Feb 7, 2012

Libyan Liberation Frontline News [06./07.02.2012.]

(1) A group of eleven foreign fighters, putting pressure on the Green Army in the western mountains Ubari and south of the country fell into an ambush prepared by the Green Army. They survived for a long time fighter jets chased after managed to knock one of them, he fell into the sea on the border with Tunisia, the enemy fighters fled to the north of Israel. The fighters flew at very high speeds, so it is difficult to identify. We suspect that this is a French aircraft, or Israeli origin, the two nations besides the U.S. and the UK have the largest number of fighter pilots and mercenaries in Africa. It is often difficult to establish the identity of mercenaries, as they fight for money. The UN has never come to claim the dead body of mercenaries, adventurers, and all they have.

(2) Green Army attacked a prison in Misrata, controlled by a brigade of North Misrata. The battle lasted 5 hours, released 1139 inmates, 283 rebels killed, 21 arrested mercenary, mercenaries, the number of wounded is not known them very much. 145 prison officers were shot. Among the Greens soldiers nobody was killed. The operation involved 3,250 resistance fighters. 72 Leopard tanks were destroyed in Germany, the operation was planned two weeks. Nine prisoners were killed, they could not get out of the fire. Before surgery in the prison, the green men with guns with silencers conducted a raid on a concentration camp in Misrata, as a result of the raid, Israeli troops killed 45 IDF soldiers found a green army of mercenaries, the financial statements, which involve huge sums in the Libyan dinar, dinar Qatar, as well as the huge amount of dollars, pounds, euros and a large amount of gold. The amount of money in Misrata may exceed $ 225 billion, much of this money was stolen by militants Misrata in Sirte. Captured 25 captains, 51 lieutenant of the rebel brigades. North of the airport Misrata left a cloud of smoke.

(3) 40 prisoners had been exchanged the green on the rat captain of Benghazi, it was done as a good gesture in honor of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad.

(4) Green Army still continues to make progress in Benghazi. February 4, 2012, at midnight, a new team of the 5000 Green fighters, weapons with silencers beginning of the operation to clear the town of criminls. If this number of soldiers is not enough, they will come to the aid of a new batch of professional fighters.

(5) Pilots and flight attendants Libyan Arab Airways continue their sit-in. Green Army will help them to compensation.

(6) Green Army is armed with imported weapons with silencers 25 000 10 000 caliber night-vision. It gives the Army a tactical advantage in the use of weapons without detection, silencers can conduct military operations at night without fanfare.

(7) The rebels left a large portion of its border posts, and took off their uniforms. All the border to Libya via Tunisia, were left without staff from the rebels. We suspect that most of the rebels moved to Tripoli, or to the east of Tripoli, a lot of rebels entered the ranks of the brigade Zintan and the Green Army.

(8) Green Army fired heavy artillery of the French ship that was moored on the coast of Tripoli, the ship fires, the number of deaths of mercenaries could not be established. As the ship got 190 rounds of mortar shells and 55 volleys of RPGs. Front for the Liberation of Libya'm sure he never goes out of port.

(9) 19 American mercenaries who arrived recently at the military airport Mitiga were shot near the port of Tripoli, Green Army soldiers, their bodies were burned and abandoned their weapons as souvenirs. Green Army was ordered to take no more mercenaries NATO / UN in captivity, so they will be destroyed on the site of capture. This applies to mercenaries, Al-Jazeera reporters and representatives of many other Western institutions.

(11) Each day after the NATO attack against Libya, Green Army soldiers are conducting operations against the traitors and mercenaries of NATO, to avenge the blood of the martyrs.

(12) February 6, 2012 Misrata rebels attacked a camp of internally displaced persons from Tawergha-Jhanzour, it was revenge for the demonstration of the refugees, which they held in Tripoli, their only requirement was to return home. 11 people died and dozens were injured. 
Young people, victims of a massacre in the refugee camp Dzhanzour

(13) Misrata rebels have suffered heavy losses after an unsuccessful attack on the Sabha. The city defended the 3250 Green fighters and about 7000-10000 volunteers from nearby towns who came to the rescue. The union - a symbol of resistance and people's power.

We live today with the idea that the resistance - it is the duty of every person. Must resist the oppressors in the world that kill, oppress, injure and intimidate us. Death to the oppressors.
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