Mar 13, 2012

Report Libya 12. March 2012

Tripoli, Libya with The Brother elader Gaddafi 

*** Libya suffocating in garbage

***  Libya today- fully armed people walk around streets in broad daylight, NTC does nothing to disarm them

*** Armed fight with live bullets this afternoon in one of the gates of educational institutions Shaabiya of Tripoli led to the intervention of battalion Al Saadawi Jermanah to resolve the problem.. this engagement resulted in the injury of two members of the NATO chicken Army
*** Today's photo from #Palestine - ambulance - a donation from #Gaddafi International Foundation

***  In one hour Belhaj's brigade, with the help of Souk Al Jouma, and some traitors from Abu Salim and Green sq will raid Green Sq and Abu Salim area. Their aim is to arrest some 65 Bani Walid people and also to displace the entire Bani Walid population which lives in these 2 areas.
*** This is how Libyan embassy in #Sweden is spending Libyan money! They splash national funds in disco clubs, instead of spending it on wounded. This image was taken during the first two weeks of stay in Sweden by new officials,partying with Swedish girls, accompanied by guards from other nationalities

***  HOMELESS people- a new decoration on Libyan streets. 
This Image would have been impossible to see during Gaddafi's reign. There were literally NO bums and homeless people before, unlike EU or USA, Libya offered easily attainable housing to everyone.

*** The UN Security Council on Monday voted unanimously to "extend its political mission in Libya for 12 months with a mandate to support national efforts to promote the rule of law, protect human rights, restore public security, hold free and fair elections and eliminating the flood of weapons in the country especially shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles"
*** Libya: "incorporating former militia leaders into the cabinet of Abdel Rahim el-Keeb, the acting prime minister, have all failed." - NYT
*** 56 hospitals in #Jordan stop treating wounded Libyans due to $80 million dollars debt
Jordanian medical sources revealed that high-level Jordanian private hospitals stopped receiving new cases of wounded and sick Libyans.
Sources of international hospitals Utd AFP Jordanian address previous ailments, now with stopping receiving any new cases.
The amount owed by the Libyan Government hospitals for treatment of the wounde patients in Jordan, amounts to $ 80 million.

Jordanian security forces hit earlier on Monday, cordon around the Libyan Embassy in Aman to prevent the arrival of dozens of sick and wounded who were receiving treatment in hospitals in the Kingdom, demanding to meet with Ambassador. And forced the Libyan Ambassador in Aman Mohamed albrghthi, to eventually meeting member of the wounded Libyans in Jordan Mohammed Al muhairi.

Al Muhairi transfered the message from Libyan Ambassador as saying that he "is ready to offer any guarantees needed to treat the wounded Jordanian brothers and patients." The Libyan demonstrators demanded from the Ambassador to provide "decent housing" for the families of the wounded in addition to completing treatments.

The Libyan wounded and sick want to receive in Jordan a weekly salary estimated at $ 300. About 40,000 Libyans wounded while the events were unfolding in their homeland since 2011, were/are treated in Jordanian hospitals at the expense of the Libyan authorities.
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