Aug 17, 2011

Muammar Al Gaddafi , speech [15. august 2011.]

Translated by:: (صقع عليك (احمد

Good evening. This is a day of challenge; day of pride and challenge and you are in the Green Square dancing, sing and challenging. Yes, despite the bombing sing, and dance, dance, challenge,fight !..... it is a great thing every day of Ramadan, despite the bombing you are here in the Green Square.
the Existins of the masses to challenge , dance, sing and fight.the end of the colonialism is close, and the end of the rat is close, fleeing from house to house from the public that is hunting them. there is nothing in front of colonialism and his folowers exept to resort to lies, and psychological warfare after failing with all its weapons
in all kinds of war.
Gaddafi's speech 15. august 2011. [audio ]
After all their methods failled they began and now moved to the psychological war. The first time they said that Gaddafi went to Venezuela; and that is something thant you want to laugh. Now they said that Gaddafi's went to the airport, if the bombing is continues; can the aircraft fly from Tripoli airport. If we respond back to all thire lies; this meaning we will continue twenty-four hours to respond to the lies. These are ridiculous people and their dirty families with stupid countries their channels that broadcasts lies; as long as their lies are proven false we do not need worry about it anymore; do not worry about them and we will not respond to it anymore; these liers no one thing and are been thought one thing and that is to lie.

Dear young people; the power of the youth, When the young man wrote the revolutionary phrases with blod. This is the mighty force on the screens. So they dont say that this call/speech has been recorded, it is 15 / 8, or 15 Ramadan, and we entered it after one Oclock. ** the leader speaks to the people in the march: Yes, yes I can see you dancing . Yes .. Yes, life the a stand on honer , we are not afraid if we where afreaid ; the peoples of Africa will be afraid; the Islamic people will be afraid; and the Arab nation will be afraid. No; We represent the pride of the nation, pride of the Islam, Pride of Africa, we the gate of Africa, we are defending Africa, we are the world revolution, which now prevail in Europe (London). Yes, I salute you; we see the bodies of the martyrs every day, but this increasevs our challenge; and it gives honor to the families of martyrs; the glory of the Libyan people, which has is resisting NATO alone; but the peoples of the world are with us; all the peoples of the world are with us. Demonstrations all over the world with you. Colonial rulers the imperialists who want the libyan oil are the only ones who are against you ; hell to them, the Libyan people all willing to die for oil...we will die for our oil. Yes, let your morale spirit high; life is a stand of honer. Yes, dance, sing, fight and challenge, men and women. Who wants to come to watching the men and women fighting, every Libyan citizen has a weapon and is ready to fight.

This is challenge. To teach the reactionaries the dictators the imperialists that at this time the city of Tripoli is been bombed , but look at the Libyan people in the Green Square in the heart of the city of Tripoli, dancing , singing and challenge, and the bombs are falling from behind him in this region. Now the bombs are falling; aerial bombardment, which does not respect us; does not respect Ramadan; does not respect our religion; does not respect our traditions.It Challenges us in our fasting, challenges us in our religion, and this makes us angry, and increases our anger and increases our ability to win. Despite this bombardment in this day of Ramadan, but here's the people in the Libyan city of Tripoli; dancing , singing and challenge the bombing. Danceing in the center of bombings; we dance and sing, despite the bombing.

The bombing will end ; and NATO ends defeated, and ends the reactionary, and with it will end the donkeys and the pigs of the Arabian Peninsula. the Libyan people and the al-Fateh Revolution are the only ones who will remain and will gane victory. Always forward defied; to fight for the liberation of Libya inch inch from the traitors and NATO when it descends to the ground; prepared to fight, prepared to march in million to clean up the land of good, the pure land, the land of ancestral, land of our Fathers, the land on which we will leave to our grandchildren.

Yes, a happy year for all of you . we will never firget the bodies of the martyrs, but we will celebrate the martyrs bodies our heros; this increases our challenge; the blood of the martyrs is like fuel in the battle; we will defeat them wherever they are.Victory will be for the Libyan people , and will celebrate in a hour of the hours without the bombing. yes, always, its always like this in the Green Square. Victory, Victory, Good night).
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