Feb 22, 2012

Report Libya 22. February 2012.

Kuffra Update.

(1) Bodies of Libyan rebels have been left unclaimed inside Aozou strip in Chad, since rebels entered via Sudan to force natives of Chad, taking all the men and leaving women and children to languish around the Sahara, Chad responded with full military foce, helicopters and Chadian forces have entered 753 km inside Libya, 93 Libyan rebels bodies lay in the Aozou strip on the Chadian territory, Chad took armed measures against the rebels, capturing over 320 Libyan rebels, the rebels also took one Chadian army officer to Benghazi, they beat the Chadian army with marks over his face.

The Aozou strip area was the cause of dispute betweeen Libya and Chad, which led to of the two countries. In 1973, Libya engaged in military operations in the Aouzou Strip to occupy the area because of native black Toubou who are also Libyan citizens, Libya did gain access to minerals in the area. This led to Chadian–Libyan conflict called Toyota war, where mounted Toyota Pick-ups with machine guns were used to attack the neighbor and brotherly country. 
During Toyota War in 1987, the final stage of the conflict, Chadian forces were able to force Libyan commando brigades to retreat from the Aouzou Strip. A cease-fire between Libya and Chad from 1987 to 1988, followed by unsuccessful negotiations next several years. Finally in 1994 International Court of Justice decision found by majority of 16 to 1 in favour of Chad sovereignty over the Aouzou strip because it was established more Toubou of Chad also claim the Aozous strip as their ancestral home, and were forcefully kicked out by Arabs during the Senousi era, and ended the Libyan claim.

The United Nations Security Council established UN Aouzou Strip Observer Group in Resolution 915 (May 1994) to monitor withdrawal of Libyan commandos, and was terminated in Resolution 926 (June 1994) when it was completed. Ever since relations betweeN Libya and Chad went back to normal, rebels know Aozou strip to near Tibesti mountains belong to Chad, but yet they provoked Chad by invading the territory again, today it has turned to a bloodbath between Chad and the rebels, green army has left Chad an open access to attack rebels on Libyan soil whenever rebels cross to cause trouble inside Chad via Sudan.

Libyan rebels think black people have no value, and every black person need be colonized, conquered, if not, they be forced to obey their inhumane Quran at gun point laws. 
The black Libyan city of Kufra was named the city of infidels, because many people of Toubou origin followed African spirituality, and worshipped diety, creator, Jah, God, Gaya and whatever you name it and identify with in African sense of spirituality, Kuffra has always enjoyed tremendous amount of autonomy since the green revolution by Moammar Al Gadhaffi, the people of Kuffra can move freely from Libya to Sudan, Niger, Chad, Mali, Algeria and all over the Sahara without passport, the native of the land law applied to them, including the Touareg, the people of Tawharegha, and Toubou. 
All the black people of Sahara to the Bile rivers are known as the real native Africans, and in Libya green policy, Africa first and the rest comes after.

(2) 425 heavy convoy of green army has entered Kuffra with water, food, medicine, facility to treat 293 civilians wounded in the conflict, treatment of people with dehydration, supply of wheat, meat, sugar, green vegetables, corn flower and cold drinks. 
Green Federation Africa, and Libyan International Investment Company LIICO, a subsidiary of Moammar Algathaffi International has set up $10 billion to supplement Kuffra with liquidity of cash, and infusion of economic support. [S.G.]

*** I received a phone call now from #Kufra - NATO revolutionaries are displacing Chadian families located in the northern suburbs of Kufra,burning their homes,detaining men,and leaving women and children to flee into desert.
By: اخبار المقاومة الليبية 24/24(الاستخبارات الليبية)

*** #BHL Henry Levy's conspiracy in #Libya through 100 #photos and explanations
*** The illuminati Exposed By Muammar Gaddafi

*** TRIPOLI  - Salah al-Ghali, the singer NTC enters the hospital after being beaten during a party hosted in #Tripoli !!
Libyan artist Salah Ghali was severely beaten after being attacked by young gunmen during a party which was hosted in Ben Ashour area last Monday .. Witnesses said that the reason for the attack was that Ghali sang on stage in a courtyard of the mosque in Central Avenue Ben Achour.

"The event caused the fatigue a lot of people working in the morning and school students, not to mention the rainy weather that night", said one young man who was guarding Salah. He managed to smuggle him out of the area. Ghali sang three songs before the attack. A close associate of Ghali later denied that his injuries are severe, and said that Ghali went for the analysis and to check on his condition just after being beaten, just in case.

***  American mercenary at #Tripoli checkpoint #Libya

*** TRIPOLI : #Mirage warplane flew at a very low level above Friday Market causing panic & fear among citizens
*** Anhar Kochneva reported that tourists who arrived in Syria from Jordan told that there are a LOT of Libyans staying in Jordan hotels. Only some of them are using medical services.
*** Malcolm X: Who Taught You To Hate Yourself? (May 5, 1962, Los Angeles)

*** Due to the blocking of #Libya TV channel site GinaTV.com which was viewed by more than 2 million people in just 20 days, Gina has opened a new site for its channel www.GinaTV.net
*** Fighting between the tribes Tobou & Azwaip in the desert in southeastern #Libya ,more than 100 ppl & 6 children killed.
Said Isa Abdul Majid, leader of the tribe, Tobou, told AFP: "They killed 113 people from our tribe, including six children."
A source of the NTC said "Isa Abdul Majid controls the southern border,he took control of the smuggling and Tobou tribes are controling the smuggling trade in the region.
While Abdul Majid said that Tobou are the victims of a "genocide plan," adding that his tribe invoked the NTC but has not received any reply so far" [ link ]
*** Quoting AlJazeera: 
"100 ppl dead in Libyan desert battles & the army threatens to intervene." 
Which army?? Did they mean rival militias that have been sent to Kufra a few days ago to destroy it??
*** Batman Vs Ratman #Libya #Photo

*** From the FB page Freedom for Hala Misrati: "Hala's mother and brothers dissapeared last night and noone knows their whereabouts" [note:we don't know if this is true especially after so many disinfo about Hala,but we will post it here just in case if any of our readers can investigate]
*** SHOCKING #Libya #SCANDAL -Rebel fighters from Tarhouna attacked their minister of #defence Juweili,cause he opposed a detention of one Warfalla group from the area. He opposed the lynching rebel tactics of so they wanted to lynch him to. [in one part of the video security guards are trying to take the camera away from cameraman]

*** From the rats channel "First joy" - doctors in #Kufra hospital said that 75 Eastern Libyan fighters were captured by "Chadian forces".
*** SIRTE  - URGENT #Libya -heroic battalion from #Sirte has carried out an operation in #Misurata ...Group of heroes from Sirte revenged and fought inside the city of Misurata. They blew up the fourth and fifth floor of the building dedicated to a quazi election committee and have put the green flag over the building.
*** On this day, last year... #Libya
Hero The Brither Leader Muammar Al Gaddafi 
By: اللؤاء 32 الالكتروني
*** NATO - Did you know that #Rasmussen was Prime Minister of #Denmark in the period in which the scandal woth caricature representing Prophet emrged ?
Did you also know that he defended the paper which published a caricature with full force, he held a press conference at which he refused to make any apology to Muslims for this crime?
Where he said "we are not Muslims to be obliged to respect Islamic beliefs"

By: معا لندرك حجـــم المؤامرة علي ليبيا و الاسلام
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