Aug 28, 2011

NATO-led rebels - psychopathic assassins destroy Tripoli

Where are NATO-led rebels  claimed celebrations in Tripoli?
Battle for Tripoli [26.08.2011.]
Tripoli 26/08/2011 Army and civilians in Abu Salim fighting rihadists. Where is the happy welcome party NATO-led rebels claimed they have in Tripoli? Despite NATO bombing and NATO mercenaries on the ground, rebel rats do not control absolutely nothing! **
Battle for Tripoli 

If NATO's campaign was going so well, then why are there thousands of mercenaries in Tripoli, from British to French to Germans to Qataris? Why is NATO arming the "rebels"? Why is NATO putting boots on the ground? Why is NATO bombing Libyan Armed Forces positions? Obviously it is not going well, because NATO has been unable to fight the fight using the original laws covering the conflict and adhering to the rules of engagement.
It is like a boxing match where one fighter, when losing, pulls a gun and shoots his opponent. Is that called winning? *

NATO democracy spread to Tripoli the capital of Libya 
being destroyed [28.08.2011.]

Message from Ruuby:
" One of our big newspapers (Bild) is telling today in a headline about celebrations in "freed" Tripoli. If you look closer, they only talk about rebels which are celebrating (not... the population of Tripoli). They say, rats freed people from jail, they do not say, that these prisoners are Al Kaida guys. It`s disgusting, with what glee they report on the looting of Aischa Gaddafis house; they tell something about a "tunnel system" - where they believe they gonna find Gaddafi. A few lines later they say, he is on his way to Algeria.
(Typical - not knowing anything but writing about it)
They are doing everything, to make the rebels look as friendly, happy and sympatic young freedomfighters, not one word about their massacres, the rapes.
Yesterday I read in a different journal about looting in Saadi`Gaddafis house. Our so called jounalists are not ashamed to report about designer underwear, about a very personal photobook belonging to this young man (pictures of young women - so what!!) and of course they had to add this lie: Saadi loved to torture his victims in his personal jail - thats what the rebells told the "journalist" - they heard it from somebody...
(I wrote them a letter, telling them, what I think of that kind of journalism. It will not change anything - but now they know that not everybody accepts their miserable style).

There will be a big celebration some day: the day NATO-rebels are driven out of Tripoli.THAN people will dance in the streets and recover from all the bad things that happened to them.

But why should people celebrate now? They are victims of bombings, victims of brutal gangs, who are just able to bring destruction and death because Nato protected them.
Dead people on the streets, soldiers executed, with their hands bound together on their backs- not the right scene for a nice, peaceful party.
NATO`s war against the civilians in Libya goes on: now they installed an al Kaida man in a high military position.
All I can do is pray for the people in Libya - I am really concernd about the women there, Al Kaida hates and disregards women..and NATO does not care."

 Jihadist in action
After covering Libya's rape since last winter in dozens of articles, no forgiving or forgetting is possible for one of history's great crimes.
Nor is ignoring those responsible, condemning them forthrightly, and explaining why all wars are waged. NATO outdid Orwell on this one, killing truth by calling war the responsibility to protect - by terrorizing, attacking, and slaughtering civilians like psychopathic assassins.

As a result, honest historians will redefine barbarism to explain NATO's savagery. It includes ongoing crimes of war and against humanity for the most malevolent reasons.
When is war not war? It's when committing cold-blooded murder is called the right thing. When major media scoundrels cheerlead it, and when most people believe it because they're too indifferent, uncaring or lazy to learn the truth.
NATO's rape of Libya is too ugly for proper words to describe. Only honest images can do it, and lots of them. Instead, the Big Lie substitutes for honest journalism, especially on television where real (not fake) visuals can show mangled bodies, mass destruction, and other evidence of NATO crimes.

Where civilian deaths can be shown graphically in living color. Where responsibility can be placed where it belongs. Where right and wrong can best be explained. Where repetition can arouse public outrage. Where proper analysis in advance perhaps can prevent all wars.

None are liberating, lawful, or virtuous. All are shamelessly exploitive. Libya's one of the worst - unscrupulously benefitting powerful interests criminally, ruthlessly, and diabolically.
It doesn't get any worse than that. Ask Lybians. They'll explain. ***

This video has been  deleted from YouTube .. becouse of extremely graphic footage?!? 
But this is LIBYA LIVE! We didn't make this "footage"  -  NATO  make this! IN LIVE!
Kinetic Libyan children killed by Kinetic NATO bombs
[ source: 
* Where is rebel's big Tripoli win and celebration?
**Tripoli: Media blackout, why? Tripoli: Media blackout, why?
*** Never Forgive, Never Forget - by Stephen Lendman ]
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