Mar 20, 2012

Muammar al Gaddafi - a Symbol of Justice, Resistance, Honor and Freedom in World

by Konstantyn Scheglikov
He stands as an shining example of a great leader who does not cut and run from his own country,to only save his own life, when his country and even his own person and life come under enormous enemy threat from the outside.

Against all odds against him, Leader Gaddafi,  showed to the world, that he was indeed willing to sacrifice his own life, for what he believed in, when he defiantly and valiantly stood up and fought against the combined enemies and invaders of his country Libya.

A celebration of an International Muammar Gaddafi Day, will remind all the peoples of the world, to set their values and goals in life in a higher order,which has nothing to do with material values alone.

For, the visionary leader Muammar stood for Justice, Equality and Freedom for his Libyan People and for his African Peoples, as well as for all the oppressed peoples of our World. 
Therefore, the world should come together and celebrate a Muammar Gaddafi Day, in his honer and in recognition of his immense contribution to the our world.

Great Honorable Leader Muammar Gaddafi was and will always remain a Symbol of Justice, Honor and Freedom in the New world. 
(edited by Genet Tadesse)
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