Feb 16, 2012

Saif Gaddafi not to be handed over

Saif Al-IslamGaddafi with the nephew 

 The Chief of the National Security Authority in the western region, Libya, Tarek El-Kafali, said that the handover to the governing authorities of the son of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Saif Al-IslamGaddafi, is not expected to take place for the time being, as the parties involved are not ready to conduct the trial and the juridical authorities are not established yet.
El-Kafali explained to Russia Today's Channel that the revolutionists who helped "free Tripoli" will remain there until the state is established in full with all its military, security, and juridical institutions.
Saif-Al Islam Gaddafi is still detained in a secret location in the town of Al-Zentan, north-west of Libya, after three months since his arrest in the far south while he was trying to flee to Niger.
Chief of the National Council Mostafa Abdul-Jalil declared earlier that Saif-Al Islam Gaddafi will be transferred to a prison in Tripoli to be trialed. He added that the government is about to complete the construction[?]  of a prison in the centre of Tripoli, where Saif Al-Islam will be sent to within two months as he is still undergoing interrogations.

Observers say that keeping Saif Al-Islam for such a long period without trial reflects the strength of the local tribesmen, also, the observers say, reflects the weakness of the central government that has not started the trial yet.  - > 
Source:    http://www.arabstoday.net/en/2012021590118/saif-gaddafi-not-to-be-handed-over.html
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