Aug 10, 2011

Libya news [backup libyasos] 29. July - 09. August 2011.

Day 141: 09. august 2011. Libya news 

(V) Khamis Gaddafi visited hospital in Zlitan [ 09. August 2011. ] after One more Ramadan massacre by NATO -

Battle for Libya: 3 NATO SHIPS SUNK -
***** New massacre in Zliten NATO KILLED 88 LIBYANS all civilians ->
23h/ August 9 in the early morning the Libyan capital Tripoli has undergone the most heavily bombed since the beginning of air strikes, NATO Libya. According to the informant, the Xinhua News Agency, in all corners of Tripoli heard huge explosions and people fleeing in all directions. Sanitary and fire engines immediately went to the scene, located less than 20 km from the city center. Previously, this area has twice been subjected to impact NATO.
According to the official television Libya, NATO fighters made attacks on military and civilian targets.
22h/ Well-informed person Libya announced that Libya ship moored at berth Tripoli was bombed by NATO fighters. It is unknown what the nature was of the ship - military or civilian.
Libya TODAY eyewitness** Lizzie @ "2.30 am I have so far heard over 25 NATO bombs drop about 3 km from where I am in central Tripoli, smoke is filling the sky. Friends have told me that the Fernaj suburb, where the al-Fatah university is based has been hit and a number of houses and a farm were targeted. People have been martyred and many injured. No Bhangazi Illegal TERRORIST cloth (flag) in Zlitan
Libya TODAY eyewitness** 06. August 2011. Lizzie Phelan
just returned from funeral reception of mother and her two sons who were martyred when NATO bombed their house in Zlitan a few km from the frontline. The city is COMPLETELY in control of pro-Gaddafi forces contrary to media reports and despite NATOs continuos bombing to try and push the rebels into there. Will update blog of my last few days tomorrow.
Libya TODAY eyewitness** BREAKING NEWS: nATO (incl brits) conducted heavy bombing of civilian areas of Tripoli, including many dead in Ferjan district. Residents of Tripoli have marched on the Rixos hotel, where the western journos r staying, demanding that they see the journos. security has kept them away. People are angry, & how does this reflect on the fury of the youth in London? chickens coming home to roost.via Sukant Chandan
20h/ Tunisian says Russian journalist (August 9)
1. Rebels among themselves for the money badly soryatsya. Members of the Council of the rebels fled to Turkey, some are going to run.
2.NATO plans to try the Libyan people a new weapon: a mini-nukes, "the Pentagon! (This is reported by reasonable Americans.)
3. Libyan friends are asked to give very serious all the friends of Libya that if NATO goes for it - it will blow up the whole of Europe!
21h/ VERY IMPORATNT INFORMTION: listen to truth by westren eys, more than 15 people of NATO has been hostaged in Benghazi, from france, england, the NATO try to hide those information truth about what happend in Benghazi, The rebels kill each other, 80% of the people are with Gaddafi, Nato just killing the rebels they dont care about nothing even about their own son's & daughters, just killing & filming their crimes.
20h/ While the British government spends tens of millions of pounds per week bombing Libyan children, the British youth takes to the streets ** Britain burns **
20h/ The village of Majer, 10 kilometres (six miles) south of Zliten in western Libya, was attacked late on Monday to try to help rebel fighters enter the government-held city from the south, government spokesman Mussa Ibrahim said.
19h/ President Robert Mugabe on Monday likened the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) to terrorist organisations, Al Qaeda and the Taliban for the bombing of Libya which he said was a plot to kill Tripoli’s leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.
18h/ El secretario general de la Organización del Tratado Atlántico Norte (OTAN), Anders Fogh Rasmussen, aseguró que "la OTAN está unida y lista para actuar" contra Libia y anunció el despliegue de más embarcaciones al Mediterráneo, con la finalidad de controlar el embargo de armas aprobado por Naciones Unidas. 
17h/ The 70-page plan, obtained by London's The Times, charts the first months after the fall of the Gaddafi regime. The document was drawn up by the National Transition Council in Benghazi with Western help.
16h/ Yet this matters not to NATO. It considers itself above the law, no legal entity has the guts to counter it or even to launch proceedings, nobody in the international community stands up to this evil terrorist organization. And the result is what we see:
15h/ "This Whole NATO Operation Is Going Very Badly In Libya"
14h/ Libya: UN Official Deplores Nato Attack On Television Station
10h/ Here is a good article talking about the hypocrisy and cruelty of NATO. It denounces those who present themselves as the savior of mankind, but who commit crimes against humanity. I think it is interesting
Day 139: 07. august 2011. Libya news
NATO Air Assault Against Libya: Almost 18,000 Sorties, 7,000 Strike Sorties
23h/ Bir al Ghanem is under the control of the Libyan army.
Libyan army defeated rebels totally.
22h/ The rebels" is a handy phrase -- but in reality there are about 40 different rebel groups and freelance militias fighting to end the long reign of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, and it shows.Some fight Gaddafi's troops on the front line while others handle security in rebel-held cities. And, in a country flooded with weapons, some gunmen are simply helping themselves to whatever they want, members of the armed opposition say.
22h/ The ROLE of the UN SECURITU COUNCIL in UNELASHING an ILLEGAL WAR AGAINST LIBYA -  By Leonor en Libia This may be the first time that these details have appeared in the open.  This is an important document that should be used by Libyan lawyers, as well as any lawyer that believes.
21h/ Tony Cartalucci – Bangkok, Thailand  – Associated Press reports that, “U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says the Obama administration has decided to formally recognize Libya’s main opposition group as the country’s legitimate government.
21h/ Libyans will observe the annual Muslim holy fast of Ramadan this year under extremely difficult conditions that resemble nothing so much as what happened a century ago when Italian “crusaders” appeared in their desert expanses.
20h/ Benghazi: a coalition of the crusaders in the shit//
19h/ #Libya: More Libyans killed and displaced in cuurent civil war than in all other Libyan wars or violence in last 60 years.
19h/ Aimé Césaire écrivait en 1951 dans son célèbre "Discours sur le colonialisme", ceci :« Une civilisation qui s’avère incapable de résoudre les problèmes que suscite son fonctionnement es...
19h/ Brazil Express Condemnation to NATO Violation of UNSC Resolutions 1970 & 1973
18h/ NATO “Protects” Libyan Civilians By Killing Them
17h/ In the new crime of NATO alliance against the humanity with assistance of the T...raitors, NATO bombing shortly before the house of Muawiya Alsoiei in the city of Taiji with 8 missiles, under the plan for the systematic extermination of the Libyan people!
16h/ Those associated with NATO, whether it be the demonic animals on top giving the orders or the mindless, video game junkie, cowardly, stinking, bastard pilots who actually carry out the orders, are truly stupid, I mean real geniuses.
15h/ British military action to kill more Libyans  in Libya continues with Apache helicopters carrying out a strike on a major base of the Gaddafi regime on Sunday. Meanwhile, foreign minister Alistair Burt has insisted that "incremental progress" was being made in Libya. He said the international community had to be "patient and persistent" in dealing with Col Gaddafi.
14h/ LONDON — The government is spending £1.3 million ($2.1 million, 1.5 million euros) a month on accommodation for 1,000 service personnel in Italy while they conduct air strikes on Libya, official figures showed Sunday. Accommodation costs have averaged £1,315,000 a month since the bombing raids began in March, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) said.
13h/ MISRATA, Libya (Reuters) - A Qatari plane made a quick stop in the rebel-held Libyan city of Misrata on Saturday to offload ammunition destined for rebel fighters, sources with knowledge of the flight said. Taking Zlitan would be a major breakthrough in the war. [in your dream slaves]
12h/ SLAVES -  "Libyans love America," Keish explained as he cut through a boisterous crowd that numbered in the tens of thousands. "They love the flag because it stands for freedom and democracy — exactly what they want for Libya." "That's why I fly the flag — to support American-style freedoms that we all want here," he said.
11h/ Strong resistance by Muammar Gaddafi's forces and conflicting impulses to topple the Libyan ruler and hit a political settlement are stumping France's and its allies' efforts to end the conflict, experts say.
10h/ For more than 20 years, he was Moammar Gadhafi’s most notorious political prisoner – the Islamist ringleader who escaped the 1996 one-day massacre of 1,200 of his fellow inmates and survived a decade in solitary confinement.Today, as Col. Gadhafi’s rebel opponents falter in the rebel capital of Benghazi, Mohammed Busidra has quietly turned himself into the post-Gadhafi kingmaker.

 Day 138: 06. august 2011. Libya news
  ** A Navy unmanned helicopter that crashed over Libya in June was likely shot down by forces loyal to leader Moammar Gadhafi, a Navy spokesman said.
18h/ TRIPOLI, Libya –  As Libyan rebels in the East continue their fight against embattled leader Muammar al-Qaddafi, many residents flee to the country's Western border, away from the violence. “They wanted to kill blacks there,” he says. “I’d be killed if I stayed.
Rebels crime in the western mountain at Alqala'a area! They killed all the civilians from Almeshashia tribe who refused to join them!
17h/ VENEZUELA  -Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Friday he has written to embattled Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi offering him "a big hug" and denouncing NATO's "imperial" attacks on Libya. "The proud, gracious and merciful God bless and keep you. May he bless and protect the heroic and dignified people of Libya," Chavez read from his letter to Qaddafi during a live broadcast on VTV, the national news channel. "Muammar, a big hug with an infinite sense of brotherhood," he said.
17h/ HAVANA, CUBA  - PRESIDENT Raúl Castro Ruz received on August 3 Abdulhafid M. Zlitni, Minister of Finance and Planning of the General People’s Committee of the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamajiriya, who is visiting Cuba as the special envoy of President Muammar Gaddafi.
17h/ Libya's rebel Transitional National Council has been approved to reopen the country's embassy in Washington, the US State Department said Thursday.->
16h/ Italy and Nato were embroiled in a row over accusations that an alliance warship failed to come to the rescue of a boatload of desperate refugees fleeing the fighting in Libya.
#S.O.S. #LIBYA #Urgent #Alert: #Armed #Rebel Terrorists on #Ships #heading for #Europe with #heavy #Arms, #alert all #Ports to #look-out for #Benghazi #Traitors
#LIBYA => Breaking: Many NTC Leadership flee #Benghazi due to threat of Assasination on a ship headed for Italy #Rebel Terrorists finished
15h/ HMS Liverpool, a Royal Navy warship, came under heavy rocket fire from a shore battery as it patrolled off the Libyan coast, the Ministry of Defence said.
14h/ The Libyan government shows journalists the bodies of two children and their mother who it claims were killed in a Nato air strike in the coastal town of Zlitan.
13h/ Anti-war & Black activists unite against Libya war: Cynthia McKinney Tour now to 19 cities->
12h/ An international media safety group has joined calls Friday for the United Nations to investigate NATO's bombing of Libyan television, which reportedly killed 3 people and injured 15.
11h/ Libyan war NATO air missiles targeted children's Hospital in Zlitan town killed 50 children 05/08/11
10h/ U.S. Invasion of Libya: Media Lies Warning from Joyce Riley of The Power Hour
09h/ Libya Benghazi: NATO-rebels "liberate" the city of unarmed workers and black Africans
  Day 137: 05. august 2011. Libya news

** The Libyan government has denied rebel reports that Muammar Gaddafi’s youngest son Khamis was killed in a NATO strike on the western town of Zlitan on Friday. It is the second time Khamis has been mistakenly reported dead. “It's false news. They invented the news about Mr Khamis Gaddafi in Zlitan to cover up their killing [of civilians],” Libyan government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim told Reuters news agency in Tripoli. “This is a dirty trick to cover up their crime in Zlitan and the killing of the al-Marabit family (a Libyan family).”
** 140-Day Libyan War: 17,808 NATO Sorties, 6,745 Strike Sorties
20h/ NATO Bombardment Of Libyan Capital Causes Ten Powerful Explosions ->
18h/ Libyan Mother, Children Buried After NATO Raids ->
17h/ Washington: U.S. To Hand Libyan Embassy Over To Rebels ->
** Libya : Badr Today [04-08-2011] ** Brega Today No Lies ! [04-08-2011]->
16h/ LIBYA - Big Explosion At Memphis Valero Refinery (photo)
16h/ ksnavarra Karl Stagno-Navarra  by toni_segovia
BREAKING: Refugees rescued yesterday off #Lampedusa claim #NATO boats did not stop to rescue. Drifted for 36 hours, 100 dead and thrown over
15h/ Libya's opposition has no legitimacy 'A political leadership receives its legitimisation from its own people, not from foreign powers which bomb their country.';s-opposition-has-no-legitimacy-30161986.html
14h/ CUBA- Cuban leader meets with Gaddafi envoy ->
13h/ ATTENTION! Libya TRUTH! Talking with two Gaddafi Loyalists in Libya ->
13h/ #Libya @UN #NATO Airstrike Kills Woman and two Children in #Zlitan (August 4, 2011) #CNN ->
12h/ 'Millions in #Harlem March' aims to stop #US, #NATO warmaking in #Libya ->
10h/ Gadafi gives massive respect and support to women in Libya. Women there feel he empowers them, and they even all get military training./ sonsofmalcolm Sukant Chandan
08h/ Three civilian deaths blamed on NATO strike
07h/ NATO bombing of the Faculty of Law in the city of Al Khomes (video)- >
06h/ If there is one thing that the office of President Barack Obama demonstrates it is that democracy does not exist in the United States. This may seem a rather outlandish statement.
Day 136: 04. august 2011.  Libya news
Millions march !!!
19h/ Statement by the Employees of the Libyan Broadcasting Authority
** Konstantyn Sceglikov Volunteers with medical education of different profiles are needed in Libya. You will be helped with money for visa and tickets. Write me, stating your address and qualification, and send your diploma's copy -
В Ливию требуются добровольцы с медицинским образованием разного профиля, с деньгами на визу и билеты помогут. Пишите мне указав адрес квалификацию, пришлите ксерокопию диплома -
**  Islamist leader denies a deal with Saif #Gaddafi : "These are lies to undermine the ranks of the nation" AuFait #MAroc
19h/ Managua - Libya's embattled leader Muammar Gaddafi is ready to hold elections to resolve the ongoing conflict in the North African country, Nicaragua's president Daniel Ortega said late on Wednesday after meeting with a Libyan delegation.
18h/ The argument in Libya has been won by the Al Fateh revolution. There is now a glaring truth confronting the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO) – Muammar Gadhafi has handed out over one million kalashnikovs to the Libyan people. If he was the brutal dictator that NATO would have us believe him to be, then the armed population could have turned their guns on him and the revolutionary armed forces by now, especially as they would have NATO's full backing if they did so.
17h/ Libyan rebels were taken hostage by the French, British and Qatar, that is, the representatives of those countries that support the Libyan rebels and they created the PNS - the transitional national council of Libya. They were in Libya as military trainers and working with the Libyan rebels. A detachment of one of the leaders of the rebels seized 15 foreign instructors and demand ransom for their return. Sarkozy administration vetoed the discussion of this topic in the French press.
16h/ On 2nd of August, united Obeydi tribe detachment (this tribe supported TNC before Younis was killed) captured 15 war instructors. 4 of them are very important persons. The commanders of the detachment refused all negotiations about releasing the instructors neither for money, nor for any other promises.
16h/ Brian Souter  cdoebbler #Libya: As many as 40,000 Libyans may have been killed since the NATO bombing of Libya began. US influenced UN Fact-Finding Mission refuses to investigate NATO-led rebels' and NATO's human rights abuses. US helping NATO-led rebels to cover up their human rights abuses and try to hide them from international observers.
15h/ NATO jets have been attacking food stores and destroyed a health clinic in Zlitan. The CNN report by Ivan Watson and Jomana Karadsheh  from Zlitan, a town half-way between Tripoli and Misrata provides further evidence of how NATO and the rebels are working together closely in a military campaign, not to protect civilians but to conquer anti-rebel areas for the National Transitional Council.
14h/  UK - David Cameron has led us into another military quagmire. The danger remains that the western allies have become embroiled in a civil war. Many of the Libyan rebel groups owe allegiance to a clan-based society. The response of General Younes's tribe, the Obeidis, to the news of his death - with gunfire and angry threats against the TNC leadership - is an ill portent for a post-Gaddafi Libya. The rebels seem unable to reach agreement with each other, let alone with the regime in Tripoli.

13h/ Russian journalist who was wounded yesterday by the "armed rebels" belongs to the newspaper "Russia Today".
12h/ Libyan army shoot more than 5 missiles on Italian war ship,but sadly,missiles fell in water. The Libyan government this morning confirmed to CNN that it yesterday fired a missile at an Italian naval ship off Libya.
11h/ Paris - France's aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle will next week return home for maintenance from its mission supporting Nato airstrikes on Libya, defence minister Gerard Longuet said in an interview on Thursday.
10h/ Libya war rebel forces killed in Bingazi 120 men belong to warfalla tribe begest tribe in Libya.
09h/ Article about the situation in Benghazi. It is writen that the council of traitors no longer control Benghazi.​/03/libye-le-cnt-ne-controlera​it-plus-benghazi/
08h/ In the face of this war, the people of Libya are continuing to demonstrate an extraordinary and enduring unity in defense of their country. Progressive forces in the U.S. must follow suit and unequivocally demand an immediate end to the imperialist sanctions nd bombing of Libya.

Day 135: 03. august 2011. Libya news
End Game for Benghazi Rebels as Libyan Tribes Prepare to Weigh In? read more
** The NATO countries' coalition and its allies lost the war in Libya because they were not able to break the will of Libyans to resist, and could not force Muammar Gaddafi's supporters to betray their country, and all people, in order to save their own lives or for money from the West. Sons and daughters of Libya were not only bombed, but tortured and cut into pieces while still alive.
** On the occasion of the birthday of Arab African hero Gamal Abdul Nasser of Egypt, the Libyan historic revolutionary leader gave a speech,
** After Younis, the Rebel Military Leader was assassinated, his Warfalla tribe rallied around him, and showed support for Gaddafi. Leonor massanet:
** Nightly Britain bombs Tripoli. Bar death, what do we achieve? | Simon Jenkins via @guardian

Day 134: 02. august 2011. Libya news
** Critics accuse the West of hypocrisy over the offensive on Libya, along with its silence towards the brutal crackdowns on similar anti-regime movements elsewhere in the Arab world, such as in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.
** On July 30, the day before this 97.5 per cent  Muslim country began the holy month of Ramadan, NATO spokesperson Roland Lavoie has been lamely attempting to explain to the press at the Rexis Hotel and internationally, why NATO was forced to bomb three Tripoli TV towers at the Libyan Broadcasting Authority, killing three journalists/technicians and wounding 15 others.
** August 2, 2011 - As the U.S./NATO war on Libya enters its fifth month, resistance to the intervention has intensified. The thousands of bombs dropped by Western governments on Libya have proved to be no deterrent to massive street demonstrations defending the Libyan government.
** Ante el Consejo de Ministros de su país, el presidente de Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, leyó la carta que recibió del líder libio, Muammar Al Gaddafi, donde expres.
** TRIPOLI, August 1, 2011. The Muslim holy month of Ramadan has seen no end to fighting inside Libya. NATO has intensified its bombardment of Tripoli and other major cities. Tens of thousands of fliers have been dropped by NATO from the skies asking the Libyan military to surrender.

Day 133: 01. august 2011. Libya news
#Libya: NATO-led rebels forcing civilians to work for militias, including women and children...often as unpaid slave labour.
** TRIPOLY - Sukant Chandan
PRO-NATO SLAVES/REBELS R ABOUT TO COLLAPSE IN BENGHAZI/EASTERN LIBYA: Warfella, the largest tribe in Libya, loyal to Gaddafi (all the tribes are united behind Gaddafi & the masses) are now marching on Benghazi to overthrow th pro-nato
slaves. very dramatic developments, as I said from the 2nd week of this crisis, victory is in sight. Nato and their slaves in Libya, on the one hand have committed great crimes against Libya (Africa), but they have also through their criminal depraved activities given Libya a massive and profound rejuvenation of Gadafi's Green Revolution. The poorer masses, the bedouin peoples, the darker peoples of Libya are going mad with inspiration and unity in support of Gadafi and the resistance. Its an incredibly poetic situation here. As I said in the first weeks of all this, Gadafi's victory will be Saddam's revenge. We are now entering the era of victory battles against imperialism, to end imperialism, away from glorious resistance that strategically sacrifices our peoples and leadership. Further breaking news: Former pro-nato rebel commander (now killed, he was former interior minister to Gadafi), his armed forces are now gone over to Gadafi in Benghazi, and along with the tribes took over the 7th April Barracks (big military barracks). *INCREDIBLE*!!!!!! As I said, every hour brings some amazing news. Tripoli tonight is gonna be mad celebrations!
BENGHAZI - insurgents fight each other in Benghazi today:
** TRIPOLY - Lizzie Phelan
we just stopped and spoke to a mother and her 17 year old daughter who have taken up arms to defend their country by manning checkpoints in Tripoli. All her sons are on the front line in the western mountains. She broke into tears saying Muammar has done so much for women and she would give her life for him. Pictures coming tonight or tomorrow.
On August 13th in Harlem, New York City Americans who oppose lynchings and anti-black bigotry have a chance to demonstrate their disgust at Zionist-orchestrated imperialist attacks on Africa – see Millions March in Harlem Gears Up for August 13 to Oppose US War Against Libya.
** The REAL Libyan Revolution will turn out to be a revolution of the people against those who manipulate the masses for their own profit. The Libyan revolution will become a symbol for the people all over the world to rise against the power of the powerful and greedy big international corporations, warmongers, secret agencies, banksters and the politicians who back them.
** It is by now patently obvious that in Libya, NATO has violated every rule in the book, has violated international law, has broken the Geneva Conventions, has breached diplomatic conventions, has insulted the United Nations Organization and fundamentally, has even violated its own charter. Why? In three letters, oil.
 Day 131/2: 30/31. july 2011. Libya news (on trip) 


Day 130: 29. july 2011. Libya news
23h/ The War on Libya: Divisions within The Transitional Council and Rebel Forces:
22h/ Libya diary: Day 3 (28/7/11 11.30pm)
21h/ MILAN — Eni SpA, Italy’s largest natural gas and oil company, on Friday reported that second quarter profits slid 31 percent due to production shutdowns in Libya, which has descended into civil more
19h/  ''Abdul Jalil's press conference on Thursday raised more questions than it answered about the circumstances surrounding Younis's killing. He did not offer any specifics regarding the killing, such as where the attack took place or how the assassins were able to gain access to Younis. Perhaps most importantly, he did not explain the particulars of what Younis had been summoned to discuss with the TNC''
Lizzie Phelan from Libya NOW - Its all falling apart. Rebels confirmed Younis was killed by Islamists who believed he was colluding with Gaddafi, NTC have fled Benghazi and closed all communications in the city.  Blogging soon, NATOs support base is killing eachother while its opposition is strongly united. End game. There were massive celebrations across Tripoli last night
15h/ Benghazi. Tribes Aldzhuazi Ababeydat and other Libyans tribes are now fighting with the rebels near Tibesti Hotel.
** The Libyan army regained control over three towns on the border with Tunisia, captured by French mercenaries and rebels
** #LIBYA #NEWS BIG #TRIBES #Sabedat, #Awagier & some #Warfala took over the #Benghazi airport! A lot of gun shots around hotel in Benghazi
** BENGHAZI, Libya — The head of the Libyan rebels' armed forces and two of his aides were killed by gunmen Thursday, the head of the rebel leadership said.
18h/ The situation evokes similarities with Kosovo, where “freedom fighters” from the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army, lauded by then-US Secretary of State M. Albright, mercilessly butchered defenseless people and even set up a network of trafficki ->
17h/ Representatives of the tribes of Libya, met with a representative of the UN in Libya Khatib and handed him a letter to the UN, in a rum said that the Libyans support and will not betray their leader Muammar Gaddafi. Libya - it's one person. Only Gaddafi may stop and forgive the flow of blood. Only he can tell the families to forgive the murders and not to seek vengeance.
Libyan army retook Benghazi port,Hospital,Airport and Military School in Misrata.
16h/ Norway will fly its last combat mission in Libya on Saturday, two days before the official end of its role in the Nato-led air war, an alliance official told AFP.
15h/ Libya’s rebels were in disarray on Friday after the mysterious killing of their leading military commander triggered fears that opposition fighters battling to oust Col Muammar Gaddafi could instead turn their weapons on each other.
14h/ Khaled Hamedi ran an international NGO called the International Organisation for Peace, Care and Relief (IOPCR) which has done work in many countries including Gaza, and he acted as a mediator between the Palestinian factions. He got killed last night, 28 JULY 2011 !!!

Day 129: 28. july 2011. Libya news
24h/ Breaking news : Spain have confirmed that the members of the national council have run out of Libya
 23h/ Libya rebels in chaos as military chief killed by rivals, tribes take over Benghazi airport .
21h/ RAPE of LIBYA:  CAN WE STOP NATO DEVIL?  Bab al `Aziziyah -->
** During another rally for his supporters in the town of Zaltan near the Tunisian border, Libyan leader Muammar Al Qathafi said he is ready to "sacrifice" to defeat rebels battling his forces after they warned the deadline for him to step down and stay in Libya has expired.
Referring to the NATO alliance and the insurgents who are trying to force him out of his role as leader of Libya, in an audio message broadcast late on Wednesday, a defiant Al Qathafi said: "We are not afraid. We will defeat them."
He went on to say: "We will pay the price with our lives, our women and our children. We are ready to sacrifice ourselves to defeat the enemy.” 

22h/ For European bankers, it's a war for Libya's Gold. For oil corporations, it's a war for Cheap Crude (now threatening to destroy Libya's oil infrastructure, just like Iraq). But for Libya's women, it's a fierce, knock down battle over the Abaya— an Islamic style of dress that critics say deprives women of self-expression and identity.
21h/ Libya Diary: Arrived in Libya, less checkpoints on the way to Tripoli than the last time I was here at the beginning of June.
20h/ A Belgian court has thrown out a war crimes complaint against NATO filed by Muammar Gaddafi&aposs daughter over charges that a bombing in Tripoli killed her daughter, her brother and other family members.
19h/ A French court rejected a similar complaint against French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Defence Minister Gerard Longuet and French military officers on June 30.
19h/ Last night at twelve o'clock on a live TV show Libyan face to face in the program Mr. Shakir of the three leaders of the secret organization of Tripoli Intended to support the rebels and provoke unrest and NATO Then ask away.
18h/ In an audio message broadcast on the state TV on Wednesday, the Libyan strongman said his troops were lying in wait for foreign soldiers to intrude into their territory. "We are here waiting for you. And so are the Mediterranean fish," The Brother Leader Gaddafi said.
17h/ BRUSSELS — Attorneys have filed a civil lawsuit in Belgium accusing NATO of killing 13 civilians, including 3 children, by bombing a residence in Libya. Marcel Ceccaldi, a Paris-based lawyer, said Thursday he also has asked the Brussels District Court to send two experts to Libya to assess the physical and psychological damages of the attack near Tripoli in June so that he can determine what monetary compensation to seek from NATO.
15h/ WIKILEAKS- US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks expose some of the real reasons and diplomatic tensions behind NATO’s ongoing bombardment of Libya. Far from initiating a “humanitarian” intervention to protect civilians against Muammar Gaddafi’s government, Washington backed the NATO intervention for one reason only—the installation of a regime that better serves the strategic interests of the US, as well as the operations of the giant oil and gas companies.
14h/ The United States formally recognized the rebel council as the country’s legitimate government earlier this month, despite the fact that the rebel army is spearheaded by Al-Qaeda terrorists who are supposedly the target of a multi-decade “war on terror” that is now in its tenth year and has cost the U.S. a staggering $5.4 trillion since 9/11.
12h/ BENGHAZI, Libya, -- The rebel-backed Transitional National Council in Libya is gearing up to load 800,000 barrels of crude oil onto a tanker for shipment Monday, an official said. Read more:
11h/ ROME, -- Italian Defense Minister Ignazio La Russa met here on Wednesday with his French counterpart Gerard Longuet to discuss global military cooperation and the developments of the NATO-led operations in Libya, which both countries are actively involved.
10h/ ITALY- The Italian Senate voted to extend funding for foreign military missions, supporting forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and a NATO-led effort in Libya.
09h/ TRIPOLY, Libya - Libyan governmant has criticized Britain's recognition of the Libya's opposition Transitional National Council (TNC), describing the measure as “illegal.”​91102.html
08h/ Rebels attacked city Ghezaia with rockets and tanks this morning.Attacks come from the air (?!) and on ground.We hope to have more details soon about this
07h/ NATO: WE will be forced to bomb civilian targets. Bombing of civilian structures is TERRORISM! ... And we've seen so many violations of international law in past 4 months. In fact "they" smashed "international law".

Libya news [backup libyasos] 11. july - 28. july 2011. ->

Libya news [backup libyasos] 06. july - 11. july 2011. ->

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