Mar 6, 2012

What did a foreign-backed 'revolution' bring to Libya

1. Loss of sovereignety, all unsatisfied regions want autonomy now,borders are 'legally protected' by foreign forces [Italian and French],foreign military bases on its soil, and airspace out of domestic control.
No one respects new puppet government, there are no legal police institutions, or national army, country is 'ruled' by different militias which are infighting among themselves.

2. Central bank is not independent anymore.
3. Country with NO foreign debt is now heavily indebted.
4. Infrastructure destroyed by friendly NATO bombs
[schools,hospitals,roads,airports,civilians buildings,government buildings].
5. Tens of thousands dead, and killings continue.
6. 55.000 wounded NATO-led rebels are treated outside of country, expences payed with Libyan money.
7. Thousands of tortured black prisoners in real and makeshift jails, some in cages forced to eat flag and jump like apes.
8. Rape and kidnappings became widespread occurance.
9. Drugs and weapons smuggling are widespread,sometimes as only means of income, unless you work in US NGOs which are popping up like mushrooms after the rain, in order to whitewash NATO's crimes.
10. Oil is in the hands of foreign forces.
11. Tripoli is ruled by Belhadj, former Al Qaeda commander, whose fraction is pushing for gender inequality Sharia laws.
12. Libyan Media is in the hand of Nato countries.
13. Wahabi's allowed to desecrate christian graveyards.
14. Retaliation on kids and woman "from the other side" are common occurance.
15. NTC military Checkpoints around towns where people are regularly harrased, as the only mean of keeping 'democracy in order'.
16. What else??
 O yes, 'revolution' has brought freedom and democracy.
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