Aug 19, 2011


1. According to reports from reliable sources, the fake scenery of Tripoli is erected in Qatar, in particular Bab al-Aziz and Green Square. Losing, coalition is preparing a grand spectacle. It prepares to destroy the remaining radio and television transmitters in Libya and block Libyan TV on the Internet to suppress truthful information.
At the same time, the U.S. sends more drones.
Those who control the global media and the NATO bloc, are apparently convinced that they were able to deceive everyone and impose their vision of the war in Libya. That is why they believe that the play they will play in the desert of Qatar, with layouts of Tripoli, will be gotten away with.
They will lie to the world, that there is an uprising in Tripoli, that the rebels demand from NATO to send peacemaker troops to destroy the remnants of the troops loyal to Gaddafi himself and his family. And at the same time, NATO will bomb Tripoli and all the cities of Libya, to kill as many as possible in order to destroy the most of the civilian infrastructure and cause a humanitarian catastrophe
If Gaddafi will go out to make a statement and reassure people, a bombing will destroy all who came to the square.
If you do not believe in this scenario, then think about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Dresden and Vietnamese village of My Lai and other victims of the countries that belong to NATO.

Translation of video:
Dear brothers .... it's true dear brothers that the Arab Nation is one nation
And the colonialists and their collaborators will not succeed in dividing us.
This nation was created as one nation and will remain one nation.
colonialists have tried to divide us by creating borders between us, they
tried to put doubt in our minds
Colonialism tried this with us in Egypt for 17 years, they tried to break our
revolution they attempted to create divisions amongst us but our masses
in Egypt succeeded in destroying these attempts and to continue the
journey raising the flag of Unity and Arab identity.
And you LIBYA ... you revolutionary Libya and you revolutionary Libyan
people have to benefit from our experience and draw lessons from this.
The colonialists and your enemies will try and divide you, they will use
psychological warfare on you..... and although they failed trying during
your great revolution, they will keep trying to chain you as they did in
the past .... But this nation that I saw Yesterday full of power, resolve
and determination.
And these people who are today screaming "one Arab Nation"
will succeed with Gods help to defeat all imperialist attempts.
will succeed with Gods help to defeat all imperialist attempts.
will succeed with Gods help to defeat all imperialist attempts.

 ‎"An anonymous source reports that NATO will try his last card, it would seem that they have reproduced in the studio decors of Tripoli, including Babaziziya accurate and they are going to simulate a power Tripoli after causing a general blackout, cutting electricity and transmissions. The aim is to break the morale of the brave Libyans and fool them , to carry the city and the country into a chaotic state ..."
French: "Une source anonyme rapporte que le nato va tenter sa dérniére carte , il semblerait qu'ils ont reproduit en studio les decors de Tripoli , notamment Babaziziya avec précision et qu'ils vont simuler une prise de Tripoli aprés avoir causé un blackout général en coupant electricité et transmissions .Le but est , casser le moral des braves Libyens et les tromper afin de mener la ville , et , le pays vers un état chaotique ...

3.  Video of huge weapons arsenal 'for Libya rebels' seized on Qatar boats

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