Mar 17, 2012

Libya, Benghazi: Anti-federalism protests, vandalism and chaos [16. March 2012.]

Demonstrators flooded the streets of Tripoli and Benghazi to protest against federalism.

Protesters in Benghazi against NTC and against Barqa council were attacked by Pro-King Idris supporters "federalists"

The supporters and opponents of federalism threw stones at each other and exchanged gunfire.

"The leaders" in Benghazi stated that they would run their own government, parliament and administration and would manage the financial affairs, leaving the control of oil revenues, foreign policy and the national army to the centralised government in Tripoli. 
Barqa Commander warns that any further action by  NTC against his supporters will be met with retaliation. Demands compensation for victims.

Benghazi Protests 16. March 2012.
On March 6th, authorities in Benghazi, through their leader, Ahmed Zubair Senussi a  nephew of Libya's former king, declared the semi-autonomy of their Cyrenaica eastern region, from the Tripolitana. Senussi is a relative of the ousted King Senussi.
Benghazi protesters 2012.
Benghazi last night 

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