Feb 18, 2012

Where is Hala Misrati? Is she alive?

Update 19.02.2012.
Kidnappers luckily felt compelled to denounce that, so here is a video showing Hala Misrati alive, saying she "lives in good conditions". 
[ Hero Hala is alive on video posted today]

Update 18.02.2012.
Yesterday, we heard the rumor about the death of Hala Misrati.

We haven't managed to confirm or refute this, since her whereabouts are still unknown, almost six months after the rebels captured her. 
The last we heard of her was from Dr. Yousuf Shakir who said  that she was in el Jadida prison and mistreated by the rebels. 
Halla Misrati
Since then, to our knowledge, there has been no criminal charge against her, no legal representative and no trial, and the last time we saw an evidence of her being alive was 30. December 2011.

To our knowledge, there hasn't been any serious attempt by Amnesty International, HRW or any other so called "human rights organization" to contact her and report on her treatment in captivity. 
In fact, there is a menacing silence from all those organizations that are usually concerned about the mistreatment and arbitrary arrests of journalists. 
The last time any mainstream media bothered to mention Hala Misrati, was when she was kidnapped, in August, 2011

Even then, it was not to show concern as to why a female journalist is taken into captivity, but to somehow glee over her fate, because she was intelligent enough to question the Iman Obeidi's "fable of rape" that was so instrumental to the western interventionism in Libya. Back then, when Hala warned people of the fallacy of that tale, she was labelled "a very strong mouthpiece for the pro-Gadhafi forces" by certain Dina Eltahawy, a researcher for Amnesty International, nonetheless...

If NTC is such a poster for democracy, why don't they answer these questions:
 - Where is Hala Misrati?
- Is she alive? 
- What are the charges against her?
- Was she granted a lawyer?
- Was she granted a visit from her family members 
or a regular communication with them? 
- Does she have a medical treatment? 
- When is her trial due?

I would be surprised if NTC answers any of these questions, because they are not so much a poster for democracy, as just plain POSER! 

However, while we can not bring ourselves to hope for some information from NTC, we can ask Amnesty International, HRW, Red Cross and Red Crescent, Reporters Without Borders and similar organizations who profess their devotion to human life, human rights and freedom of information, to do their job for once and prove to themselves they are not just empty words and instruments for regime changes all over the World. 

Let them, just once, convince us that they have some semblance of integrity and act outside of clearly pre-carved agenda.

Hala Misrati, state TV host, kidnapped by rebels in Tripoli, Libya  [Updates  August -February] 

Update 17.02.2012.
What is the difference between the two  human beings 
you can ask Amnesty Inetrnational and HRW Reporters Without Borders etc...

Libyan so-called freedom-fighters have killed Libyan TV presenter Hala Misrati, after torturing and raping her in jail [unconfirmed] .
HRW & Amnesty did nothing.[confirmed]
Death of Libyan presenter "Hala Misrati" in one of the prisons in Tripoli, Libya under mysterious circumstances, as stated by the Associated Press of America on Friday ...

Why HRW and Amnesty International didn't say nothing about 
Hala Mistrati ?
"She's clearly a very strong mouthpiece for the pro-Gadhafi forces," said Dina Eltahawy, a researcher for  [NEUTRAL] Amnesty International, which has issued an urgent alert to try find al-Aqbani. 

Ouch!  I  remeber ....
"Iman, in the end, is a liar," Misrati said, accusing al-Obeidi [propaganda doll] of pulling a media stunt. She dismissed her claims, saying no Arab woman would bring shame on her family by publicly admitting to rape. She told viewers that it was rebels who were raping women in the eastern territories they control. Misrati urged al-Obeidi to come clean with the truth because her claims were fueling the "bombardment" of Libya.
"Even sometimes a whore has nationalism toward her homeland, when she knows her homeland is in danger!" Misrati sneered. "Even a whore!"
Misrati has since vowed to "uncover" al-Obeidi's real life.

Do you remember Iman Al Obeidi? And case Rixos Hotel? 
NATO's Libya war: RAPE AS WEAPON [Iman al-Obeidi] 
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