Feb 22, 2012

Report Libya 21. February 2012.

*** TUNISIA  - #Libya PM Baghdadi Mahmoudi 151 days in jail without legal basis #illegal #immoral #inhuman
He did not betray his country and flag and its history ... But now languishing in Tunisia prison without guilt and without any legal basis, since September 19, 2011 ... 151 days in jail ...every prison day is a dagger planted in honor of Tunisia and the Arab Identity and against the principles of Islam
Libya PM Baghdadi Mahmoudi 
*** KUFRA  - More than 120 people killed & around 300 injured in tribal clashes in southern #Libya in the last 10 days [RussiaToday]
*** NALUT  - Libya Green Falcons: Stormed a headquaters of #NATO mercenaries in Nalut in the Al-Andalus district which led to killing of 4 mercenaries and the release of 11 of those arrested today, and seizure of light weapons
***  KUFRA   - a complete withdrawal of #NATO mercenaries from the airport because of the intense attack they suffered #Libya
*** KUFRA  Green flags and national anthem in #Kufra #Libya today

*** An eyewitness from Djerba today:
Military aircraft-Qatari model hercule-landed in Djerba Zarzis International Airport from which came out more than 200 military uniformed Qataris!! Then they turned to the unknown regions of the south of Tunisia. The witness said they did not pass any inspection by airport customs
*** EGYPT  -70.000 of #Tramadol pills coming from #Libya were seized
*** #Libya -Displaced People Barred from Homes / #HRW /
Authorities in and around #Misrata are preventing thousands of people from returning to the villages of Tomina and Kararim and have failed to stop local militias from looting and burning homes there, Human Rights Watch said today -> #Libya -Displaced People Barred from Homes
*** KUFRA Green forces managed to capture several rebel #tanks in #Kufra #Libya
*** Libyan refugees who were displaced to #Chad & #Sudan during war,have vowed to come back & defend their friends & families in Kufra in Sothern #Libya
*** TRIPOLI - #AlQaeda leader of #Tripoli brigade - Belhaj couldn't walk among people in Green Square on Saturday without heavily armed Security Guards
Belhadj with armed Security Guards
*** TRIPOLI -sound of 7 powerful explosions near the #Tripoli coast ,ambulances & smoke rising in the #sky now
*** KUFRA threaten succession from #Libya because of the clashes in South-Eastern Libya after #NTC failed to stop the conflict and ignored South-East, although this is the biggest territory which extends to the Libyan provinces on the Chad and Sudan's borders.
*** TUAREGS - The south will be separated from Libya ::
Based on reality and events, as well as the new international situation and the project east to Aawst the great based on the division of country into regions, I can say that we are in the second phase of the secession of the south Libya, 
The south Libyan decision it is to be the territory of the TPU and Tuaregs , and won't be subjected to ethnic cleansing and displacement, and this is clearly evident in several cities Katragn and Murzuq and Kufra and elsewhere, where there is a mobilization of Tabu and all their forces to get hold of the southern province, and they will have it sooner or later, in light of the weakness and fragmentation of the new Libyan state , and the conflicts raging between the tribes and all that which is preventing the unity of the state
*** #NTC #propaganda clown - Continuing our #Photo collection of #Libya clowns
Photo collection of Libya clowns
*** #EGYPT, Cairo - an attempt of smuggling an ancient book in favor of Qatari officials was prevented.
Custom authorities at Cairo airport on Monday evening, managed to prevent an attempt of smuggling an ancient book before being shipped to Doha for the benefit of some Qatari officials
*** ALGERIA [Reuters]- Algerian security source told Reuters on Saturday that the Algerian security forces found a large quantity of weapons including missiles, shoulder-fired, believed to be smuggled from neighboring Libya - http://ara.reuters.com/article/topNews/idARACAE81Q4YD20120218
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