Mar 11, 2012


Dr. Hamza Touhami has sent a video-audio-message about the attempted partition of Libya.

The Western Powers are planning from a long time this partition, and stupid Nato-rats are serving them this opportunity on a silver platter.

Dr. Touhami said rat Mustapha Abdeljalil agrees that partition, while he pretends that he is against: rat Abdeljalil is a liar, because in reality he has already pocketed the prize for his treason and crimes committed against the Libyan people and the Jamahiriya.

Gangs of mercenaries, the so called “rebels”, are just a bunch of traitors of the Nation, renegades sold to foreign powers, who want to dismember Libya, Africa, the Middle East, the Arab countries and the entire world, to rob people of their natural wealth and their freedom and dignity.

In his message, Dr. Touhami asked the Libyan people to stand for civil disobedience and asked them to join with the Green Resistance.

Dr. Touhami said Qatar has given billions to Misrata and Zenten (who have control of the airport of Tripoli).

He asked the rats, who are in their pickups at the checkpoints, to wake up because the country is about to be partitioned and to rise against the CNT and integrate the Green Resistance. Before it is too late.

Subsequently Dr. Touhami sent two messages to the Resistance.

The first message is that Resistance is very strong and fighters are ready in all regions. Green Resistance has been ordered not to move. It will move as an hurricane, at the right time.

The second message is “encoded”, for some special units of the Green Resistance :
“Your dead BROTHER pass you a big hello. I swear your dead BROTHER sent me this message through a man of confidence, to pass you a Salam and that there will in the near future a statement similar to the September 1, 1969. I swear it’s true. Wait for us, we come!”.

Dr. Hamza Touhami requested to spread this message across Libya.

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