Aug 24, 2011


Izraeli-Qatari TV station Al-Jazeera has made one more qrotesqe attempt to deceive the public, much like they did since the beginning of the conflict in Libya. Major news outlets such as CNN, BBC etc are only copy-paste servants of Al Jazeera (Izrael and Qatar) when it comes to the news about Middle East.

Picture on the left side was taken on 02-May-2011, it shows a dead body of a younger male, the one on the right side is a photoshopped picture made to deceive the public into believing that Leader Gaddafi is dead, it was shown on Al Jazeera. This TV station has been at the forefront of the propaganda war against Libya. For those who can’t separate fiction from fact, here’s a little explanation. Propaganda can be classified according to the source and nature of the message.

White propaganda generally comes from an openly identified source, and is characterized by gentler methods of persuasion, such as standard public relations techniques and one-sided presentation of an argument (NATO side). Black propaganda is identified as being from one source, but is in fact from another. This is most commonly to disguise the true origins of the propaganda, be it from an enemy country or from an organization with a negative public image (Al Qaeda and Muslim brotherhood rebels in Libya, identified as Freedom Fighters). Grey propaganda is propaganda without any identifiable source or author. A major application of grey propaganda is making enemies believe falsehoods using straw arguments: As phase one, to make someone believe "A", one releases as grey propaganda "B", the opposite of "A". In phase two, "B" is discredited using some strawman. The enemy will then assume "A" to be true. (Qatari-Hollywood-NATO scam staged at the moment) .

In the case of grey propaganda , lets say that the enemy of Al Jazeera is western public, Al Jazeera (AJ) wants that public to believe that the massacre happened in Tripoli (A). But first they are deceiving them with the “rebels conquered Tripoli” story. When it ‘turns out’ that the rebels are not that strong as everyone ‘thought’, a massacre will happen, which will probably be broadcast first through some more ‘independent’ TV station (e.g. RT, PRESS TV), a Strawman. Massacre leads directly to NATO ground invasion – which is the aim of the whole scam. What the NATO media is now doing with all this sensational false news , such as Gaddafi getting killed for the fifth time, his sons arrested etc, is called BUILDING UP THE MOMENTUM. They want to animate and heat up the western public, to make them cheer and take an unprescendend interest in Libyan ‘heroes’. So when the eufory of the public interest in the matter, reaches a PEAK, a massacre will happen. Western public will be furious and due to their dissapointed expectations will demand a help from NATO. Job done,Ground troops coming.

Methods used by them in their psychological warfare, involve false flag operations. Erecting a movie-set in a desert near Doha (Qatar) with a fake scenery of Tripoli’s Green Square (Libya) link was a start of NATO’s false flag operations called “Mermaid down” and “Bride of Mediterranean”. 
We warned before of their start (link)  Libyan government has been warning people, so much evidence around, genuine Libyans on internet (not the “FBI-software-twitter” ones) warned of this and noone cares to take a look, please read our earlier blog posts.

Those false flag operations are a cover up for a ground NATO invasion! Those ‘rebels’ celebrating their ‘victories’ on a ‘Green Square’ are a deception, we showed the evidence earlier in our posts (AL JAZEERA AND NATO PLANNING A MAJOR SCAM AND MASSACRE EVER), take a look and you’ll see! In fact rebels are weak, and have no popular backing among the Libyans, they were shipped from Benghazi with the help of NATO into their deaths. NATO pushed them to a slaughterhouse on purpose, knowing that they have no strength to survive in Tripoli. They are just a distraction for a major event- undercover arrival of the NATO mercenaries to the shores of Tripoli.

One of the main things in this Hollywood-like script is the presence of NATO snipers, labeled for propaganda purposes as “Gaddafi’s snipers” on CNN, AJ, BBC etc. There are around 150 snipers set-up around Tripoli, shooting civilians, in order to cause a panic and chaos, which will be staged as one of the reasons for a ground invasion. They want to reproduce the success of another false flag “shooting at the protesters in Benghazi”, which led to the NATO intervention and start of war. The problem is that the Libyan government already warned people of the NATO snipers days ago, ordinary citizents of Tripoli know very well whose snipers are those, only the people outside Libya have no clue! 
Well the only clue they can get is from truly independent journalists, such as Lizzy Phelan, Mahdi Nazemroaya and Frank Lamb. They are placed in the same “press” Hotel called Rixos, with the other journalists. Unfortunately for them and for their audience, hotel is full of fake journalists, or lets say –agents. CNN staff have directly threatened those independent journalists staying in the same hotel. Lizzy, Mahdi and Frank were shot at by NATO snipers, Frank (a fierce NATO-critic) was hit in the leg. While those brave free-spoken people fight for their lives in that hotel , one must remember that they also fight for me, you and other wanna-be-free people, they fight against the most powerful army in the world and their servants, which are there to steal the truth from us,to steal our freedom of thought. 
Please inform everyone around you at what is going on.
As one great journalist Steven Lendman said:
“This NATO-led war is ongoing ruthlessly for over six months against Libyans alone, it rages lawlessly out of control because justice, humanity cries for, is denied.Unless gotten, people everywhere won't be free. The stakes are that high.
February 2011 in Libya

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