May 3, 2012

Libyan Resistance News 02.05.2012

Million Man March in Tripoli - Can they arrest all these people?

- NTC DICTATORSHIP: New laws criminalise support for Gaddafi family in Libya

- Trusted field sources confirmed by the grace of God a few hours ago the liquidation of the traitor (al-Barani Ashkal) at the hands of the brave resistance fighters for the sake of our country and religion. Thus is the end of all agents. (Albarani Ishkal was responsible for the fall of Tripoli and therefore the collapse of the whole political system). It is reported that he was killed in Egypt. Video proof is forthcoming.

Remembering Abu Salim hospital massacre in Tripoli

- Pills for war thrills: 110.000 US troops on prescribed medications!

- Last night at least one man was killed in Kufra on Tobou territory.

- Libyan NTC demands from France to hand over Bashir Saleh.
TRIPOLI (AFP) - A Libyan Transitional National Assembly demanded of France on Wednesday to hand over Bashir Saleh, an official close to the former Libyan Muammar Gaddafi, who was named in a project of alleged financing of the campaign of President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007. (Bashir Saleh and Sarkozy went to school together)

Bashir Saleh
SCOTLAND ’s top prosecutor and FBI have been on a secret mission to Libya to pave the way for more investigations into the Lockerbie bombing.
Frank Mulholland, the Lord Advocate, went to Tripoli last week with FBI director Robert Mueller to meet Keib and other NTC officials, including the NTC justice minister Ali Hamiada Ashour.
[All the advances which Libya made concerning the Lockerbie truth- proving will be destroyed by NTC  puppets, famous of providing lies for profit]

Sirte-after NATO and the traitors siege

Sirte's NTC afraid to hold local elections in Sirte. They said they will not hold local elections "because of great number of weapons and instability". (read between the lines: they are afraid of the pro-green results)

Video of heavy armed clashes in Tajoura Tripoli

- A Sudanese diplomat working at Sudan’s consulate in Benghazi who was kidnapped on Monday has been found alive yesterday in Kuwafiyah, 15 km from Benghazi. An administrative and finance director at the consulate, was kidnapped in Al-Fuwaihat in Benghazi , NTC did not tell if the ransom was paid for him.

Security sources in Benghazi arrested five men in connection with Friday morning’s bomb attack on the city’s High Court buildings. Libya Herald claimed that two of them are members of the Qaddafa tribe, adding that all five, who are unnamed, are thought to be Qaddafi supporters.

The attack took place at 4 am on Friday morning. Three bombs exploded outside the building leaving a huge hole in the front of the building and all the windows blown out.

It is widely believed in Benghazi that the bombings were the work of the Al Qaeda group Takfir wal Hijra, which has a cell in Derna. They were seen as connected with an attempt nine hours earlier by unknown gunmen to storm Benghazi’s central prison. People were killed and wounded in that attack.

"However, following initial questioning of the men who have been arrested, the security sources now claim that the five were acting as agents provocateurs, hoping to stir up public fears about Islamists and so cause divisions and disquiet in society.
Whether this is true remains to be seen. Accusations of being Qaddafi supporters have become a convenient means of condemnation of opponents and an equally convenient explanation for incidents the real causes of which are either embarrassing or awkward.
Unfortunately, evidence from the scene of the blasts will be unreliable. After the court bombing, there was no sign of any forensic investigation of the site and people were seen wandering in and out of the building, inadvertently contaminating what evidence there might have been." says Libya Herald

- Alitalia Benghazi - Rome flights to take off in June, twice a week..

A 23-man business team representing 12 South Korean companies took part in a one-day Korean Trade Show in Tripoli on Monday. Companies included LG, STX Construction, STX Offshore & Shipbuilding, DI International, SK Construction, ACE Valves and Younsei Hospital. According to Kotra, Korean companies were involved in $36-billion worth of projects in the country before the war.

A 65-man Danish business delegation arrived in Tripoli on Monday, for a three-day visit during which they will meet with Libyan businessmen and officials. Organised by the Confederation of Danish Industry and the Danish Foreign Ministry, the delegation represents 26 major Danish companies such as FLSmidth, Nillfisk and Leo Pharma

Libyan-Qatari Company to build homes for young Libyans...
The newly-formed Libyan-Qatari Holding Company (LQC) has bought land in a number of Libyan towns and cities to build housing projects aimed at the "younger Libyan market".

- 600 Sudanese doctors to be recruited for Libya: Sudan Minister said in Tripoli

- The recent clashes have unnerved a number of people in the capital, coming on the day that armed revolutionaries surrounded the NTC offices and force concessions out of council as well as being the day the election registration centres opened. A source close to the Interior Ministry said that residents in the area gathered after the clashes outside the building, complaining about the lack of decisive action by ministry forces to ensure peace and security.

- Video- aftermath of the Clashes that took place yesterday evening in Tajoura

- The women in Misrata are mad because of all the lies about them being raped by Gaddafi's soldiers! And they said that it was nothing but a lie which the rebels of Misrata used in distress when they were being attacked by Gaddafi so that they can get the West to intervene and help demolish Gaddafi through the media and that rebels of Misrata asked the NTC and Prime Minister to go on TV and falsify rape evidence!

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