Aug 5, 2011

NATO Press Conference in Libya [ 1 week Ramadan]

 NATO killing mother and two children in Zlitan [04. august 2011.]
Libyan mother, children buried after Nato raids
ZLITEN, Libya: A Libyan official on Thursday blamed Nato raids for the deaths of a mother and two children in the coastal town of Zliten, where journalists witnessed their burials.
Foreign reporters were led to the home in a neighbourhood of Zliten, 150-km east of Tripoli, and to a nearby mosque where journalists were shown three coffins. “Is this what you call protecting civilians?” a local official asked journalists. “This what Nato is there for — to kill our children,” he said.
A closed coffin contained the body of the mother, officials said, and two open coffins bore the bodies of a four-year-old and five-year-old child with blood on their faces.
The three victims were then buried to shouts of “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest) and “We are ready to die as martyrs for Libya.”

NATO Bombing Law School In Zlitan (Zliten) [02.08.11]

In which international lawbook is any of this sanctioned? It is not, and therefore these are war crimes. Why are the leaders of NATO not sitting in the dock at The Hague? Because international law does not exist.

And if international law does not exist, NATO is sowing dangerous precedents and is constituting not only its own obvious threat to international security, but also poses a direct risk to the internal security of its member states, for it creates the notion that if NATO can murder children in Libya (such as the precision-bombing of Colonel Gaddafi's son's home, occasioning the murder of Saif-al-Arab al-Qathafi and three babies, Muammar al-Qathafi's grandchildren), then a strike can be carried out in the capital city or elsewhere in the countries perpetrating this outrage. If one is called an air strike, why should the other not be called a land strike? And if NATO can only mumble the word "regret" when it slaughters kids and bombs schools and hospitals, then why should everyone get so hysterical when the same thing happens on home soil? Just say the word: "Regret". [NATO is a security threat - Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey:

NATO  bombing Friday prayers 

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