Aug 14, 2011


Libyan army is currently fighting against many special ground troops from USA, UK , France. (Although NATO denies them being on the ground).
BRITISH and French agents are on a £1million-a-week, do-or-die mission deep undercover in Libya to get Colonel Gaddafi. A team of 130 from the British security service MI6 and France’s Directorate-General for External Security will hunt for the dictator in Operation Fire And Forget.

This is a video from BEN WALID (Bani Waled)  taken on 12. August 2011.
As you can see , Ben Walid (Bani Waled)  is free and quiet, children are playing on the streets, life continues as normal.

This video is from ZLITEN (Zlitan) taken also on 12.08. Press conference of the survivers and cousins of those MASSACRED IN ZLITEN-MADJER on 08. August 2011. when NATO KILLED 85 CIVILIANS, AMONG WHOM THERE WERE 33 CHILDREN. Their sorrow is heartbreaking. ZLITEN SUPPORTS GADDAFI, and they want NATO and servants of the colonizers out of the country. 

R.I.P Martyrs of Zliten

This video is from BREGA  taken on 12. August 2011.. From the begining of conflict, rebels were saying each week "We are going after Brega now" all over again.. western media always reported it like they already conquered Brega so many times. But the truth is- rebels are nowhere to be seen in Brega! They obviously can't deliver the oil to their western masters, like they promised. 
Brega's oil still in the hands of LIBYAN PEOPLE. They are determined not to let it slip to the hands of the NATO rebels, which they usualy reffer to as "thieves".  

Lizzie Phelan from Libya  [report 14. August 2011.]
Another wave of the media war trying to create facts on the ground saying x,y and z town has been taken by the "rebels". NATO is bombing these areas to try and push the "rebels" in but as soon as they have planted their flag they have been pushed back again. Remember the people of Tripoli are armed to the teeth, it will be impossible for them to set foot here.
And the rebels take Tawergha? Come on people, Tawergha is a town populated by black Libyans. Why the hell would they want people who lynch them in public ruling them? The tribes of Beni Walid destroyed any trace of the "rats" there.

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