Mar 14, 2012

Libya news [backup libyasos] 21. February - 28. February 2012.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 28.  February  2012
00h/  Good Articles you can read on Libya S.O.S. Daily News  
00h/ Students at classes in Libya reading what...
Libya: Student in Classes 
24h/ Dutch plane which was brought down by our heroes during failed landing attempt at Sirte will be sent to the Netherlands after the transfer to Tripoli

Dutch plane which was brought down by our heroes during failed landing attempt at Sirte 
23h/ Sniper killed U.S. intelligence agent named Misrati Mahmoud Salem in Misurata
23h/ #Libya #Tunisia A broder The Ras Jedir crossing border point has been closed again today. Casualities after clashes between armed groups in the Libya side of this crossing point.
A Tunisian officer was aggressed on the national Tunisian territory, Tuesday, February 28, 2012, by the Libyan Zouara insurgents who, earlier in the morning, took over the control of the border crossing point of Ras Jedir on the Libyan side, thus obliging the Libyan military police to withdraw, according to Radio Tataouine. The crossing point is currently closed on both sides, the source said.
According to Radio Tataouine ( and confirmed by Tunisian Press agency), violent clashes with firefights had opposed, on Monday afternoon, the Libyan side, the insurgents Zouara to the military police who control the position for two days. These clashes were blocked Monday the traffic at the border crossing point of Ras Jedir.
Note that witnesses told the TPA had counted two dead in the clashes that took place on Libyan territory but this number remains to be verified.[ By: Wadii Hadad]
22h/ The incredible hijacking of the word Freedom [Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey]
How free are people to use the natural resources their country produces? They are not. In western countries, the ones which treat the word "Freedom" as if they owned it, the people do not control their foreign policy, they do not control their internal policy, they do not control who governs them, they do not control whether their laws are implemented, or whether their governments choose to breach international law time and time again (such is the case with the FUKUS Axis), they do not control financial policy, they do not control fiscal policy, they do not control economic policy.
So suppose those hijacking the word "freedom" used what it stands for in their policy instead of abusing it?
21h/ WESTERN MOUNTAINS - Security chaos in #Libya -rebels infighting-moments ago clashes in Western Mountains started when Zentan brigade entered Alhawwamd area & started shooting with 14.5, Alhawwamd shot back, and now there is fighting outside of the area
20h/ BANI WALID - #Libya #NTC disconnected #Internet in #BaniWalid , as aspecial tribute to #FreedomOfSpeech
19h/ #NTC continues its #hunting of Black people in #Libya +video [Allain Jules]
18h/ New Libyan "democratic" leader Jalil wants blood of all Gaddafi family members
Jalil killed 3 of Gaddafi's grandchildren, babies, when he called NATO to bomb a civilian house of his family, killing one of Gaddafi's sons, a student Saif Al Arab, as well.
To hand over children and grandchildren of Gaddafi which have nothing to do with politics or war, so Jalil could hang them on the streets, butcher their bodies and display them in a public fridge, like he is used to do, in order to "get rid of symbols of Gaddafi era"?
18h/ KUFRA - Video of the clashes in Kufra between Toubu tribe and NTC militias two days ago #Libya

17h/ Dr Yusuf Shakir - Tripoli Now Full Of Intel Agents

16h/ Libya militia boss says not ready to lay down arms -
TRIPOLI (Reuters) - A powerful Libyan militia will not heed a government request to disband because the incentives on offer are not generous enough, the force's leader said, demanding houses, cars and loans for his men so they can "realise our dreams."
Militias answering only to their own commanders and flouting the authority of the country's new rulers.

The National Transitional Council (NTC), or interim leadership, wants militias to fuse into the new national police force and army, but so far only a small proportion of the militiamen have joined up.
"The revolutionaries (militia fighters) will not join the government initiative until they clearly know what are the benefits they will receive," said Abdullah Naker, commander of one of the two big Tripoli-based militias.

"The people need higher salaries, economic stability, medical insurance, houses and cars, young single men want to get married," Naker said on Libyan television late Sunday.
"We want Islamic, interest-free loans so that we can live in prosperity.Why doesn't the government give us loans of 100,000 Libyan dinars ($60,000) to realise our dreams?"
Many Libyans suspect the militias are reluctant to disband because they are hoping to translate their military muscle into power and influence in the new Libya.
Human rights groups have warned that the militias are trampling on human rights and threatening to undermine Libyan ambitions to build a just, democratic state.
15h/ Thousands of immigrants are trapped in makeshift detention centres.
In the mountainous city of Gheryan southwest of Tripoli, 950 migrants

Those held in Gheryan mostly hail from Chad or Nigeria, but the complex houses other sub-saharan Africans  -- from Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Niger -- as well as Egyptians.

Militias detained the majority of them at checkpoints in and around the area. Some were relocated from camps further afield, in Sabha and Sabrata.

"There is no clear framework on migrants in Libya," said Laurent Grosbois of the UN refugee agency, who says the country hosted more than three million foreign workers before the war.
14h/Leader of Tripoli's Revolutionists Council Abdullah Naker attends the inauguration ceremony of his new political party Al-Qmmah in Tripoli.
Abdullah Naker, commander of one of the two big Tripoli-based militias.
Naker,  says he has about 20,000 men under his command, announced Monday that he was forming a party to contest the country's first election, scheduled for later this year.
Naker's party is likely to face a challenge from Abdel Hakim Belhadj, a former Islamist militant and head of a rival Tripoli militia. Belhadj say he is planning his own political movement and his Islamist ideology appeals to many voters.
But Belhadj has been accused by some of his opponents of being a proxy for Gulf states trying to influence the direction of post-Gaddafi Libya.
Asked about the risk of foreign interference in the election, Naker told Reuters: "We will not allow political corruption. We accept honourable competition, and may the best team win. But we will not tolerate dishonourable competition supported by foreign funds and forgery."
13h/ LONDON [MENL] -- Libya Mulls French Aircraft
Libya has launched an examination of an aging French-origin aircraft. Officials said the French Defense Ministry has briefed the new interim government in Tripoli of the Mirage F-1 fighter-jet. They said the proposal would export Mirages from French Air Force surplus to the North African state.
12h/ Welsh pair held in Libya investigated for alleged 'espionage'
TWO British journalists working for an Iranian television station arrested in Tripoli last week are being investigated for alleged espionage, said the commander of the Misrata’s militia holding them yesterday.
11h/ In Libya, two journalists detained without charge
The journalists were driving late at night in Tripoli and taking photographs, which militia members deemed suspicious, a militia official told Human Rights Watch.
The militia later accused the journalists of not having "proper immigration papers," HRW reported. Local militias in Libya operate outside the law and often detain people at whim, putting them at odds with the Libyan government, according to news reports.
Even under the new Libyan government, international journalists have experienced difficulties in obtaining visas to the country, CPJ research shows.
10h/ Libya: Militia Should Transfer Journalists to State
A Tripoli-based militia from Misrata should immediately transfer to the Libyan government two illegally detained British journalists and the three Libyans who were traveling with them. The men are among thousands of people held illegally by militias in Libya.
The British government said it has been providing consular services to the detained journalists.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 27.  February  2012
21h/ Mustafa Abdul NATO Jalil show to us - there's a short path from 'killing for power' to luxury rides
Jalil's limousine

20h/ / Libyan border may be a fuse for future conflicts
19h/ "3000-4000 Black Africans were working in Libya under excellent conditions under #Gaddafi . Now they have to leave #Libya - the rebels are racist and dislike Black Africans. The rebels call the Black migrant workers "mercenaries". All Black Africans agree that life was good under Gaddafi and thatAl Jazeera is spreading lies!"
18h/ (Reuters) - #Niger 's government warned its citizens on Sunday not to travel to #Libya for fear of being targeted by  [NTC] militias deployed there in a time of mounting tension between the two neighboring countries due to refusal to hand over Saadi Gaddafi.

The government said that two of the citizens of Niger were killed and 11 wounded on 24 February in Libya when their car flipped in which they were traveling during the chase in the desert, the latest incident is believed to be the just one of attacks on immigrants from Niger in Libya.

In a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Niger on a state radio broadcast, "The Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Public Security strongly warn against travel to Libya because of attacks by the independent militias which are out of control."
The statement added: "Minister strongly advises youths from Niger to keep away from the temptation to migrate to Libya until the security and economic situation are more stable and reassuring."
Migrant workers from Niger - one of the poorest African countries facing food shortages almost every year - used to work in Libya's oil, or taking transit to Europe through Libya.
15h/ Russian and Ukrainian intelligence services have foiled terrorist plans to assassinate Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Russia’s most-wanted terrorist Doku Umarov is thought to be behind the plot
14h/ Smartphone users give total access to #spying apps 
Every time you use your smartphone app your personal information – emails, phone numbers and even photos – is sent off to dozens of Internet companies all over the world. And you are the one who is allowing them access.
Most users are aware that Internet companies like to collect information on their clients so that they can target their adverts better. But the sheer extent of their spying is shocking.
13h/ According to Alwatan newspaper: "Bashir Saleh has escaped from prison"[Bashir Saleh was Gaddafi’s long-serving chief of staff, Saleh had a reputation as one of the Libyan leader’s most powerful advisers who rarely spoke in public. For several years he was chairman of the Libyan African Investment Portfolio, an arm of the Libyan sovereign wealth fund. ]
12h/ SABHA -  the continuation of the clashes, sounds of heavy fire in Mansheya
11h/ Jalil warns of the division of #Libya -
President of the NTC Mustafa Abdul Jalil, warned against dividing of the country into what he called the Federation of tribal provinces, and called on the Libyan rebels to join the ministries of interior and defense, and asked them to comply with the demands of the revolution of February 17, in order to avoid the division of the country.
[What happened Jalil? You can't even hold the country in one piece, let alone rule it? But you managed to kill a man, who knew how to do it.. Ironic and sad]
10h/ KUFRA - News about Zionist Bernard Levy showing again in #Kufra #Libya ,following the renewed clashes and in support of demands of the people of the territory of Kufra to be separated from Libya and the independence of the province of Kufra
09h/ TRIPOLI There are 3 Toyota vehicles equipped with mechanisms for the picking up of calls in Tripoli, in order to find out if the car is equipped or not, you should observe space next to the fifth wheel, hanging on the back of the car a small receptor antenna such as the pickup receiver [ source: الله اكبر فوقكيد المعتدي]
08h/ Bankers raping and pillaging Libya. Goldman Sachs and Colonel Gaddafi.
How bankers are involved in raping and pillaging of Libya. They are doing it to other countries also. Goldman Sachs invested money from Libya's sovereign wealth fund and lost almost all. All of the clips are from Russia Today. Bankers, Libyan Sovereign Wealth Fund, Gaddafi, Goldman Sachs..

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 26.  February  2012
24h/ BENGHAZI - Hospital in Benghazi,refused to receive  children from Sirte

23h/ TRIPOLI   -  Entrance to a basic education school in the heart of the capital.
Libya: Garbage is everywhere
22h/ TRIPOLI - Tripoli - HRW urges Libya militia to free journos
 A Libya militia holding two journalists working for Iran's Press TV should immediately transfer them to the authorities, a Human Rights Watch representative said on Sunday.
22h/ US troops in Tunisia , French troops in Libya.
The French minister of defense, Gerard Longuet, announced that his country wanted to help Libya to secure its long land border of about 4 000 km
Tunisia - On February 15, local government, through the Minister of Defence, Abdelkrim Zbidi, had asked U.S. military aid to "more secure" the Tunisian border.
21h/ Libya: NTC Chairman Denies Khamis Capture, Warns Neighbouring Countries over Harbouring "Pro-Gaddafi Criminals " [ Only Western puppets can to live in Libya now ] “Libya will not forgive any state that provides safe heaven to pro-Gaddafi criminals and must immediately hand them over to face trial,” [I am so scared brrrrr] said the chairman of the National Transitional Council (NTC) Mustafa Abdul  NATO Jalil at a press conference Saturday night in Tripoli.
21h/ Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan [Turkey], meeting with Libya’s interim prime minister Abd al-Rahim al-Keeb in İstanbul on Saturday, said Turkey would continue to extend support to Libya.
20h/ Despicable is Hillary Clinton
 Hillary Clinton is an interesting case study. She started four years ago as a charming Secretary of State, the smile on the snout to wipe out the snarl of her predecessor, Condoleezza Rice and four years on, she appears on camera butch, a trucker-type probably complete with tattoos, insolent, inconsequential and incompetent. We now understand Bill.
What happened to Hillary Clinton?
19h/ SABHA  - Battles now taking place between the sons of the tribes Suleiman and Warfalla in Sabha
17h/ SABHA  - NATO sent reinforcement to Nasiriyah district in Sabha. Heavy weapons, tanks & ambulances.
16h/ SABHA  - Heavy clashes continue in Sabha - there is a tank in the middle of the road & vehicles equiped with heavy weapons
15h/ Death and injury of 3 Egyptians at the border with #Libya . Two others are wounded after a gun battle with the forces of Libyan border guards
[Killing Egyptians for crossing the border illegaly .. very democratic and friendly act ] Link
14h/ Sudanese army will be forming joint forces with #Libya 's #NTC to patrol the border in the end of the month.Niles Sudanese newspaper said the success of the similar step with Chad and the Central African country armies fastened the arrangements for the signing of a protocol for the formation of Sudanese-Libyan joint troops on the border between the two countries in the twenty-eighth of the month. [a reminder: Sudanese president,blackmailed by US because of ICC charges, was ordered to send his soldiers to help out NATO rebels during Libyan war, those were the only black people fighting on the side of NATO racist thugs. I wonder do they feel ashamed for what they did,and if they had a choice?]
 13h/ #AbuSalim prison "massacre" in #Libya - #BBC Voices of Deceit
13h/ So NTC is screaming Khamis is alive, all stopped talking about Kufra.[Diana_82_ ]
12h/ Document which proves that Qatar had ground troops in #Libya-assisting rebels. It was written by Qatari Abdul Rahman Hamidi to #UN , showing that Qatari soldiers fought against Libyan army,during the Nato bombing.
Qatar Admits It Fought Alongside Libyan Rebels against Gaddafi
“We were among them and the numbers of Qataris on the ground were hundreds in every region,” said Qatari chief of staff Major General Hamad bin Ali Al-Atiya.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 25.  February  2012
00h/  Good Articles you can read on Libya S.O.S. Daily News  
24h/ Nelson Mandela is hostipalized. But his health situation is confortable after making some tests. I profit of this opportunity to post this photo showing the special relation which existed between these great leaders. In fact, Kadhafi was the supporter number one of the cause of Mandela who was fighting the apartheid regime in South Africa and Mandela has never forgoten this for Kadhafi. So these great leaders were a true friends motivated by the same ideals. [Wadii Hadad]
23h/ Libya news [backup libyasos] 14. February - 20. February 2012.
Libya news [backup libyasos] 07. February - 13. February 2012.
Libya news [backup libyasos] 30. January - 06. February 2012.

23h/ Khamis Gaddafi  was not arested

22h/ Saif Al Islam after few days after his capture [ AgeriaISP]
21h/  Surveillance helicopter patrolling above #Tripoli today

20h/ Syria - This happened in #Benghazi #Libya now its happening in #Homs #Syria. Torture of Syrian soldier by "REBELS"
 Libya  - Evidence of crime in Benghazi. Torture of Libyan Soldier . DID YOU see what I see? compare video below and this video #Libya ? strange? No
19h/ Shooting Libyan flag of shame in Idlib Syria 24.02.2012

18h/ ‎#Libya #genocide #torture #massacre #Tawergha It was City with 35 000 people before NATO humanitarian inetervention and Feb17 domocracy [ NOW came Obama's Clinton's Cameron's Sarkozy's NATO/ NTC democracy. ]
17h/ Libya -effects of indiscriminate bombing & shelling of #BaniWalid & destruction of civilian homes by #NATO & their "rebel" mercenaries. They were not able to enter the city so they decided to strike from a distance in order to sow terror among the people, but to no avail.
Note: this home was bombed during the famous battle for the airport on 2011/10/9, in which the enemy suffered heavy losses.
15h/ #Tripoli Post has published #News that #KhamisGaddafi was found alive and arrested by Zintan brigade near Regdalin/ we can't confirm this.
"The Tripoli Post has learnt from reliable sources, that Khamis Gaddafi, one of the sons son of the dead dictator of Libya, has been captured by Zintan rebels near the towns of Regdalin and Jmail in western Libya near the borders with Tunisia.
Khamis Gaddafi 
Khamis has been reported dead many times during last year's conflict but he always turned out to be alive.
Unconfirmed reports say that his doctor has also been captured and that Khamis has an amputated leg."
14h/ ‎[ 2011] #Libya Publick debt per person $403.83
#Libya Publick debt $2,700,000,000
#US publick debt per person $33,555.71
#US Publick debt $11,917,003,287,671
13h/ Refuses to Unfreeze Libya's Funds to #NTC and #Chad Teaches NTC Invaders a Lesson
12h/ Extraordinary threat? Obama prolongs Libyan sanctions
“The situation in Libya continues to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States,” he wrote.
For the Libyan people, many of the forces currently unleashing chaos across the country are seemingly the very ones President Obama helped bring to power.
.... Tripoli -land is the land and the place is the place where the only difference a few months, but where is the legitimacy, NTC traitors of Libya waving rag in shame Tripoli [Ali Resist]

10h/ CIA-NATO Front Group Drafts “Humanitarian Aid” for Syria
An effort to impose the sort of “humanitarian aid” on Syria that ultimately killed around 30,000 people in Libya is underway in Tunisia.
Former FBI interpreter and whistle blower Sibel Edmunds, former CIA officer Philip Giraldi, and a handful of others have reported on the U.S.-NATO-CIA campaign to undermine al-Assad and violently depose his regime, but this information had been routinely ignored by the establishment media.
09h/  Angelina Jolie Conscripted To Sell Genocidal ‘Humanitarian Intervention’ War Doctrine

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 24.  February  2012
17h/ Mousa Kousa, former Libyan Minister of Foreign Affairs pursued in Qatar
Remember Mousa Kousa "OUR MAN IN TRIPOLI"? A former Libyan Minister of Foreign Affairs, who defected and fled to London to become a key informant for NATO / Qatar / CNT.
16h/ Obama extends Libya sanctions
Obama keeps Libya sanctions in place for another year
Obama informed Congress on Thursday that the national emergency order allowing sanctions against Libya will continue, noting that Washington was concerned by ongoing threats posed to US interests by the family of  Gaddafi.
“The situation in Libya continues to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States,” Obama said in a letter to congressional leaders.
15h/ Brutal rape to death of UK journalist by NATO in Libya: human rights activists where are you?
Update Feb, 24: The video was also censured at Vimeo. It is haunting the minds of those who watched and cannot forget the brutality. It hurts.
The YouTube censured version was also deleted.
I'm searching for reports of what is happening in Libya now and, as expected, the mainstream media is reporting the numerous crimes that is being committed at Libya.
The mainstream media helped and keeps helping NATO. This video is about CNN creating false videos of  Gaddafi's soldiers rape. They used porno movies.
14h/ Lack of equipment in the Tripoli Medical Center?!
Where all the money that the Central Bank?
 Where is the money that was released! What is about NATO HUMANITARIAN INTERVENTION ? 
Lack of equipment in the Tripoli Medical Center! 
13h/ #Libya 's Assets Frozen for Additional Year and #Oil in Western Hands

12h/ Russia, Moskow 23. Feb 2012 [by Marina Uvarova]
Moskow 23. Feb 2012.
11h/ #Libya breaking news from Wadi Jaref :three Qatari military carscarrying weapons and ammunition were attacked by resistance who took all weapons and detained everyone who was riding.but we can not say the location or people who did this operation just to keep the resistance from any danger. [Kiba Tsume]

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 23.  February  2012
00h/  Good Articles you can read on Libya S.O.S. Daily News  
24h/ SHOCKING !!!     Libya: Blacks treated like Apes in the Zoo by rebels ->

23h/ Libyan Resistance, War News – 22/23 February 2012 [ by Libyan Free Press]
Aozou-Kufra: The area of the Aozou’s strip was fought between Libya and Chad in the 70s, with a real war between Libya and Chad, which ended with a declaration by the International Court of Justice in 1994, with a majority in favor of the sovereignty of Chad over the Aouzou Strip.
Relations between Libya and Chad were, until now, completely normalized.
Now the NTC criminals  have reopened the Libyan contention, trying to expel the inhabitants, a majority blacks, who live in the Aozou Strip area, near the mountains of Tibesti.
22h/ Libya sells her children. Girls now for sale to pedophiles. 

21h/ Green forces blew up a military checkpoint belonging to NATO agentsat main gate of Faculty of Engineering, after planting bombs which are detonated remotely on 23-02-2012 at dawn. - >
This region which is famous for its basin and many oasis in the middle of the Sahara is a link between Sudan, Chad and Libya. Safe passage to Africa. Centre of Libyan import and export.
It has very rich oil and gas fields stretching from Libya to the mountains of Owainat. And has the largest underground basin of fresh water in the world, Al-Jawf, rich with palms and gardens.
18h/ Local Libyan #Misrata #criminals aka militiamen have arrested the reporter and cameramen working for the English-language Press TV news network in the western city of Misratah.
The pair, indentified as Nicholas Davies and Gareth Mongomery-Johnson, were seized along with two local residents, indentified only by their first names Muhammad and Assad, by the Misratah Brigade members on Tuesday morning, and are currently being held in custody in the Libyan capital Tripoli.
Press TV has not had contact with the four since Tuesday.
Human Rights Watch has announced that efforts are underway to secure their release.[Press TV]
17h/ Libyan NTC militia The use of commercial aircraft to transport weapons to the city of Kufra .. please take note.

17h/  Video is showing what the criminals of Misurata are doing with native black people of Tawergha, these new Arab imperialist invaders are doing with the captured and rounded people of Tawhargha, keeping them in cages, making them green flag, pieces of cloth. Inhumane, dehumanizing treatment, what type of new slavery, degrading treatment is this?. We would rather die than accept this form of humiliation and torture.[ S.G] - >
16h/ Sunday Times journalist killed in Homs Marie Colvin
Marie Colvin  is with Misratah NATO-led criminals in NATO'S war in Libya . 
Sunday Times journalist  in Misrata with NATO - led rebels
NATO carrying ammunition and weapon in MISRATA 

16h/ Sunday Times journalist killed in Homs Marie Colvin. 
Libya - 30.07.2011. -- NATO warplanes also repeatedly bombed a Libyan television station, killing 3 and injuring 15
‎15h/ Sunday Times journalist killed in Homs MarieColvin
Libya - Hala Misrati, state TV host, kidnapped by NTC  in Tripoli, Libya
15h/ Sunday Times journalist killed in Homs Marie Colvin.
 Serbia - NATO bombing TV Serbia +16 Journalist civilian Killed No justice for the victims of NATO bombings [in central Belgrade]. -
15h/ Sunday Times journalist killed in Homs Marie Colvin.
Iraq - On July 12, 2007, a US helicopter killed a group of men in Baghdad including two Reuters staff. 
14h/ Algeria, Libya set aside row to tackle security-
Algiers/Tripoli - North African neighbours Libya and Algeria are to exchange high-level visits in an attempt to re-launch cooperation in fighting arms trafficking and Islamist insurgents in the Sahara desert.
Last month, an Algerian regional governor was kidnapped and taken by his captors across the border into Libya, where he was released about 24 hours later. Algerian security sources said the kidnappers had ties to al Qaeda's north African wing.
This month, Algerian security forces uncovered a cache of weapons, including shoulder-fired missiles, believed to have been smuggled in from Libya, a security source briefed on the discovery said.
The Libyan Interior Minister told Reuters the fact that Algerian security forces had found weapons caches was testament to good cooperation with their Libyan counterparts.
 13h/ Libya illegal ruler Jalil  admits impotency
At least 113 people from the Toubu tribe and another 23 from the Zwai tribe have been killed in the town of Kufra since fighting erupted Feb. 12, sources said Feb. 21. “We have been under siege for a week. Since the start of the clashes, 113 people [from our side] have been killed, including six children,” Toubu chief Issa Abdelmajid told AFP by telephone. He said another 241 members of his tribe have been wounded.
12h/ Islamists signal bigger religion role -
Secularists in both countries warned voters against trusting the Islamists and these subtle changes could have come straight from a secularist playbook on how Islamists would gradually insert more religion into the political and legal systems.
Ennahda leader Rachid Ghannouchi, a leading reformist Muslim thinker during his years in London exile, reassured secularists last year by agreeing with them that the first article of Tunisia’s constitution should remain unchanged.
The article, which said Tunisia’s language was Arabic and religion Islam, was “just a description of reality ... without any legal implications, he had said in November. “There will be no other references to religion in the constitution.”
In the draft constitution, Islam is described as Tunisia’s religion “and the principal source of its legislation.”
“Using Islamic Shariah as a principle source of legislation will guarantee freedom, justice, social equality, consultation, human rights and the dignity of all its people, men and women,” it says.[ I like sto se that] ->
11h/ Big #boss of #NTC #Libya #McCain urges Libyan militias to join national army
"We made clear to them that human rights organizations are reporting serious abuses and the world is watching.[?]  We know it is difficult but these abuses need to stop so Libya can be respected everywhere in the world," he said.
 He also said he advocated the collection of weapons by the authorities, saying that if they "fall into the wrong hands, it would pose a very serious threat."[ He foget - NATO give weapon  to  criminals]
 The U.N. and other agencies have expressed concerns about the proliferation of weapons from the upheaval, fearful that it may feed instability throughout the region. - >
10h/ Slavery and Genocide are UN acceptable

02h / Muammar Qaddafi’s daughter Aisha Gaddafi seeks death certificate
Kaufman said Libya’s new government has a moral and legal obligation to give Aisha information such as the death certificate, autopsy report and exact location of Muammar’s grave.
Beauty of Libya
“Why are the Libyan authorities claiming they are capable of trying Seif al-Islam when they can’t take care of properly handling a single document?” Kaufman said.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 22.  February  2012
The Brioher Leader Muammar Al Gaddafi 
00h/ Report Libya 22. February 2012.
I received a phone call now from #Kufra - NATO revolutionaries are displacing Chadian families located in the northern suburbs of Kufra,burning their homes,detaining men,and leaving women and children to flee into desert.
By: اخبار المقاومة الليبية 24/24(الاستخبارات الليبية)
24h/ Libya: Displaced People Barred from Homes
Tomina and Kararim are ghost towns because Misrata officials are blocking thousands of people who fled from returning home,” said Peter Bouckaert, emergencies director at Human Rights Watch, who recently visited the villages and met with displaced residents. “Armed groups from Misrata are openly looting and destroying their homes, as they have been doing for months in Tawergha.”
23h/ Report Libya 21. February 2012.
22h/ Canada & Co helped NATO enable ouster of Gadhafi from Liby-
Qatar, one of two Arab nations to take part in the NATO-led mission, supplied rebels French-made Milan anti-tank missiles, with deliveries made by sea. The country also gave them a variety of trucks and communications gear, while Qatari advisers slipped into Libya to provide training.
Egypt shipped assault rifles and ammunition, with U.S. support.
Poland supplied anti-tank missiles and military vehicles.
Canada also didn't sit on the sidelines when it came to supplying hardware to the rebels. - >
21h/ How desperate #NATO was for propaganda symbols in #Libya -to adopt a flag of western puppet  King Idris as a symbol of freedom?
Who is Idris of Libya? Who is Gaddafi?
20h/  KUFRA - Libya #Kufra today - 4 dead, 10 wounded up untill now
19h/ ‎JANZUR  #NTC Security Center in #Janzour has been broken into by unidentified armed elements
19h/ We are expecting Al Jazeera news 2012 version saying smtgh like this:
"Very heavy shelling from Gaddafi's submarines and battleships on the coastal port city of Kufra overlooking the Mediterranean Sea near the city of Derna. Appeal to international organizations to intervene to protect the polar bears, which are at risk as a result of this bombardment"
19h/ #IRONIC - Jalil called for cease of fire in #Kufra #Libya & accused "Gaddafi's agents" for plotting the sedition LOL - >
18h/ KUFRA  Dozens dead come from #Kufra #Libya ->

17h/ BENGHAZI  -Jalil said that Chadian soldiers have entered Southern #Libya
16h/ KUFRA - Alwatan Voice is saying that green forces from Niger and Chad are preparing a major attack on Kufra with heavy weapons
15h/ KUFRA  Rats-oriented press AlwatanVoice writes that "Chadian helicopters have been seen flying over Southern Libya now".We can not find the confirmation of this news. It almost seems that NTC wants to call for Nato again.
14h/ #British Civilians for #Peace in #Libya : what #amnesty writes on its wall, when charged with aiding #warcrimes in Libya
Amnesty International UK wrote: "We always support peaceful protestors calling for change. In Libya, our focus was to protect civilians from human rights abuses, and call on all parties to the conflict to respect International Humanitarian Law. This Q&A might help give more detail:
13h/ Tawarghans in refugee camps - lack of food and security- they are left to starve in their own country #Libya
Genocide in Libya
When you take American history of wars, it's bloody trail worldwide and their forgetfulness about starting new wars. America so much in love with gothic, vampire movies, killing machines and dead end thrill seeking drugs, the pile of human skull, preventable deaths orchestrated by USA and it's death squad mercenary army, some is seriously wrong and nasty with the system.[Stephen G]
11h/ TAJOURA - NATO Mercenaries have been blown up in a car bomb in Tajoura - >

10h/ True Libya is green Libya! The flag of traitors, flag of shame, dirty three-colored rags, symbol of rats who worhip NATO, burn in fire!

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 21.  February  2012.
24h/  JORDAN - Made in Jordan: Thousands of gunmen preparing to enter Syria?
Over 10,000 Libyans are reportedly being trained in a closed-off zone in Jordan, before being snuck into Syria to fight for the opposition. These men are allegedly paid around US$1,000 a month, funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  ->
23h/ GREECE - Counterterrorism officers on Tuesday were examining dozens of heavy weapons and explosives confiscated from the premises of the Libyan Embassy in central Athens on Monday after mission staff briefed Greek authorities.
According to a statement on the police’s website, the cache included 30 handguns, two submachine guns, 15 kilograms of the plastic explosive Semtex, five detonators, two hand grenades, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, silencers and wiretapping equipment. - >
22h/ BENGHAZI - Libya's illegal  interim leader acknowledged yesterdaythat his transitional government is powerless to control militias that are refusing to lay down their arms after ousting Moammar Gaddafi as it struggles to impose control over the oil-rich North African nation.
21h/ UGANDA -  Libyan assets in Uganda worth more than $300 million(Shs693 trillion) have since been unfrozen. The Ugandan government is in the process of handing over the properties, which include one of the oldest banks in Uganda, Tropical Africa Bank.
20h/ UGANDA  - The government has stripped Libya’s ambassador to Uganda of his title and asked him to immediately vacate the embassy and hand over all property under his care that belong to the Libyan government.
Foreign Affairs ministry says Abdallah Bujeldain had to be evicted in order to accommodate the new representative of the National Transitional Council,who has been in the country for six weeks now.
19h/ MISRATA - Misrata holds first Libyan elections post-Gadhafi
18h/ SERBIA - Serbia's Jat Airways cancels plans to resume services to Tripoli this summer.
17h/ TRIPOLI - NATO and NTC traitors  look at a memorial statue of the sign for victory in the Friday Market neighbourhood in Tripoli on Friday.
16h/ NEFUSA MOUNTAINS - In the makeshift military operations room in Libya’s Nefusa Mountains, amid crackling radios and milling rebel officers, the “wise men” held council on Libya’s future. Sipping sweet tea and donning traditional long robes, elders from rival tribes met for uncomfortable negotiations.

The villages of the Mashaashia tribe stood like ghost towns; the population had fled, their homes and shops had been looted, ransacked and burned. The tribe had supported Colonel Moammar Gadhafi. Today they were paying a heavy price for their loyalty to Libya . “We are here to negotiate reconciliation with the Nefusa Mountains, and to plan for a future together,” said the leader of the tribe.
15h/ MISRATA - Libyans are often imbued with what seems to be a stronger sense of patriotism for their town than for the country. Libyans jokingly refer to the western Libyan city of Misrata as a “republic” after locals established checkpoints around the perimeters of the town, and required foreigners to get special permits to enter.
14h/ ECONOMY   - The Libyan Foreign Bank will offer Shariah-compliant products as the government prepares regulation to make Islamic banking the norm in the North African nation following the ousting of Moammar Gadhafi. “Islamic products are being introduced and will predominate, but we will not relinquish the use of traditional banking,” general manager Mohammad Ben Yusef said in an interview Tuesday in Tripoli. “A decision will be made by the Central Bank of Libya by the end of March to introduce a new article in the banking law regarding Islamic governance.”

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 20.  February  2012.

Free Libya - Free World - Free Humanity

Breaking news Libya - Egyptian border:  Report about the Clashes with firearms and stones between Libyan NATO mercenaries and Egyptians in Salloum Land Port ...

Salloum Land Port has seen clashes in the afternoon between around 200 Egyptians and Libyans in the "arc", located between the West Gate and East Gate Salloum Land Port, Libyans fired blank shots at the Egyptians hurling stones.

Egyptian army has intervened by imposing Kerdoun separator, in an attempt to resolve the clashes, Salloum road and port were closed to prevent the entry or exit of foreigners ,Egyptians or Libyans, temporarily until the atmosphere calms.

At the same time, witnesses said, a violent clashes between dozens of young Egyptians and Libyans at sallum city happened for reasons unknown until now, firing shots in the air and clashed with stones and hands, leading to destruction of cars and owners and Egyptian pilot wounded with isolated injuries on his body.

General Hussein Fikri, Director of security, said that region that have seen clashes between Egyptians and Libyans is not permitted to have police presence because of military nature of region, referring to security conditions which have stabilized now.
00h/  Good Articles you can read on Libya S.O.S. Daily News
24h/ Descendants of the same tribes in #Libya who opened the gates for Italian colonization before,have now opened the gates for US-Izraeli-Qatari colonization..

23h/  JORDAN - According to the inter-Arab news portal, "Al-Bawwab," about 11 – 18  thousand militants are trained in a closed militarized zone in northern Jordan near the Syrian border, they will be transferred to Syria to conduct combat operations against the authorities, reports "Interfax".
Most of the militants arrived in the training camps in Libya, which has recently experienced a civil war and the government which has failed to disarm their militias.
The project is likely sponsored by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, actively support the Syrian opposition, said, "Al-Bawwab."
22h/ TURKEY -  #Libyan military seized five-star hotel in #Antalya
 An unpleasant incident occurred in a five star hotel Porto Bello, located in the Antalya region of Turkey's Antalya province. Libyan soldiers who arrived in the area for treatment and rest, staged a mass brawl at a wedding held at the hotel. They then disarmed guards and took hostage tourists residing in Porto Bello.

Clashes with security service hotel and a group of Libyan military began with the fact that the Libyans invaded the wedding ceremony and unfurled the flag of Libya. They also beat an elderly woman, who asked them to leave the event. Between guests and the wedding Libyans struck up a fight in which injured 16 people.
Arrived on the scene the police and ambulances. Upon arrival to the hotel staff order, the Libyan military went on the residential floors to take hostage tourists living there. Police managed to defuse the military and take a hotel room under guard.
As the Tour Expi, all in Antalya for the treatment and the rest arrived more than 700 Libyan soldiers. All of them are housed in five-star hotels. Hotel Porto Bello at the time of the incident there were about 120 Libyan soldiers.
21h/ #Photo from a secret prison in #Libya .
A secret prison in Libya
20h/ Shocking #Video -Libyan #rebels brutally tortured a young man, pulling his #nails out without mercy - >

19h/ SHOCKING #Libya New Libyan minister for #Human Rights taking smiley #Photos with armed #children / #childsoldiers .. And he is supposed to be the first deffender of Human Rights of vulnerable population, such as women and children, (let alone prisoners). Instead of encouraging children to go to school and try to forget about the horror sof war which lasted for months, he is encouraging THIS?? Did he forget that there is a thing called Conventions on the right of the children and prohibition to involve or encourage involvement of children in the armed conflicts? By Allah, Libya is not fine!
 Libyan minister for Human Rights taking smiley photos  with armed children
17h/ KUFRA - Many civilians are fleeing #Kufra , due to continuos shelling of their houses. They have a problem-lack of fuel for their cars to get to the north. It seems that it will be a mass-exodus.
16h/ Libya rebel #hipster shoting from bazooka..well, this certainly looks like a staged photo-shoot,a clear example of "how war does NOT look like"
"Freedom fighter" Feb17 in Libya
15h/ BENGHAZI - Equipped aircraft in the #Benghazi air base about to go to #Kufra to "support" the southern front - >
14h/ KUFRA -  Independent solidarity #news agency confirmed that the situation in #Kufra is out of control
13h/ EGYPTIAN BORDER Al-Ahram newspapers: clashes with firearms & stones between Libyans and Egyptians in the Salloum port
12h/ TRIPOLI : massive military plane landed this morning believed to come from #Qatar ,with the shipment of many SUV vehicles and weapons in large boxes inside, it left a quarter of an hour ago.
11h/ BENGHAZI   Medical Center calls for #blood donation without specifying particular type, due to the arrival of a large number of the wounded after clashes continued for a week in the southern city of #Kufra
10h/ QATAR - Emir of #Qatar to the German newspaper Die Zeit: "Replacement of the #Libya dinar with Qatari #Riyals would not be an occupation,it would be better for them."
09h/ The attack on the girls nursing homes by some of the #NATO 's rebels
08h/ SORMAN - Sounds of shooting in #Sorman #Libya
07h/ BANI WALID - #Libya -Little Abdul Aziz Mohammed Warfalli was killed during indiscriminate shelling of Bani Walid by NATO mercenaries.. May his soul rest in peace..
Little Abdul Aziz Mohammed Warfalli 

06h/ Africa Independence:
Listen to a #NATO #Radio Transmition directed to #Libya ... and NEVER published by any main-stream-media!
Spy planes of NATO in the skies around Libya. And that “Commando Solo” aircraft is telling Libyan soldiers and Libyans, who defending their country against NATO aggression to remain home – or risk NATO retaliation....
We know this, not because some Pentagon official said so, but because one... Dutch radio geek is monitoring the airwaves for information about Operation Odyssey Dawn — and tweeting the surprisingly-detailed results. On Sunday alone, “Huub” has identified the tail numbers, call signs, and movements of dozens of NATO aircraft: Italian fighter jets, American tankers, British aerial spies, U.S. bombers, and the Commando Solo psyops
An other recording:
“If you attempt to leave port, you will be attacked and destroyed immediately,” the aircraft broadcasted ....
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