Aug 22, 2011

Battle for Libya: news 21. August 2011. Tripoli under fire

The Brother Leader  Gaddafi (Qadhafi, Kadhafi) with his uniform and kalashnikof - in Tripoli  [Al jamahiriya channel.] Gaddafi shown with an AK-47 rifle  today on Libyan TV. He's reportedly joining people in securing the streets of Tripoli

Update on Tripoli from Lizzie Phelan, 21.08.11, NATO War On Libya 

Lizzie Phelan: Media are Twisting the Truth on Rebels advance on Tripoli (August 21, 2011)

'Rebel snipers in Tripoli part of NATO plan to spark mass panic'

Moussa Ibrahim: "The Rebels would be Nothing Without NATO" 
(August 21, 2011)
Moussa Ibrahim speaks of 1300 people killed from 12.00 noon until 23.00 on August 21 with 5000 wounded. He expressed his fear that many families who are well-known people supporting Gaddafi are afraid that they will be killed by the Rebels to settle scores. They either need to fight or get killed.

He mentioned the killing of a civilian who was simply walking on the street. He was killed because he was a supporter of the Jamahiriya.

NATO has killed quite a lot of these 1300 people by bombing checkpoints and everything else that they have relentlessly bombed today.

He asks NATO to order their Rebels to return in order to prevent a massacre taking place in Tripoli. NATO is held responsible for this blood bath. They made sure the Rebels could enter Tripoli and settle the scores.

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