Mar 19, 2012

Report Libya 19. March 2012

Moammar Al Gaddafi HERO 
*** Report from resistance: Abu Salim Resistance ended today a very important operation in Tripoli. They captured important group of Qatari and Italian rats , which are now in resistance prisons, they are all alive. The operation was planned for the last 7 days.
***  Mercenary and 'wanna-be king' of Cyrenaica- Zubair says:
Misurata and the Zentan are unnanounced federations..
Ahmed Sanoussi separatist mercenary said that “ Misurata behaves as a federal territory or state itself making air flights without reference to NTC ...There are strange things ... Misurata barred any citizen from entering it and there was the problem of full city cleansed and taworgha came to Benghazi ” ...
The Zentan controlling the airport and dominating others and acting like a federal State or territory. The Government doesn't control anything, but lavish offices“ "As I explained to you, Misurata and the Zentan are Acting as federal territories but they wont tell that explicitly. The issue is matter of courage, someone wants to announce it openly and there are some without such openness. "
*** Green Square - Tripoli is blocked now!!! By armed gangs

*** BANI WALID  - The great man made river in Libya is damaged

*** BANI WALID  - Statement of Warfalla tribe about the explosion of the Man-Made River pipeline: 
It was not a technical fault, it was a sabotage, they are trying to displace the whole city, not caring about the children, or the ones which they already orphaned!

***  Tripoli today - a snapshot

*** We want out Tawargha people?
NTC bandits are teaching Libyan children to hate their brothers form the city of Tawargha

*** Gaddafi's Islamic center "Indonesia
*** Libya: “Dawn” turns into chaos
Exactly a year ago, France, Britain and the US kicked off a military operation in Libya. The aim was declared in a UN Security Council resolution on March 17, 2011. The document authorized an embargo on arms supplies to the Gaddafi regime and a no-fly zone over Libya to protect civilians from air strikes.
The Arab Spring in Libya saw a separatist mutiny in Benghazi which was followed by Cyrenaica’s proclaiming its autonomous status.This explains why Saudi Arabia and Qatar were trying to topple Gaddafi.
Right now, field commanders are seen as Libya’s new rulers, analysts say, citing more than 100,000 armed Libyans currently in place in this North African country. 
More than 10,000 people are still in prison in Libya, and the crackdown on Gaddafi supporters continues. Podtserob also mentioned unsuccessful attempts by the International Criminal Court to obtained unbiased information about what is going on in Libyan jailhouses. 
*** Tens of militia groups acting on their own in Benghazi [video]
Months after the end of the Libyan war, the National Transitional Council (NTC) is dealing with a sharp rise in the use of guns and weapons among the Libyan people.
Tensions are also on the rise between the Criminal Investigation Department of Benghazi, one on the fallen fortresses of slain ruler Muammar Gaddafi and the newly formed Preventive Security Apparatus. 
The Preventive Security Apparatus has also been accused of committing violations including vandalism and torture, which was denied by its commander. 

Meanwhile, fresh clashes have erupted in Libya over calls for a federal system of governance and a plan to divide the country into three self-governing regions. 
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