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Libya news [backup libyasos] 29. February - 08. March 2012.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 08.  March 2012.
00h/  Good Articles you can read on Libya S.O.S. Daily News
24h/ And the 8th of march #US PUPPET &TRAITOR award goes to #Libya 's Hanaa Habashi.. Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton with their main female spy which has received US International Women's Award for bravery in 2012 during a ceremony held in the hall of Dean Acheson at the State Department in Washington, DC, on March 8
Demons and puppet
23h/ The primary focus of this program will be on AVAAZ, a US NGO organization that has its tentacles in Syria as it did in LibyaAVAAZ, Obama and the Makings of War Through Demonstrations and Humanitarianism, 1 of 2
22h/ Report Libya: News about political arrests and kidnappings in Libya
21h/ The US ambassador Susan Rice responded to #Russia by defending NATO’s actions in #Libya , saying that no international laws were broken and the alliance had cooperated fully with subsequent investigations. She cited the international commission of inquiry on Libya, which concluded that NATO “conducted a highly precise campaign with a demonstrable determination to avoid civilian casualties.” 
21h/ Russia says that NATO should apologize for causing civilian casualties during their air raids in #Libya in 2011 and pay compensation [ compensation for life?] is it possible?]
20h/ The #journalist Hala Misrati is free. –

" MI6's Paul Conroy in Libya (in blue bulletproof vest) with, on the right, Al-Qaeda leaders Mahdi al-Harati (in black body armor) and Abdelhakim Belhaj (in camouflaged jacket)."
18h/ Happy International Women's Day Remember Aisha Gaddafi Expeled by @UNICEF 2 Let The Institution FREE TO SPONSOR NATO BOMBS In Libya Children [Dputamadre ]

17h/ "Spy" journalist reported killing of black Libyans -
The pair had been reporting on an incident involving attacks against displaced black Libyans from Tawergha - a city that had previously been pro-Gaddafi - on 6 February at a detention camp in Janzour, a suburb of the capital of Tripoli.
 The report, transmitted less than a fortnight before the journalists' arrests, was highly critical of the National Transitional Council's (NTC) protection of the detainees.
16h/ Here is Report of “Spy” journalist  Tawerghans Shot And Killed In Tripoli Refugee Camp –
15h/ Libya: Opposition’s offshore training center
Russia has slammed Libya for reports of Syrian rebels being trained in the nearby nation.
- At a UN Security Council meeting on Wednesday Russian UN representative Vitaly Churkin brought to light reports of a special training center for Syrian revolutionaries located on Libyan territory. He described the base as “completely unacceptable,” saying that it undermined stability in the region.
“Bearing in mind the presence of Al-Qaeda on Syrian territory, one cannot but ask if the export of revolution might turn into the export of terrorism," remarked Churkin.
14h/ US, NATO plot to divide Libya -
Meanwhile, Libyans in several major cities, including Benghazi, have taken to the streets to reject the federal system of government. They were carrying banners and shouting slogans emphasizing national unity and reconstruction in the country while highlighting Tripoli as the only capital.
13h/ Open letter to David Cameron [Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey] -
1. Did your country liaise with the group LIFG in Libya during the hostilities in this country during 2011 and was this group on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office list of proscribed terrorist groups during the time that the UK was aiding it in armed conflict? This being the case, would you admit that the FCO was actually breaking UK law and as such your Foreign Secretary is liable for prosecution? Why, then, has be not been prosecuted?
12h/ Russia blasts NATO over Libya - 
11h/ Six British soldiers killed in Afghanistan blast
10h/ [FLAH BACK] Globalists Target 100% State Owned Central Bank of Libya -
09h/ Central Bank of Libya before 2011
Libya S.O.S. resistance news 07.  March 2012
00h/  Good Articles you can read on Libya S.O.S. Daily News
24h/ / In Benghazi change graffiti [ Flag of Idris and flag and The flag of the Emirate of Cyrenaica.]
 Did Jalil thought on this when he spoke about Libya like "next Dubai"?
Flag of Idris and flag and The flag of the Emirate of Cyrenaica
23h/ Libya became paradise for rats [Colonel Gaddafi has right again]Photo by AlgeriaISP
Libya became paradise for rats
22h/ WARFALA Tribesmen Liberated The Wife Of Dr.Hamza Thami
 The wife of Dr. Hamza ThaMi is released! (March 7, 2012)
The doctor's wife Thami Hamza was released by the tribesmen of Warfala.
Now she is in excellent health with his family.
20h/ Exiled Libyan monarchy shamelessly admit their role in fomenting Libyan war
17h/ Uganda returns seized bank to Libyan govt
KAMPALA: Uganda’s central bank has handed back to Tripoli control of a major Libyan-owned bank which it seized last year following UN Security Council sanctions targetting Muammar Qaddafi.
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni was a critic of the UN authorized intervention that toppled Muammar Qaddafi, but his country complied with UN sanctions and froze all Libyan government assets in the country.
Libyan investments in Uganda spanning banking, hospitality and real estate are estimated to be worth $375 million.
16h/ BENGHAZI  - 13 delegates from #BaniWalid arrested in #Benghaziafter being officially invited to discuss the future or #Libya. [Amin]
15h/ #Libya ready to use force against eastern separatists
Libya’s integrity will be defended by any means - even “with force” if needed - says Libyan “transitional” leader, Mustafa Abdel Jalil. His statement comes a day after the eastern tribal leaders declared autonomy for the region.
14h/ EGYPT - Cairo is FULL with Libyans. NATO freedom is so swell ! [Layla Anwar]
13h/ BENGHAZI  - Video of the today's celebrations in Benghazi following the announcement of independent eastern Libyan state.
12h/ WAR CRIME BENGHAZI - Prisoners killed in #Benghazi

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 06.  March 2012
00h/ New Libyan state - Barqa - owned by Bernard Henry Levy - declares its existance 
The plan seeks to revive the pre-Gadhafi system in place from 1951 until 1963, when Libya, ruled by a monarchy, was divided into three states: Tripolitania in the west, Fezzan in the southwest and Cyrenaica in the east — or Barqa, as it was called in Arabic. -
24h/ Bani Walid - Six sniperist arrested in Bani Walid yesterday. Bani Walid tribes didn't disclose their identity, but it is known that they were not from Warfalla tribe.
Arrested people were in possession of snipers and handguns with silencers and a hit-list, which made it very clear that they're assassins. But thankfuly tribal social network in the city of Bani Walid arrested them, they are being interrogated now.
People should be aware of them and all incoming stranger which enter Bani Walid should be watched closely.
23h/ Several Libyan cities, including Benghazi, have witnessed rallies rejecting the federal system of government, with banners and slogans emphasizing national unity and state-building, and stressing that Tripoli is the only capital.

22h/ #NATO meeting prior war on #Libya: "France really, really wanting to show that it can DO this. To prove its relevance."  [luzbek] -
Wikileaks INSIGHT - US/UK/French view on Libya operation
The UK guy says UK is driven by energy interests in this campaign. BP
post-oil spill is suffering in US< other options are to expand in Siberia
(problems with Russia), Vietnam and .. libya. They see a Ghadafi ouster
21h/ What did a foreign-backed 'revolution' bring to Libya.
16. What else??  O yes, 'revolution' has brought freedom and democracy.
20h/ [RT report] Cyrenaica, the eastern region of Libya, has elected a regional congress and declared semi-autonomy from the capital Tripoli.The “blatant call for fragmentation” of the country was condemned by Libya's ruling NTC.
Thousands of major tribal leaders and militia commanders attended a celebratory ceremony in the region’s center Benghazi on Tuesday.
19h/ Jalil became a target of mockery even among rebels when he said that separatism of eastern #Libya was a conspiracy of the foreign countries [his allies and bosses]
18h/ TRIPOLI -Libya leader claims Arabs supporting 'sedition' in east
Libyan leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil charged on Tuesday that some Arab nations were supporting and financing sedition in eastern Libya, hours after tribal and militia leaders declared autonomy for the region.
Libya , Benghazi sedition - photo by AFP
"Some sister Arab nations unfortunately are supporting and financing this sedition that is happening in the east," Abdel Jalil told reporters at a press conference in Tripoli, without naming names.
17h/ Photo -the same people who were making arrangements with #BHL Bernard Henry Levy in march 2011,are now calling for division of #Libya & holding the flag of "independent Cyreanica" in march 2012

16h/ Massacre of children whose name is Gaddafi
News from different sources, indicate that NATO-mercenaries are killing anyone with the name of Gaddafi, and anyone related to Gaddafi: if he is a close relative or a faraway relative makes no difference for rats of the NTC. The massacres were carried out mainly in the area of Sirte.
15h/ Desperation,marginalisation & very bad position of #BaniWalid and surrounding region in the new colonized #Libya , have urged Warfalla tribe to start thinking about the option of separating as well.
They have more citizents (2million) than the whole "country" of Qatar,and their territory is the size of Tunisia.
There are also unexplored oil fields in their area. Warfalla was the most brave and enduring tribe during the war, unfortunately under very big pressure and threats now, they are not included in country affairs, even though they represent one third of Libyans.
14h/ Balkanisation of Libya started - Eastern #Libya declares autonomy -
Cyrenaica, the eastern region of Libya, has elected a regional congress and declared autonomy from the capital Tripoli.
Major tribal leaders and militia commanders attended a celebratory ceremony in the region’s center Benghazi.
The congress stated that Cyrenaica had suffered decades of marginalization from Tripoli. Now the oil-rich region extending from the coastal city of Sirte to Egyptian border is "planing to take its fortunes into its own hands".
NTC voiced objection to the planned autonomy.
They said Libya’s transformation into a federal state paves the way to eventual split-up of the North African country.
The Easterners have already formed their own army, the Barqa Supreme Military Council, which is independent from the NTC. The army is made up from 'revolutionaries' who fought against Gaddafi last year. And now the forces are ready to fight for autonomy, Barqa commander Col. Hamid Al-Hassi says.
“Even if we had to take over the oil fields by deploying our forces there or risk another war, we will not hesitate for the sake of Barqa,” Hassi told the Associated Press.
13h/ #Libya : 'Bitter ironies' of Sirte destruction [ #BBC #hogwash #media]
Months after Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's death, the city of Sirte - where the Libyan leader was born and died - lies in ruins.
In the area of the city which saw the worst of the fighting, known as Area Two, most of the twenty thousand former residents have yet to return.
As Newsnight's Diplomatic and Defence editor Mark Urban reports, many in the city feel bitter and angry that nothing is being done to improve their plight.
Watch Mark Urban's full report on the state of Sirte on Newsnight at 10.30pm on 6 March 2012 on BBC Two.
12h/ McCain Calls for Bombing Syria ‘We Should Have Learned From Libya’ [+ videos] -
McCain went onto say foreign military intervention is now necessary following news that the NATO backed government in Libya just gave the Syria rebels a 100 million dollar donation to by weapons. -
Senator John McCain 

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 05.  March 2012
00h/  Good Articles you can read on Libya S.O.S. Daily News
00h/ ‎‎ #UK "furious" about the desecration of a British cemetary And where was your fury back then? (#Tawargha-n cemetary) [Amin @SaintJust88]

24h/#Sabha A war plane, deployed in a military base in the northern part of the city, exploded (reasons unknown, for now)![via @SaintJust88]
 - #Misrata 324 Green Fighters freed from captivity, among them members of Green Intelligence and News Service!
Misratan commander, Saraya Elsouihli, claims the rescue was carried out by . However according to AlgeriaISP it was done by Green Resistance! I concur, since many computers and files of detainees were stolen too
 - Ahmed Gaddafi (the traitor who sold-out Muammar) got arrested in Egypt, before he left the country for unknown reasons
Mass grave found in Bin Jawad? Coincidentally, the same grave holding "150 bodies" was also found on 26 November. #AlgeriaISP [via @SaintJust88]
actualy : NTC regime buries 159 of its fighters that died in last years NATO-led war from a mass grave near Ajdabiya eastern Libya

‏- Tripoli: clashes in Tripoli...bu'saleem and Ain zara citizens of the neighbors are attempting remove Lawless NTC militia's. [Somaliasupport3 ]
LIBYA: "Thousands of inmates, including hardcore criminals, remain at large a year after a series of jailbreaks" - AP [via @NEWS_Libya]
23h/ TOBRUK-NALUT - Demonstrations against the partition of Libya .... it's too late!
According Gharyan Journal (Pro NTC), Benghazi, the Libyan Pro CNT are released in demonstration against the partition of Libya. Banners with slogans are raised "Libyan people, we are brothers in Tobruk Nalout". [We are all Muammar Gaddafi]
22h/ #Libya in "post-Gaddafi era" and NATO demoNcracy - awful stench
spreading Libya
Libya 2012
21h/ #Morocco  - Clashes between rebels and dozen wounded members of the Diplomatic Corps in the Libyan Embassy in Morocco

20h/ #Egypt - Security officials in Egypt, said that thousands of weapons being smuggled into the country across the Libyan border
19h/ #Tunisia Stoped ring of Prostitution Mafia -  The Department of the judicial police in Tunis recently arrested a group who try to sold  teenage girls [30 form Tunsia 18 form  Libya]  on charges of immorality and prostitution. The newspaper reported that the investigation resulted in the Libyan "costumer"  offer of $ 300 for the girl.
18hJIM SWIRE, a father of one of #Lockerbie victims:
"Public #opinion may be our strongest sword. Though our case as relatives is in some ways less poignant than that of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi as he lies dying, this great deception has meant that all those of us relatives who care to seek the truth have all died a little too, we also carry a life sentence of grief, and it is hard not to be bitter over the way we have been deceived."
17h/ Story about #BaniWalid #Libya -170 Warfalla fighters fought against 25.000 #NATO mercenaries, NATO planes,bombs and Apache helicopters. NATO and their servants were not able to enter Bani Walid during a two-months long siege (from 20/8/2011 till 18/10/2012). Glory to Bani Walid and its people! We've witnessed history.

16h/ How work propaganda machinery ?
*** 29 Jun 2011 #Libya - France confirms arming Libyan Rebels  -
29 Feb.2012 #Syria - France, US arming Syrian rebels with anti-aircraft missiles
*** March 7, 2011 In #Libya, Captured British Soldiers [6 SAS troops] Released -
05 March, 2012 #Syria 13 undercover French army officers seized in Syria
*** 28. Feb 2011. #Libya Susan Rice: Qaddafi sounds "delusional" –
02. Feb 2012 Susan Rice was "Disgusted" after Russia and China VETO UN resolution on Syria.
*** Libya Hilary Clinton says Muammar Gaddafi captured or killed justified. –
#Sirya Hilary Clinton says Assad could be classified as a war criminal
*** 25t April 2011#Libya Gaddafi's troops use rape as a weapon of war - 28 Nov, 2011 #Syria Assad’s security forces in Syria committing rape, torture and murder
15h/ Al Khums, the city authorities of CNT have enormous problems in finding insurgents willing to monitor checkpoints on city streets."To motivate " them to monitor the streets the CNT has offered 600 Libyan dinars to those who are willing to watch the checkpoints for one day a week. (source: Haraka Elmokawama Libya).
14h/ Salbuchi: Putin a break against neo-colonial West

13h/ British journalists accused by militia group of spying in Libya -
[well bandits now can do everything becouse they are NATO's darlings].
This included a field dressing in a black wrapper which he said was suspicious because it was "made in Israel"[?] and lists of Tripoli militia members killed in clashes last year.
Also presented were still photographs found on the men of Libyan militiamen in combat poses, a photocopy of an Iranian residence permit in one of the men's passports and what appeared to be a television editing script. Asked what was suspicious about the items, Fortea said "further investigation" would be necessary.
The militia then screened footage found in the two men's computers, consisting of what appeared to be home movies showing the two men dancing in Tripoli's Martyr's Square over a music soundtrack.
"They also had pornography," [?] said Fortea.
12h/ Western shock: Libyans destroy NATO ally war cemetery (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission insists that “both cemeteries will be restored to a standard befitting the sacrifice of those commemorated at Benghazi.” 
Meanwhile, the NTC has not managed to move the country in a direction towards improvement, with some analysts saying the Council is more “a media show” than a real source of power.
Clashes between pro- and anti-Gaddafi forces have expanded into clashes between tribes. The “liberated” country has begun to see scenes of hate crimes, especially against national minorities. In one instance, a video recently posted online shows former rebels torturing a group of black Africans, treating them like zoo pets.
Libya S.O.S. resistance news 04.  March 2012

23h/ Election 2012: Russia votes, Putin wins ->

21h/SYRIA: Terrorists Received Weapons from EU & US ->

20h/ Hillary Clinton and Middle East War Crimes
While Clinton would be happy to accept this definition for use against the Syrian regime, there appears to be an unwritten restriction on which individuals or governments can be said to “fit into that category.” As far as the American political and media establishment is concerned, it is fine to employ the war criminal label when describing violence employed by a regime that the United States is seeking to overthrow against “rebels” or “oppositionists” that enjoy Washington’s support.

However, when even greater violence is unleashed by the United States itself against people opposing the occupation of their country by American troops, the same category is excluded. - >
19h/ Green Resistance Munich (Germany) got a bigger supply of green propaganda material and is about to distribute it to its members. You will soon see this stickers everywhere in the city of Munich.
The text says: "Resistance against the NATO occupation of Libya".
Global Resistance is strong and growing! Long live the people of Libya! Long live the Resistance! [Tobias N.]

17h/ TRIPOLI - Continues tha action of the Green Fighters in the capital city of Tripoli,this morning the Green Army have attacked the criminals on El Hadaba zone
17h/ Libya in post-Gaddafi era .... garbage , garbage, garbage and .. more garbage

16h/ RT: Libyan Popular National Movement calls for all-inclusive Libya

15h/ Libya - partition to 3 the federal regions . Plan of Eastern tribes
Apparently, officials from Eastern Libya are preparing to announce federalization of its territory on Tuesday. The sources pointed out that many politicians and leaders of Eastern Libyan tribes are meeting next Tuesday in Benghazi to declare the territory of Cyrenaica, extending from the borders of Egypt in the east to the Sirte in the west. The ones who are in support of this idea, are saying that it derives its legitimacy from the Constitution, which was passed during the era of the late King Idris al-Sanusi in 1951.
14h/ Fate of abducted Press TV team in Libya still unknown
Nearly two weeks after their being detained by Libyan militia, the whereabouts of Press TV’s journalists remain unknown.
13h/ Victories of the Libyan resistance

11h/ USA and NATO Democracy at Work. Facts
Bagdad before "democracy" and After

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 03.  March 2012
00h/  Good Articles you can read on Libya S.O.S. Daily News  
24h/ "Freed of Gadhafi", Libya's instability only deepens
BENGHAZI, Libya (AP) - A large map of Libya hangs on the wall in the home of Idris al-Rahel, with a line down the middle dividing the country in half.
Al-Rahel, a former army officer, leads a movement to declare semiautonomy in eastern Libya, where most of the country's oil fields are located. The region's top tribal leaders meet Tuesday in the east's main city Benghazi to consider unilaterally announcing an eastern state, linked to the west only by a tenuous "federal union."
Al-Rahel points to the capital Tripoli on the map, in the west. "All troubles came from here," he said, "but we will not permit this to happen again."
24h/ TROPOLI - Libya's Muslim Brotherhood teamed up with other Islamists on Friday to establish a new political party that is set to be a leading player in the country's first elections since the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in a Nato-backed uprising.
...Lamine Belhadj, who heads the committee that is working to set up the new party, told Reuters at a conference on Friday it would bring together Islamists of different stripes... Belhadj, a senior official in the National Transitional Council (NTC) and a member of the commission responsible for organising the elections, said the new party had yet to be named and its leaders had not been chosen as consultations were under way between the Brotherhood and other groups.
Belhadj said there was little disagreement on the issue of sharia in Libya, whose citizens are virtually all Sunni Muslims.
"All the parties cannot but adopt an Islamic frame of reference because the Libyan people are Muslim," he said.

23h/ MISRATA Canadian mine-clearing expert, was killed in mine blast in Misratah today
22h/ SIRTE - Heroes from Sirte attacked Musarata mercenaries, killing 10 of their soldiers[ one of them was commander, #Qatari citizen], and destroying 3 of their cars today #Libya. one of them was commander, #Qatari citizen
21h/ TRIPOLI  - Grabage is eerywhere . What is next? Stomach illness?
Libya , Tripoli : post - Gaddafi's democracy
20h/ Mass murder of the children of Gaddafi supporters in his home town of Sirte and the Libyan illegal NTC government is committed to silence
19h/ #UK #England #Cameron #taxpayers , #supporters of #rebels Insult to WWII heroes: Graves of British troops smashed and desecrated by Libyan Islamists in protest over U.S. soldiers' Koran burning [good excuse for NATO’s darling, like always ]
18h/ Statement #1 of the Libyan National Movement -

17h/ CYNTHIA MCKINNEY: The attack on #Libya was an attack on #Africa! It was an attack on my aspirations as a person of African descent to have a free and independent Africa. That's what was attacked!
16h/ Kuwaiti MP said AlJazeera & Qatar, are cooperating with West & CIA, to manipulate everyone - A Kuwaiti Member of the Parliament, Dr. Faycel Eldwisan, said in front of the Kuwait’s parliament that the television-station El Jazeera and Qatar leaders are manipulating everyone in Middle East and worldwide to change the map of the Arab world, in collaboration with Western powers.

He even said that a CIA office was opened in the headquarters of Al Jazeera in Qatar.
Dr. Faycel Eldwisan has openly accused the leadership of Qatar of high treason against the Arab nations and of collaboration with the enemies of the peoples of the Middle East.
15h/ Letter to Queen Elizabeth about the brutal rape of UK journalist in Libya
15h/ U.N. Faults NATO and Libyan Authorities in Report [New Yourk Times]
 Published without publicity on the Web site of the United Nations Human Rights Council, based in Geneva, the report details the results of an investigation by a three-member commission of distinguished jurists. It paints a generally gloomy picture of the level of respect for human rights and international law in Libya.
Such attacks have been documented before, but the report stressed that despite previous criticism, the militiamen were continuing to hunt down the residents of the neighboring town no matter where they had fled across Libya. As recently as Feb. 6, militiamen from Misurata attacked a camp in Tripoli where residents of Tawergha had fled, killing an elderly man, a woman and three children, the report said.

The commission remains “deeply concerned” that no independent investigations or prosecutions appear to have been instigated into killings by such militias, the report said. ->
14h/ ‘NATO obviously killed civilians in Libya’
NATO went into Libya under a mandate supposedly to protect civilians. But obviously when I was there for quite a long time during the 8- to 9-months NATO bombardment of Libya, everyday civilians were being killed by NATO as the report correctly says. 
I visited a school that was bombed, the University in Tripoli, people's homes, every single day civilians were dying at the hands of NATO and there was only one incident, I believe it was in June, in which I think 15 people in Tripoli were killed by a NATO airstrike that NATO actually admitted responsibility for. The rest of the time, they claimed that civilian targets were legitimate military targets, without producing evidence.
13h/ TRIPOLI - Tripoli, violent armed clashes have occurred between Libyan Resistance fighters and NTC Nato-mercenaries on the airport road.
12h/ TRIPOLI - The NTC criminals and  mercenaries have arrested the wife of Dr. Hamza Touhami, in the area near Zawiya Eldahmani.[ According Haraka Elmokawama Libya]
11h/ BENGHAZI – last night Huge explosion of #feb17 military facility in Benghazi #Libya

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 02.  March 2012
00h/  Good Articles you can read on Libya S.O.S. Daily News

24h/ Chinese firms in 140,000 bpd #Libya #oil deals
Beijing China's top two state oil firms have agreed to lift a total of about 140,000 barrels per day (bpd) of crude oil from Libya under term deals for 2012.
They will help cover the cuts Unipec made in term Iranian crude imports, estimated by a senior Chinese trade executive to be up to 54,000 bpd for 2012.
Opec member Libya last December awarded oil supply contracts for 2012 to four major trading houses — Glencore, Gunvor, Trafigura and Vitol.->

23h/ LIES LIES and more lies ! I will never read western propagnda machines and Psoholigical Operation's weapon against humanity aka "press and jounalism" - - -
Gaddafi wanted to stage last stand in desert - report
22h/ Death of Colonel Mohamed Khalifa Hassi candidate to head the so-called Higher Security Committee in Derna .. After shooting him this afternoon at a petrol station by unknown  [Allibiya TV - قناة الليبية]

21h/ [hog wash and UN wrote only part of truth ] Libya ex-rebels guilty of war crimes, reprisals : UN
TRIPOLI — Libyan forces who battled Moamer Kadhafi's troops in 2011 committed war crimes and are still targeting alleged backers of the dead dictator and minority groups, a draft United Nations report published on Friday said.
In its second report, the International Commission of Inquiry on Libya concluded that "thuwar [?? HOW LONG , PROPAGANDA  GIVE TO BANDITS - EPIC NAMES??] (anti-Kadhafi forces) committed serious violations, including war crimes and breaches of international human rights law" in 2011.
"Breaches of international human rights law continue to occur in a climate of impunity," including unlawful executions, arbitrary arrests, torture, enforced disappearance, indiscriminate attacks and pillage, according to an advance unedited version of the report submitted to the UN Council on Human Rights.
While Kadhafi's forces were guilty of similar crimes throughout last year's conflict, subjecting towns and cities across Libya to "sustained shelling" and "indiscriminate" attacks, rebel fighters were quick to adopt similar tactics. ->
20h/ This is that NTC rebels want: Freedom, Democracy, Justice in Libya
19h/ TRIPOLI ‎#Libya #chaos Today violent battle beetwen Green Fighters and Armed gangs at the Airport zone,Tripoli.
18h/ Libya The Strike on Khamis' Convoy: Really?
When it was reported (but then denied) that Muammar Gaddafi's most militant son, Khamis, was captured alive recently, it seemed time to revisit the last time he was declared dead. Six months earlier almost to the day, in late August/early September of last year, he was reported killed in a rebel strike on his retreating convoy just after the fall of Tripoli.
17h/  Lockerbie relatives urge inquiry into 'suppressed evidence'.New material raise doubts about the conviction of Megrahi. New material revealed in book is said to raise doubts about the conviction of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi ->
16h/ Libyan rebels cage black Africans in zoo, force feed them flags -
A shocking video has appeared on the Internet showing Libyan rebels torturing a group of black Africans. People with their hands bound are shown being locked in a zoo-like cage and allegedly forced to eat the old Libyan flag.
“Eat the flag, you dog. Patience you dog, patience. God is Great,” screams a voice off-camera in the video uploaded to YouTube last week, which also made its way onto
Here is video again on this page [we post this video 23. Feb]
The torturers are also shown making the group of captive black Africans stand up with pieces of green cloth still in their mouths and apparently forcing them start jumping. A number of people are shown standing outside the cage watching the atrocity.
14h/ On March 2, 1977 corresponding to the 12th day of Rabi Al Awal of 1397 of the Hegira, according to the Muslim calendar, the Declaration of the Establishment of the People's Power took place in Kahira, city of Sebha, Libya. This was the beginning of a new stage in the historical period following the September 1, 1969 Revolution.

The study of the "Declaration of Sebha" precedes, for methodological reasons, that of the spiritual and political bases of the Leader of the Revolution and also the principles and projection of the "Third Universal Theory" and the proposal formulated in the three parts of the Green Book.
The meeting of the General People's Congress began on February 25 and ended on March 2, 1977. On that day the political, economic and social principles of the new Jamahiriya were established. - >
12h/  Nafusa mountains: Two days ago a convoy loaded with weapons that flowed along the road in the Nafusa mountains, at the height of Nalut,was bombed by aircraft NATO, in this case eyewitnesses say they wereFrench aircraft.

Logically any means of communication has echoed this bombing or any other perpetrated by aircraft drones USA, or French, or British, Qatar or any aggressor to Libya country. We are seeing as only transcends the biased information which are of interest for its invasion and plunder of Libya projects. USA continues its plan without concern because nothing transcends do what you do. This is the biggest mistake that the world can commit, because it is now Libya, formerly Iraq, Afghanistan, or Somalia, or any of the Western countries who are being forced to do his will. What happens tomorrow?

The reason why this group of cars have bombed was because they believed that Saif travelling al-Islam who they want to kill, like they want to do to the rest of the family of Ghadafi, repeating the aggression they did with his father. IE first bombing, then sending the helicopters with paralyzing gases, then capturing, running around the world and making movies with Arab mercenaries so that they appear to have been perpetrated by “militias” Libyan. [ Libya Aginst Super Power Media via Libia-sos]

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 01.  March 2012
23h/ Propaganda want to delete every sign of Colonel Gaddafi .. but .. we have seen in history many times that truly heores don't need award of devils . Heroes are bigger than any word and bigger than life.=
UN to Praise Qaddafi's 'Human Rights' Record, NGO Outraged
UN Watch puzzled as to why the UN’s Human Rights Council plans to adopt a resolution praising Qaddafi’s human rights record.[ by Israeli National News]
**** Here is report! *** United Nations, General Assembly, Report of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya -
22h/ Thousands of green flags that say (God is great) enter in the preparation for the great release...

21h/ [flash back 23. Dec2011.]  ] Ones TRAITOR always TRAITOR - Libya's ex-oil minister criticizes new leaders - Tarhouni said that more than 90 percent of Libyans are not represented by this new leadership. "It is about time that we hear the true voices of the masses," he said. ->
20h/ Libya to take Turkey as example - Libya’s former Oil Minister Ali Tarhouni launched his National Centrist Party in Tripoli on Monday prior to general elections to be held in Libya in approximately four months.
Speaking after the meeting, Tarhouni said that Turkey has extended considerable support to the Libyan people and government during its civil war.“Turkey is the best country which is capable of setting an example to Libya with its Islamic, economic and democratic structure .[Turkey isseculare state] Libya will benefit from Turkey’s experiences to a great extent in upcoming days.
[ What is about Jalil's Sharia law?] I hope we will have a political structure similar to that of Turkey. I believe Libyan young people will receive education in Turkey and establish cooperation in various organizations towards this end. I hope Turkey and Libya will have very strong relations in the future,” Tarhouni said. -
19h/ Ali Tarhouni, Washington’s man on the inside of the Interim Transitional National Council (TNC). Tarhouni is an American professor of economics at the University of Washington but he’s taken a bit of a leave to servDecember  as the TNC’s minister of finance, oil and economics. Now he has returned to Washington from Benghazi to pass the hat so to speak in D.C. looking for access to he 35 billion or so of the Libyan people’s money that Hillary Clinton froze. You see, he want’s to use the people’s money to return Libya back to the good old days of the corrupt monarchy, the system that was entrenched in Libya before the revolution in 1969 led by one Moammar Gadhafi.
19h/ Two parties - one centrist and the other headed by a commander of a union of revolutionary brigades - were formally launched in Tripoli on Monday alone and a third party focused on reform was due to be inaugurated on Tuesday.
More than 1 000 people [wow ] attended **** the grandiose launch***[ haha] of former interim oil and finance minister Ali Tarhuni's National Centrist Party on Monday
At a separate event, Abdullah Nakir, head of a Tripoli-based union of revolutionary brigades, launched the Summit party in a small gathering featuring a live band trumpeting the new national anthem.

18h/ Libyan: rebels destroy christian cemetery! They don't respect anyone on Planet except NATO bosses. Chanting the name of Allah, they defile the tombs, churches, holy places. These vandals are worthy of scorn.-> 
16h/ Most Libya war detainees held by rebels - U.N.
"However, let me say that there are areas where the state has not been able to control. There is not police or courts in those areas. We cannot be responsible for all excesses everywhere," Shalgham said.

"We are against them, we object to them and we hold the perpetrators of such acts responsible," he said.
Martin said that while the armed brigades lacked clear lines of command and coordination, they continued to perform important security functions often for long periods without payment.

"Contrary to the impression given by some media reports, although they seek guarantees that the transformation for which they have fought is securely on track, there is little indication that they wish to perpetuate an existence outside state authority," Martin said.
15h/ Libya gives $100m "to help" Syrians [?!] Libyan people havn't money for and Tritors and NATO pupppets give money to Siryan Al Qaeda partners. Bravo Bernard Henry Levi ! -
14h/ Clinton says US helping post-Gadhafi Libya
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says the United States is working closely with Libya as it struggles to create a post-Moammar Gadhafi existence.[ No doubt ]

11h/ #Libya Red Cross delivers aid to Libya's Western Mountains
#Libya Red Cross delivers aid to Libya's Western Mountains 

11h/ #Sirya Red Cross delivers aid to Syria's Hama
#Sirya Red Cross delivers aid to Syria's Hama 

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 29.  February  2012
23h/ نحن لن نستسلم ننتصر أو نموت Allah Muammar Libya wa bass [28.02.2012.]
22h/ Today someone's house was demolished to build a new building on Omar Mukhtar Street #Tripoli which resulted in the fall of the roof of the house next door,killing 3 peopleone of them pregnant mother.  >

There is no better proof of that than the insignificant interests, which the city imposes on the inhabitants. One may see crowds of people watching a cock fight; let alone, sometimes, millions of other people watching twenty-two individuals, no more, running after a small melon-like sack full of air in meaningless movements. In similar absurd city manner, almost the same crowd come to listen to just one person, repeating before them in a parrot-like fashion twisted and sometimes inaudible utterances accompanied by a noisy instrument, which most of the audience do not comprehend. Someone, who happens to be drunk or insane, may clap and the audience, unable to comprehend, follow suit to show that they are enjoying the performance, which is, of course, untrue...unnatural modern hypocrisy, which people in the city have to practice. On the other hand, hundreds of people may sometimes watch a fierce fight between two seemingly fully grown-up sensible men, but they never exert themselves to separate them in order to stop the bestial fight, which they could do.
20h/- #Kufra airport closed due to fighting between Toubou tribe & #NTC barbarians. Resistance fighters fired on the planes with shells and small arms.Kufra hospital is full with seriously wounded Nato/NTC agents which are awaiting transfer to other cities.[ #ALGERIA ISP #News ]
19h/ This is how house of Gaddafi's son looks like,after NATO bombs. In this attack,Saif al-Arab Gaddafi and 3 of Gaddafi's grandchildren died. April 30, 2011

18h/ / Videos with verifying the way Al Jazeera, CNN, ABC, AL Arabia and other Western Media
17h/ BREAKING: "Libya" will donate $100 million in "humanitarian aid" to the Syrian bandits and allow them to open an office in Tripoli - government spokesman [The truth about Libya - الحقيقة من اجل ليبيا]

15h/ One of the leading terrorists said for Alarabiya that on 6th of March, tribes from Cyreanice (Eastern Libya) will declare some sort of federal territory. Divide and rule
14h/ Tribute to #Gaddafi from #Ireland

13h/ This is how the joy of people looked like in the places liberated bygreen #Libya army during war. Not photoshoped or edited as #NTC artistic videos.. just REAL ->

12h/ Libyan resistance is attacking NATO mercenaries through rapid strikes in sensitive areas where they are too far apart, making it difficult for their other units to intervene in a timely manner. After the martyrdom of the mujahid Muammar Gaddafi, they were left without air support, which makes them vulnerable.
11h/ French minister of defence said in #Libya :"we are working to ensure permanent presence & influence in this country". [no kidding?]
Apart from the huge contracts for the sale of weapons or military aircraft, talks dealt with specific topics to directly respond to the 'security problems faced by Libya'.
He signed with his Libyan counterpart Osama Aljowaily agreement aimed at strengthening bilateral cooperation to monitor about four thousand kilometers of land borders. [there goes Libyan sovereignety] He visited Misurata and Benghazi as well on a 3 day visit.
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