Mar 8, 2012

Report Libya: News about political arrests and kidnappings in Libya

One of  NTC clowns 

*** Deputy Interior Minister in Benghazi stressed that the abducted Warfalla leaders are enemies of February 17, that they are in good health after the delegation visited some, and now are being held at the headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior, negotiations were still ongoing between the eastern region and kidnappers from Ministry of Interior.
Interior Ministry remains elusive to date giving false promises that the abductees will be released, but there is no implementation of that,remaining just promises, which we do not know the purpose of.

The names of the kidnapped Warfalla delegates in Benghazi:
1- Nasser Abdeljalil Benlama
2- Abdelssalem Abdeljalil Benlama
3- Ayad Khalifa Al-shaibani
4- Faraj Khalifa ghmaidh 
5- Mohamed Saghir Al-Ghazali
6- Aboubaker Saleh Al-Salmi
7- Hassan Al-Salmi Ghaith 
8- Ali Abdelhadi Zerkoun
9- Salem Souf
10- Ali Mohammed Madhkour
11- Ali Dhou Aldebaia
12- Khaled Bou hariba
13- Abdellah Elnakrat
14- Idriss Abdelathif Elfatmani
15- Sharif Jomoa Elmansouri
16- Hassan Bodeina

Source: Algeria Isp

*** According to the Jalil's national charter, which was presented on Wednesday, "Libya is a parliamentary democracy with a decentralized system of administration". And Mustafa Abdel Jalil is eager to defend the principles of what he calls a “constitution for Libya's future.”
***  While the feb17 leaders from East Libya are seeking administrative independence, pushing forward the idea of federalism threatening with war, the feb17 leaders from the Western Libya are promoting “decentralization,” though centered in Tripoli, threatening with war as well. In either way, Libya will hardly be united ever again.
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