Mar 6, 2012

New Libyan state - Barqa - owned by Bernard Henry Levy - declares its existance

Today's conference said the new eastern Libya state, which they named "Barqa", will have its own parliament, police force, courts and capital — Benghazi— to run its own affairs. The plan seeks to revive the pre-Gadhafi system in place from 1951 until 1963, when Libya, ruled by a monarchy, was divided into three states: Tripolitania in the west, Fezzan in the southwest and Cyrenaica in the east — or Barqa, as it was called in Arabic. 
Photo - the same people who were making arrangements with  Bernard Henry Levy [BHL] in March 2011, are now calling for division of Libya & holding the flag of "independent Cyreanica" in March 2012.

The gathering appointed Ahmed al-Zubair, ex-prisoner, as leader of its governing council. Al-Zubair, a descendant of the former Libyan King Idris whom Gadhafi ousted in 1969 coup, is also a member of the National Transitional Council.
The conference said elections would be held in the east in two weeks to chose a governing council.
Al-Zubair said Barqa state would recognize NTC as the legitimate representative for Libya in the international arena. 

Ironically, he said: “Residents of Barqa, we are brothers. We protect each other,” he told the gathering. “Libya will not be divided. Its one nation.”

“I will be the leader who will protect justice and equality,” he said. “I will protect your rights.” [sounds so promising]

Federalism is not division but unity. We are not talking about changing the flag or national anthem. We are talking about different administration, a parliament and managing the financial affairs,” Fadl-Allah Haroun said. [lol.. they r taking the power and money, but will allow song to stay as it a proof of unity lol hillarious]

Abu-Bakr Faraj, who is a deputy defence minister in the transitional Cabinet created by the NTC, attended the ceremony and told AP that the move is meant to “correct the path of the revolution.”

Barqa's newborn council will “cut off the road in front of the hijackers of the revolution from controlling our destiny,” he said.
photo: Unofficial boss of new Libyan state Barqa photographed at one conference couple of weeks ago.. His name is Bernard Henry Levy
.. Its clear that Izrael owns new Libyan state

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