Mar 23, 2012

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's speech Bab Al Azizia [ 22. March 2011.]

This is the battle against the crusaders. 
This is a crusade war.
Demonstrations are everywhere in the world, to support you. 
In Asia, Africa, Europe, America, the people are against them. Those who are against you, they are just a handful. Handful of fascists.
A handful of crazed people. As a handful of those who will be defeated by their own people. We shall win this historic battle. We will never surrender. 
We will never be scared by these fireworks. 

These missiles are fireworks. The Libyans are laughing. The Libyans are ridiculing these. We will defeat them, in every way that we can. Either short term or long term. We are ready for this battle, whether it's long or short. The best of air defenses are people, those people are all in front of you. 

It's you. It's you, the air defense. (crowd cheers) Demonstrations are everywhere in the world, in support of the people of Libya against this aggression, which is unjustified. 
Against the wish of the United Nations - it's an aggressor. It's an aggression against the Libyans by fascists, who will end up in the bin of history (grins) My Libyan people, you are living in glorious moments. 

This is a glory. These are glorious times that we're living in. All the people around the world who are with us, they are leading the revolution against imperialism and tyranny. 
And I say that to you, I do not fear those storms at all. 
I do not fear those storms at all. I do not fear the destructions. 
I am steadfast, I'm whole, I am here in my house, and my tent. 
I have the right.
 I am here, I am here, I am here.

Thanks to M. Ramirez
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