Mar 18, 2012

Report Libya 18. March 2012.

by Libya S.O.S. FB page 
Update 24h/
Video- President of the new "country" Barca Ahmed El Senussi Zoubeiri [a nephew of ex king Idris ] accused the NTC of armed repression of the pro-federalist demonstration organized in Benghazi on December 16, 2012.
He accused them of sending people to attack peaceful demonstrators.
He asked the NTC to stop doing propaganda in the mosques throwing fatwas against Barca. 

 -  ID card of a Hero Mutassim Gaddafi ..
Now let me see ID cards of those quazi-Libyan officials whose first time in Libya was on feb17th 2011?

 -  There were clashes near the Tunisian-Libyan border shortly before between Libyan and Tunisian armed elements
 - Tripoli: Mazran street blocked, clashes in some areas
 - URGENT WARNING: There are  reports of 6 tanks of mustard gas reaching Tripoli. There are also rumors of leaks in the gas tanks....
 - Lifting of green flags over some shops in Tunisia today

 -  Libya frees two British journalists working for Iranian PressTV

24h/  TUNISIA - Tunisia conference about Libya - (This needs a better translation)
Tunis Conference, March 10, 2012: "The Libyans under the authority of militias and armed gangs" ->
23h/ TRIPOLI -Photo from earlier today. These ex-feb17 fighters demanded 2000 dinars, saying "we've been tricked by the cross to destroy our own country"

22h/ SIRTE: In the fightings between resistance and NTC security forces 3 people injured so far
21h/ Ex-Feb17 fighters want to overthrow NTC government. Clashes all over Libya
21h/ NEWSFLASH: NTC Tripoli Council has been closed by armed forces belonging to ex-feb17 fighters from Friday Market
21h/ TRIPOLI: sounds of heavy gunfire in coastal road,causing a state of fear & panick for the resident of the area.
There are lot of places in Libya today where local NTC councils are fighting against their own ex-fighters
20h/ SABHA: Gunfire in Mansheya between Tobou & Alaahtman,there are injured ppl,including 2 women.Clashes still ongoing
20h/ TRIPOLI : Clashes and bloodshed in Tripoli and Abu Salim continue
Blocking of communications and text messages in some areas
/ Libyan police too scared to arrest cemetary Al Qaeda vandals -
Shocking Gravestones are seen damaged by anNTC  group
19h/ BENGHAZI  - Photo-Car in the corridor of the clinic's Hospital in Benghazi 1200 this morning

19h/ TRIPOLI:  Feb17 mercenaries which are protesting say "We've been tricked by the Cross to destroy our own country".They are very angry & demanding 2000 dinars

It's funny how Feb17 supporters have to come on our page to read what's happening in Libya, cause their newly formed democratic media is under heavy blackout as always. You are more than welcome guys..

19h/ TRIPOLI: Coastal Road blocked by the rebels who are protesting for not getting financial reward
Someone wants to disperse the protesters in Friday market by shooting at them #Tripoli
- Shooting in Friday market, two people wounded
18h/ Extremely large and loud gathering of people in SOUK AL JOUMA (Friday Market).Don't know the reasons of rally yet
18h/ Big traffic congestion with cars in the area and state of chaos
18h/ SABHA: clash between rats from Sabha and Akadadfha tribe, killing one son alkodadfh, three wounded and two of rats are badly wounded
17h/ TRIPOLI, ZINTAN -  lot of arrests in Tripoli, Zentan has also besieged a house of a man they want to arrest
16h/ Libyan interior minister downplays the situation and declares that clashes in Abu Salim are not national issue, 'just an internal issue'
15h/ TRIPOLI: Shooting happened in front of the headquarters of the National Guard,Police Academy ..
To disperse a group of NATO mercenaries (protesters) whose names were not included in the lists of financial rewards for fighting against Gaddafi (2000 dinars), machine gun 14 were fired from within the headquarters building on the protesters
14h/ SABHA : How the clash in Sabha started:
 The group of Amazigh in Sabha staged a sit-in in front of the building of the Treasury wanting citizenship and passports because they travel for treatment, Hajj and other things... Now we have received news of clashes there and using heavy weapons ... And news about the dead and wounded.
14h/ JANZOUR: Clashes in the region of Sidi Abdul Jalil at Janzour
13h/ BENGHAZI  - Video-must see: Unarmed Benghazi protesters being shot at by NTC forces - former rebels are now calling out for Muammar Gadaffi.

12h/ Members of the battalion "Sakr Elawhed" raided a hideout of the NTC intelligence services in Tripoli , 4 Rats and 2 "western spies" died untill now
11h/ SABHA: Now a battle in the city of Sabha with heavy weapons, dead and wounded ppl reported
11h/ BENGHAZI: Tension and anxiety prevailing in Benghazi now.
Military jets are filling the sky of the city all day today, from morning to these moments
11h/ EXCLUSIVE VIDEO of the clashes in Abu Salim Tripoli which are happening at the moment - >
10h/ MITIGA BASE:  Nato mercenaries fighting between themselves over 2000 dinars of unpayed "freedom fighting".Sounds of ambulances
09h/ ABU SALIM - violent clashes taking place behind the hospital with all kinds of heavy weapons between resistance and Nato puppets

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