Mar 9, 2012

Report Libya 08/09 March 2012

‘ Libya to see endless war of tribal feuds’ 
As Libya’s eastern region of Cyrenaica declares its semi-autonomy from the central government, political analyst Pepe Escobar says no one will be intervening this time to stop a war among Libyan tribes should it kick off.
The Cyrenaica region, with its center in Benghazi, the cradle of last year’s uprising against Muammar Gaddafi, declared its intention on Tuesday. The new state, to be known as Barqa, will have its own parliament and police force, and wants to run its affairs independently from Tripoli.
Tribes in eastern Libya have been antagonizing Tripoli for decades now, remarks Escobar. The new leaders, witnessing the growing federalism in the country, seem to want a leaf from Gaddafi’s book, he says.
We have a NATO puppet in Tripoli, Mustafa Abdel Nato. He says he is going to intervene into Cyrenaica because people there are splintering. So what is he going to be: Gaddafi 2.0?” asks Escobar.
Wherever a conflict among Libyan tribes may take the country, Western powers are not likely to get involved in Libya’s political affairs – as long as Tripoli honors the contracts, he points out.
“Who cares about the future of Libya as a democracy? 
The country is splintered – NATO does not care. 
The US, the French and the Brits don’t care as long as they have contracts with Tripoli. The alliance of Washington, London, Paris and the Gulf Cooperation Council wants to take over and then distribute the spoils. 
The war between tribal feuds is going to continue forever,” Escobar told RT. 

*** Kufra -  Belhaj ex Al Qaeda member visted Kufra. Glasses to look smarter? 

*** Benghazi - a fire on market

*** Gharyan - reject federal Division of Libya
 *** Benghazi Shortly before, at 11:45 am was the release of some kidnapped religious leaders from Bani Walid, who have been abducted by the Preventive Security Service in cooperation with a militia Embarek linked to the bin Laden.
- Still Haj and Haj Faraj Gmad and Al-Hajj Muhammad al-Ghazali in hands of their captors ... and as usual promises to release them tomorrow morning or the day after tomorrow.
- Had Alkmiei Haji Abdullah played major role in the release of the elders today ...
 - Reports of a large meeting which was held in the eastern region to discuss ways to stop what is happening to the sons of Warfalla tribe all over Libya [Quoting / Bani Walid today]
***  Sabha today
Libya Sabha 08.03.2012.
Update 12h
The photo of Benghazi great fire which erupted in Benghazi  "near from Egyptian market" and winds help spread fires, dragged large black covering the entire region. [Med Salah Dodche]
Libya , Benghazi March 2012.
*** Huge demonstrations in #Tripoli, betrayed NATO revolutionaries burning tires and garbage on the streets, demanding money for their revolutionary 'efforts'. Also demonstrating against federalisation. Many roads closed. Smoke raising high in the sky. Armed youth becoming violent.
***  Video from one part of Janzour #Tripoli demonstrations tonight, 'revolutionaries' want to get payed what they were promised by Nato

*** Fires burning: rat expressing their anger on the streets because they did not receive their salaries
By: اخبار المقاومة الليبية 24/24(الاستخبارات الليبية)
*** Streets burning because #NATO "revolutionaries" didnt receive their salaries.
By: اخبار المقاومة الليبية 24/24(الاستخبارات الليبية)
*** Libya sinking in garbage - this is a photo from Janzour
Jalil is mocked by all Libyans, and now he is broke, where will he find a money to pay his militias?Print worthless paper again through central bank? What happened to his foreign friends, they dont give no more money, now they only ask for it? Is must be a shock Jalil, when you are payed to cause chaos, and than asked to pay in order to rule the chaos you created.
Funny report from Algeria-Isp:
According Dhida Yawme 17 fibrayr Fi Libya, on a television show hosted by the NTC extremist leader "Ali Sallabi".
A Libyan called the show live to ask a question about Islamic law.

His question is: I have a brother killed by NATO bombing. He was hurt. He was taken to the hospital so that he can be treated. The rebels followed him and killed him. What does the Islamic Sharia say on this?

Sallabi Ali replied: He is a martyr inchaelah
 The speaker laughed and then said: my brother's name Maoummer Boumaniar Gaddafi.

Ali Sallabi was speechless! [Thanks to Robert Dinc]
*** Bashir Saleh, the most influental adviser of the late Colonel Gaddafi and ex-president of Libyan Arab African Investment fund, was granted a diplomatic passport by government of Niger and an advisory role in Niger's government.
 He was born in northern Niger in 1946. Bashir is not wanted by ICC.

Niger, a very poor country, has, unlike the rich EU countries (France,UK), welcomed more than 230.000 refugees from Libya.

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 Jalil:"will use force to prevent division of Libya", Sanusi:"He is welcome, if he has a strenght"
Libya: Sheikh Zubair Ahmed Al-Sharif al-Sanusi a  nephew of Libya's former king Idris:
Chairman of the Board of the so-called Libyan Cyrenaica region: 
"Final choice is irreversible Abdul Jalil can fight aganst us if he has the power"

Sheikh Zubair Ahmed Al-Sharif al-Sanusi, a  nephew of Libya's former king Idris, leader of the so-called "Council of the territory of Cyrenaica," said that the decision taken two days ago, by the politicians and men of the tribes of Cyrenaica region, eastern Libya, to declare a federal territory "is the final decision,it is irreversible."

Sanusi stressed in an interview with German news agency "D. B. A" over the phone that the Council "will not make dialogues with any party, except in the context of federalism".

He denied accusations made by the President of the Transitional National Assembly in Libya, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, that the Declaration's aim is to divide Libya and that there are some Arab countries supporting the move, saying: "We are not advocates of separatism and we are not the followers of any State. "

He said: "These are all lies, unfounded .. We are known throughout Libya as patriots .. who have given a lot for Libya .. Children of the eastern region sacrificed their lives in Tripoli, Misurata and the west mountains and in all the western regions for the liberation of Libya, not for the separation. "

He added: "If we wanted we could have separate in the beginning of a revolution, this would have been possible because the eastern region was liberated completely in four days .. but we did not. We helped our brothers the in rest of the areas under the sword of tyrant, and therefore continued our fight against him in all areas of the Libya and this is a honor for us to cherish. "

He played down the threat from Abdul Jalil to use force to prevent the division of Libya, saying, "If he has the strength, he is welcome."

He said: "He already does not have the power to control what happens in Tripoli or the Western cities where there are fights from time to time between the tribes .. while the eastern region is stable and calm and there is no fighting between the tribes in all the borders."

He also denied that him being a relative of the late King Idris al-Sanusi is the beginning of the return of the monarchy in Libya in a new dress, stressing: "We are not talking about that .. We are talking about the stability of the region and the establishment of security .. "

"marginalization was in the era of Gaddafi and continued in the era after the Revolution."

In response to a question, why did not wait until the country settled politically in order to have a collective decision by the people of all the cities and regions of Libya to choose the form of state they seek, said Sanusi: "We want to settle down politically and so had to move."

He continued: "We believe that even if we have waited for years it would be difficult to achieve stability in the Western Region"

Sanusi expressed his frustration about demonstrations that came out in several cities condemning the declaration of federal territories, refusing to be accused of fueling separatism.

Concerning the existence of opposition from the people of the eastern region to declare itself a federal territory, Sanusi said: "There are some citizens and not all citizens .. They have the right to choose and to express it, but in the end, the majority have decided."

Sanusi denied that the goal of the declaration of the new oil-rich 'state' is to control the natural resources in the region, particularly the resources of the oil fields", explaining: "oil is specific to Libyans .. and we are not interested in the control of oil.."

‎- "Liberated" in 4 days? They helped Nato mercENARIES in the west? Well, I can recall a fight when Misurata bandits were very angry on Benghazi bandits about not helping out..
-  I can also recall many fights in Benghazi, which were happening for months..4 daysthis man is ridiculous lier.
 - It's charade! They had it planned from the beginning.

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