging "all Libyans to stand together in a spirit of reconciliation".

‎*** #Libya -This is how Tawerghans are celebrating #Feb17 in their #refugee camp in #Janzour under occupationist flag
Reuters propaganda: "Before it was all him, and the people were weak," said Basma, a mother of three, who said she had moved her family in to the Bab al-Aziziyah compound last month. "Now, we are equal.

*** KUFRA:  FB page "Big Protest In Rome Against NATO Aggression&Bombing Libya":
People speaking. They said the fighting isnt between 2 tribes but these people are pro-gaddafi and they will not stop untill they reach the sea.
And also they said that they are against NTC and their customers,. and against their rules/laws...and that life was more better under Gaddafi . - >http://youtu.be/pBhMZO_tLTw
Reuters propaganda: For a day, however, it was time to party and renew the hopes for a better future for themselves and their children, even if the government was holding back on official celebrations.

***  How #Feb17 is celebrated in #Libya? Feb17 driving around a bit, while young activists are taking down or spraying over other's people licence plates with a single word "Libyan Jamahyria" written on them.. Scared even of a word on a plates..http://youtu.be/4RPkwHeFSvc

Reuters propaganda: NTC head Abdel Jalil, in a speech on television, renewed the promises heard so frequently in the past year: "We are going to build a state, democratic institutions and civil institutions. All the people will be the equal before the law," he said.This state will serve every citizen."

*** Moscow #Feb17 in front of #Libya embassy - thank you Russian friends
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