Feb 10, 2012

Report Libya 09. February 2012.

24h/ Misurata rebels decided to keep their weapons. They say they are in fear of other militias [hardly possible, cause they are the biggest criminals around]. They said they do not trust ministry of defence nor ministry of interior. [well if they do not trust the people who they put in power, who else can trust them?]
[in addition] In Jordan, Libyans who have betrayed and destroyed their country and were wounded in the pseudo-revolution have gathered to protest. They want a bit of comfort and a lot of money. The promises of the CNT / NATO did not materialize..
23h/ TARHUNAH - Electricity black-out in Tarhunah and hence the black-out on coverage of the events in the center of the city
22h/ Here is a #Funny story about #Libya #NTC meeting in the General People's Commitie meeting hall and how panic ensued when they entered a hall and saw a huge portrait of Gaddafi hanging from the wall. They actually had to end the meeting earlier than expected because people were so panicked and shaking. and one of the ministers said Gaddafi still instills a certain fear in us and his presence is still felt and it would be tough to erase him. Lol –[Arabic]  http://www.alwatanvoice.com/arabic/news/2012/02/08/246615.html
21h/ There were reports today that Misuratans were preparing fighter jets, together with their #NATO friends, for unknown purpose. We dont know if this is true. But we know that they were preparing more than 100 armed vehicles today
20h/ Absolutely necessary information
Ban / prevent full use of mobile phones among the resistance, enemy has ability to track not only phones, but also laptops, the only safe way to communicate is face-to-face. Repeat face-to-face only. Please publicize. God is the Source of strength
19h/ On Tuesday, #Syrians & #Libyans crinimal gangs members  living in the city of Medenine in #Tunisia, protested against the expulsion of Syrian Ambassador of Tunisia

18h/ Dr. Hamza said on #Libya Online #Radio : 
Huge quantities of green flags have finally entered #Tripoli which will be used to decorate it. There will be no place for the red or black color after today. He also noted that a coastal road has been shut down now by NATO mercenaries, and many checkpoints have been formed for inspection, for unknown reason.
17h/ Libyan women against Islamic fanaticism.
Libyan women against Islamic fanaticism
16h/ The Head of a Friendship of #Russia - #Arabic Society revealed during "The #Libya opposite direction show" that the #money of the Libyan people was stolen under the supervision of #Qatar. He said that stolen money from Libya was administered to fund some camps in Turkey.
As mentioned by the media, Arab and international, Libyan people are living now in a state of poverty, lack of services and there is a rampant unemployment and the spread of the armed groups. International reports are also speaking about the disappearance of $ 50 billions in Libyan assets [from 90 billions which were recently released.]
The Minister of Finance, Hafeez Alzelitni previously had announced that Libya has lost nearly $ 50 billion due to the extensive destruction of the country and loss of oil revenues, since the beginning of the events in February 2011, adding that the frozen funds in international banks have been "earmarked for development projects "
The Libyan people was stolen 
15h/ TARHOUNAH - Libyan resistance bombed mercenary headquarters in Tarhounah
14h/ LIBYA - Council of Libyan Shame has given legitimacy to all sorts of armed gangs in #Libya to do whatever they want. Libya under NTC became a hotbed of criminals, insecurity, drug smuggling and abuse, teft, detention torture and rape. It seems that Libya is split in many criminal mini-states now. We hope to see united Libya again. Much more people than you think are against this which is happening to Libya now 
Libya: rally for Gaddafi and green Libya
13h/  New Fashion moments in #Libya
Libya:new Fashion moments
12h/ BENGHAZI  - Cruising the streets of Benghazi with pro- Gaddafi songs in a car on 07.02.2012

11h/ SIRTE - Yesterday night at 11h, NATO puppets killed a pregnant woman Fatima in #Sirte #Libya with a bullet, while she was on her way to Ibn Sina hospital to give a birth, accompanied by her husband. Citizents of Sirte are devastated by this crime
10h/ BENGHAZI  - Closing of Benghazi Local Council of Shame today due to fears over security 
Libya: Closing of Benghazi Local Council of Shame
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