Aug 25, 2011

Libya news [backup libyasos] 18. august- 21. august

Day 154: 22. august 2011. Libya news  [Battle for Tripoli]
Midnight 21. August 2011.

24h/ "Good news. The situation is now very calm in Tripoli after  intervention of  Libyan army with tribes. The NATO lad rebels  are very small groups which want to make trouble here and there and flee. But the western and arabic chanels exagerate to make people afraid. This is all the story.Be confident and optimist. All the children of Kadhafi are free and are now fighting. The Libyan television continues its broadcasting by only sound without images because of disturbance caused by stallites over Libya."

22h/ An independent journalist sent us a memo: “Media are telling that the Libyan Government collapsed. NO. Saif al Islam was captured in Rixos, I’m in Rixos, and he was not here, so NO. The ICC tells that he is captured, but they’re lying! There is no one from ICC here...”
21h/ Forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi helped his son Mohammed flee house arrest on Monday, Al Jazeera television reported, as rebels sought to secure full control of the capital Tripoli. [COMEDIA DEL'ARTE IS countinue ... He never be arrested]


20h/ Saif al islam live now on the Alray channel, God is great!
19h/ Missy Kel / I have received a message from Lizzie Phelan saying she has been blocked from her facebook and email. She said this is clearly to try and stop the truth from getting out about what is happening. She has also been informed by CNN journalists that she must stop saying in her Press TV etc updates that Al Qaeda is working with the rebels because she will be accused of being a traitor.
18h/ Gunshots during RT live from Tripoli - Journalist Mahdi Nazemroaya, who is stationed in a central Tripoli hotel with the international press, says the journalists are being targeted by the rebels and the NATO forces that support them. While he is speaking to RT, shooting can be heard.
18h/ 'NATO not winning': Gunfire heard during Tripoli live report .Rebels say they now control most of Tripoli, and have taken Libyan state TV off air. But some reports also suggest that opposition fighters have been looting private houses.
18h/ #Libya Breaking News: From my cousin he is personal guard 4 Saif Islam Gaddafi,all the Family of Gaddafi is fine,sons of Gaddafi is leading the battle,its not battle as the #media says no it's only sum rats come from the east by #NATO helicopters,they put them in Tajura but Tajura is under control & Saif Islam was #speaking from Tajura 2 the #journalist.
18h/ Call to Tripoli in the heart of events moments ago. Green square is controlled by Libyan army. Media are fake. Fierce clashes in Gargalesh ( the hi society area of Tripoli ) where the residents proved traitors and raised the flag of shame.Libyan army and volunteers are cleaning the area. And in Tanjoura area clashes. but army has cntrol of the perimeter of the city.
Also Saif al Islam Al Gaddafi was in the port area earlier today in order to coordinate the defence from the rats that arriving with nato boats.
18h/ @rolandoteleSUR Journalists such as @lizziephelan received Death threats from CNN journalists for telling TRUTH Rebels in bed with Al-CiAda
17h/  Egypt, Jordan recognize the rebel National Transitional Council
17h/ Breaking news BBC: Our correspondent in the west of Tripoli says forces loyal to Col Gaddafi appear to have retaken ground that had been held by the rebels earlier in the day. The rebel unit he is travelling with has returned to the city but is several kilometres further from the centre than they were this morning  and CNN
17h/ Now online from honest eastern Libya confirms that the sons of the Arab tribes in Egypt and Benghazi honest Liberal will be crawling for Salloum and Benghazi

 TRIPOLI - 22 AUGUST 2011.
   What is called the "storm of Tripoli," in fact, of course, a landing operation of French, British, and (probably) American special forces. One of the main goals - it is possible to say - were the leaders of Defense and the leaders of the legitimate authority. Once this is admitted even by prominent and very cautious representative of the administration of the Russian Federation, Mr. Kosachev, dispute this fact is impossible. more on post
    After a serious panic in Tripoli, restored order with respect to the forces of brigade Khamis al-Qaddafi, and who came to his call volunteers, as citizens and residents of rural areas. In fact, the troops performed their mission: to perpetrate the capital of the maximum bloodshed and gave the picture. Now pockets of rebellion seems to be isolated.
    Rumors about the capture of Mohammed and Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi, at least for the moment, should be considered fiction, neither one nor the other has not yet shown on TV, but about Muhammad at all became aware that an attempt to capture it (a group of Special Forces on a tip from correspondents Al Jazeera, who took him for an interview) had failed. In general, as it turned out, the roof of correspondents of "civilized" media (CNN about it is known exactly) based Western intelligence agents and aviakorrektirovschiki.
   The Colonel is alive and with Khamis collects militia. At dawn, he - in his helmet and with a gun - found on Green Square, where, as it turns out, the rebels did not exist.
   All the "civilized" journalists gave slightly reversed in the sense of fanfare. All of the leaders of "civilized" world, from Juppe and Obama to Rasmussen and Merkel are silent in a rag unanimously, without haste to declare victory, and if something out loud and express, the only requirement to the Colonel, "to leave his post." Thats, there is no victory. Troopers s.hits and failed.
18h/ Libyan armed forces captain Hasan D
   Monday, 22.08.2011 - 16:53 | "There is a battle, and no taking of Tripoli did not exist. The situation has changed for the following reasons: First, last week, almost all combat sorties of enemy aircraft were directed exclusively against our weakened Tripoli group. We were forced to divert forces to Misratu, Breguet and to cover South.
   Secondly, the enemy came to the capital only because NATO ground operation started. Just last week we launched against large bands of foreign fighters from the so-called PMC (private military companies - Ed.), Which together with the rebels began to move under cover of air over land.
   And on August 21 the enemy launched a combined attack by sea, land and air. The first attempt was the approach the ship from Malta on the pretext of evacuating foreigners, whom they tried to land directly at the port of Tripoli landing, but we fired him, and he walked away. Two days in a row are large-scale bombing, which we have not seen. Disrupted electricity, telephone service works with large faults.
   And finally, the evening of August 21 helicopters landed troops of the enemy continuously SWAT NATO forces and foreign mercenaries. According to intelligence, in Tripoli entered raiding the British SAS, French GIGN and the Foreign Legion.
    A morning of August 22 several hundred boats landed under cover of "Apache" along the coast of Tripoli, a major assault of the enemy, who quickly began to move forward. Among them were the British and French mercenaries and kaidisty who mercilessly kill residents and raping women. Measures are taken to destroy them. Captured and killed at least a few members of attack, with British papers. "
17h/ Qataris Killed in Tripoli As City Brought Under Control. Qatari soldiers in front of my eyes, big beards, and on my hands right now I'm holding a Qatari passport... there are a lot of them but Tripoli is under control, it's all secure, everything is fine.
16h/ Rafael Fernandes reports:
There are currently French and English troops on the Libyan coast about 20 km from Tripoli trying to enter the city with the excuse of saving the Libyan people of the "claws" of Libyan leader when the army entered the city to defend the population. These troops have now found that they can not defend the Libyan people because the army has not entered Libya in Tripoli.
When the Libyan government became aware of the situation handed over weapons to the population of Tripoli and told them to defend against the rebels who came by sea.
15h/ State TV Libya until Tripoli ignores events. / 22.08.2011 14:20 /
Libyan state television channel "Al-Jamahiriya", apparently, still in the hands of supporters of Muammar Gaddafi, is not paying any attention to events in the capital, reports "Interfax".
According to her, at the present time, state television shows the transfer of Libyan cardiovascular diseases.
[ It was reported that the opponents of Gaddafi said on Monday that already control 95% of Tripoli.]
15h/ Olga Sokolova 22 August - In the city gangs entrenched at Marriott Hotel (now the building is burning ) in the west of Tripoli, and to create a panic tried to open fire on peaceful civilians. To do this, have been previously rented rooms with help of agenсies with a British passports under the guise of journalism and business (they wanted to repeat the situation that has already taken place in Benghazi).
thats how it as done...but with british passports!?!
14h/ I have been in Tripoli for approx one month, it is not until THIS moment that the rebels are in the city that I and all the other journalists have not felt safe. Lord only knows what the masses of people in Tripoli who heroically supported their government are going through. Thinking of the many friends I have made here who have become family, I hope they are safe,.also this is the first time I have not been able to move outside of a hotel. Before the streets were safe to go anywhere in the capital [Lizzie Phelan] 
11h/ it is not looking good guys. I think the situation has changed, I know some areas of the capital are definitely under rebel control, how much it is impossible for me to say. Anyway I am awaiting evacuation with all the other foreign journalists..Britain, France and the United States have unleashed a nightmare in this region that will backfire extremely. [Lizzie Phelan] 
09h/ I have now from RELIABLE sources that the Libyan army is still in control of Tripoli. Al J footage of Green Sq was FAKE. Gaddafi went to Green Sq with one of his sons. Things much calmer now. Really need to sleep for a couple of hours. More info soon 
Looks like govt strategy was to draw all the rebels into Tripoli, and allow them in essentialy, because hitherto they have been operation in sleeper cells, unknown to the govt/army. this way they were brought out in the light of day. Big tribes inc Wafalla, Washafana, Tarhouna etc came to Tripoli to support the army. RIP all the martyrs.
14h/ "The Russian military-diplomatic source, who is now in the Libyan capital, also confirmed this information on Skype "" "Shops are closed, the streets of downtown police patrols and army units. But all was quiet, no shooting, "- he said.
A source at the Embassy of Libya states that "staff who distribute the western television that the rebels in the heart of... celebrating a victory, shot in a special pavilion, which last month was built near the capital of Qatar, Doha." "The pavilion was built almost exactly on the plan of Tripoli, but it can not account for all the destruction from the recent bombing of the city. And it shows, "- says an employee of the embassy. 
13h/ Distribute the Western Television That the Rebels in the Heart of celebrating a victory, shot in a special pavilion, which last month was built near the capital of Qatar, Doha. " "The pavilion was built almost exactly on the plan of Tripoli, but it can not account for all the destruction from the recent bombing of the city. And it shows," - says an employee of the embassy
12h/ The English daily THE SUN is reproducing edited pictures of the march of a million held in Tripoli on the 1st of July in support of Gathfi as though they are "the people of Tripoli celebrating the Liberation of the city from Gathfi." The photo-shop fix was easy. Just enlarge and add in the black and red colours on the green flags. Check it for yourself and be aware of the deception!.this is amaizing?!? HOW THEY CAN BE LIER SOO BIG LIER ?!? look photo look colors ? SIMPLY IT IS NOT TRUE]
10h/ lManuel Ernesto De Brabandere: Suggestion, we should stop calling them RATS,!!!
A rat is a decent animal compared with this GENOCIDES AND THIEVES!!!

Let’s called that way GENOCIDES AND THIEVES it will be good for later on when they have to face an INTERNATIONAL PEOPLES COURT in a trial transmitted worldwide not like USA has avoid to do for more than 11 years to the innocent person that are in incarceration now violating all international rules.
Example Guantanamo, a military USA base illegally in the Republic of CUBA.
We would like to read others opinions. I might be wrong.

09h/ Assassination Attempts Against Independent Journalists in Libya. Assassination attempts against independent truth media journalists operating in Libya, of which there are only 5 known to Mathaba, of which 3 have been targeted as soon as the NATO-led rebel advances on Tripoli 
08h/ Truth journalist Mahdi Nazemroaya fired on at Tripoli hotel by NATO backed terrorists and snipers, threatened by CNN 'journalist'
07h/  21 agosto 2011 - El presidente de Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, denunció este domingo que el imperialismo de Estados Unidos y sus aliados de Europa están perpetrando “una masacre” en Libia con el fin último de hacerse de las riquezas petroleras de esa nación.

Day 153: 21. august 2011. Libya news

01h/ Ali Elsharif - Tamam Sir, the situation returned to control new in a number of areas where there have been confrontations and defeat the rats to the back, and the arrival of reinforcements thousands made up of all parts of the Libyan capital, Tripoli, and the return canals Libyan broadcasting after being bombed by NATO ...
00h/ The Brother Leader  Gaddafi (Qadhafi, Kadhafi) with his uniform and kalashnikof - in Tripoli  [Al jamahiriya channel.] 
 23:30h/ Update on Tripoli from Lizzie Phelan, 21.08.11, NATO War On Libya & DR Moussa Ibrahim  All news till 22h are in this post -- Battle for Libya: news 21. August 2011. Tripoli under  fire

** Tonight NATO carried out heavy bombings of several districts in Tripoli.100 people were killed, civilians among them As a result, about . Rescuers are still working, which is why the exact number of the dead and wounded is still unknown.
22h/ #Libya: Tribes deny NATO-led rebels claim that they support civil war; say they will protect sovereign of Libya and their tribes' pride.
22h/ #Libya: UK directing NATO-led rebels to provide them sensitive information about Libya that could endanger national security.
22h/ #Libya: US and UK Special forces seen on ground in Tripoli.
PoshBirdGabi (@PoshBirdGabi) [ ] #ATTENTION #HUMANS: DO NOT BE FOOLED! YOU WERE WARNED AND NOW IT IS UNFOLDING. by PoshBirdGabi (@PoshBirdGabi) [ ]
There were reliable reports from Qatar to the Libyan people about the NATO crusaders plans to deceive the world with a hollywood style portrayal of a "rebel" victory ( It also filtered to us here in Canada (
Earlier this week, former CIA asset at the United Nations Susan Landauer also told us that we would experience a Main Stream Media (MSM) blitzkrieg claiming NATO "rebel" victories across Libya (
We have seen the truth of these predictions with our own eyes as the New York Times pumps out pure propaganda that Stephen Lendman challenges ( Independent journalists are also taking note of this increase in pro-NATO pro-war media propaganda (
While this is happening, America tries to steal Libyan money at the United Nations. Their perfidity was challenged by South Africa (
Do NOT allow media lies to pull you into supporting another illegal, immoral, and simply vicious war based on nothing but lies ( 

 22h/ Egypt - Libya's civil war so far has involved some serious urban fighting in towns such as Misrata, but most battles have been relatively small skirmishes.If Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi retains the loyalty of large numbers of security forces in the capital, the ragtag opposition forces could struggle and there would be little NATO air strikes could do without risking civilians.
22h/ Libya S.O.S. without  internet access all day

Day 152: 20. august 2011. Libya news
23h/ Basic points of the conference of Dr. Mousa Ibrahim about the facts and the situation on the gound today ( 20-8-2011)
1.Tripoli is safe, some claimed that the rebels were in airport.The jounalists were taken to the airport in order to verify the security of the area.
2.Zliten is in firm control of the Libyan armed forces. some rebels tried to come from misrata ( dafniyah) direction but they died in the gates of Zliten.
3.Brega is secure and safe under the Libyan armed forces.
4.Some pockets of resistance are in some west cities,especialy in surman city, but they face poplar resistance and they are eventually defeated.
5.The armed gangs have not made any progress at all.On the contrary they are now facing defeat or suicide.
6.Libya always wanted a political solution to this crisis bt the other part rejected any African Union or international peace effort and proposal.
7.Dr Al Baghdadi al Mahmoudi called the Secretary gerneral of the united nations and suggested that Mr. Ban kim Moon and a high delegation of the AU to come in Tripoli and investigate the NATO crimes against the citizens and the violations of resolutions and also to make a combined effort to bring peace without any external agendas. 
Sukant Chandan --In Libya NATO *literally* bomb a path with their jets and apache helicpoters for the pro-nato slaves/rebels to then advance, only then to run back when Libyan army start to get them. For eg, last night AJE etc saying pro-nato rebels took Brega, bt now they saying Gadaffi's people has taken Brega back.

22H/ Since the beginning of the NATO operation (31 March 2011, 06.00GMT) a total of 19,646 sorties, including 7,423 strike sorties,have been conducted. 
21h/ Libya / Tripoli: Inhuman NATO war crimes. Part 4 - Today. 19 August 2011
20h/ Rebels admitted losing the battle of Brega. This is only the beginning of the end of lies. The truth should always win because it is stronger.
20h/ Demonstration in Paris first week of september against Bombarding in Libya and against nato war crime.
19h/In addition to exposing the rapacity of the United States, this incredible episode demonstrates that the self-proclaimed "Free Libya" of Misrata and 
 Benghazi is not governed by the National Transitional Council (CNT), which is nothing but a facade, and a seriously cracked one at that. Eastern Libya is controlled by NATO and administered by the Libyan Information Exchange Mechanism (LIEM), an informal entity with no legal personality, which was established in Naples by the United States alone, although some of its employees are Italians
18h/ NATO warplanes are bombing Tripoli, as Western-backed forces affiliated to the Transitional National Council (TNC) continue to launch ground offensives with NATO air support to encircle the Libyan capital. The US press increasingly claims that the TNC will soon defeat the Libyan government of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, against whom NATO has waged war, using the TNC as its ground forces, since March. The collaboration between far-right Islamist groups and the NATO countries further exposes the cynicism of the “war on terror” waged by the US and the European powers. While citing Al Qaeda as an absolute evil that justifies war and deep attacks on democratic rights, they can collaborate with similar forces when it suits their imperialist interests.
17h/ #Libya: An estimated more than 55,000 people have been killed since NATO started bombing Libya.[ cdoebbler curtis doebbler]
16h/ NATO targets civilians traveling from Tunisia to Libya in blatant violation of international humanitarian and human rights law.
**  AL QAEDA of Maghreb confirms that one of their heads was killed in the clashes that took place between zawiyah-sabartha.
16h/ BY Trajan " A) A small group of rebels entered the refinery of Zawia but they have been chased away.
B) A small attack of about 8 cars tried a desperate attack from the southern areas of Zlitan in an attempt to force government forces to come out of Misrata to confront them but they were defeated and pushed away by the Tribes of Zlitan, with the volunteers from all over Libya
C) Rebels supply routes in the west have been cut so they can't progress anywhere
D) The only major presence of rebels in the west is still Sorman with area controlled by rebels but in Sabratha there are pockets of them in some areas
E) There is fighting in Al Harsha west of Misrata and in Dafnia
F) There was intensified bombing on "military targets"-- residential areas-- in Tripoli. 27 dead-- witnesses say they bombed a mosque, homes, a medical warehouse, a heart clinic (used to treat wounded). The bombing does not have a military purpose, but phycological. NATO is using sonic-booms to frighten the women and children. they fly over a location and enter sonic speeds mimicking the sounds of bombs. Zlitan: rebels are trying to draw the army away from Misrata (this translation by Yelbihs,.)"[Thanks to Trajan K.]
14h/ Yesterday Nato aircraft invaded the airspace of Tripoli and more than 100 bombs Launched on the city. Even dropped bombs on the streets Trying to terrorize the Population of Tripoli.
13h/ PoshBirdGabi-Why was it relevant for him to point out that the soldiers were ALL BLACK??? Not(@YouTube
Note the very happy brit reporter! no question here if her doubting what shes being told. Did NATO Kill off Libyan Soldiers that were fleeing on a Boat? (August 18, 2011)
12h/ Berlin under fire over "secret" participation in NATO's Libya mission. Berlin's official position is that no German troops are being deployed in Libya. But Bundeswehr soldiers are indirectly taking part in the conflict by providing target assessment for their NATO allies.,,15331653,00.html
12h/ With the Libyan rebel movement insisting once again that they are on the cusp of “victory” in the seemingly endless civil war, US officials are warning that the regime is preparing for a “last stand” in the capital city of Tripoli.

Day 151: 19. august 2011. Libya news
00h/ LIBYA NEWS IN FRENCH english in desciption Dr. Mousa Ibrahim [19.08.2011]  - In Zawia the situation is Stable but there were skirmishes in the western region
Sorman is still suffering from the existence of these gangs but we are working continuously to free it, and it wouldn't be a difficult thing because the area has shown great loyalty to the country and support for our leader.
Sabratha's situation is much better than Sorman with volunteers now assuring security in the center of the town and helping the locals. 
20h/ Big  fight fighting broke out on Friday in the Libyan city of Zawiyah, Reuters witnesses said, in an apparent counter-offensive by Muammar Gaddafi's forces against rebels advancing toward Tripoli.
Breaking News: around 300 rebels tried to enter Zliten city today
But our brave people in Zliten , men and women fought those rats all of them got killed . also because people is full of anger .
URGENT: NATO crusader destroys 10 buildings in the center of Zliten and kill dozens of civilians now in the heavy bombardment of the city.
URGENT: NATO bombed  next to a mosque Abdul Salam Al Asmar Zliten occurs in severely damaged of its aspects. Urgent and desperate attempt to rebel NATO .Holly today to circumvent the forces of the armed people to enter the Zliten and I Ashaws Zliten instructed them a lesson they will never forget   [source facebook]
04h/ Libyan PM Bagdadi Press Conference (English) 18.08.11, NATO War On Libya [noone of media dodn't wrote about this tragedy]
03h/ Eyewitness in LIBYA / Lizze - RIP Shahil Hassan Ali Ibrahim Today we received the terrible news, that is likely to be disgracefully spun by the international media as “legitimate” targeting of the assassination of government spokesman, Dr Moussa Ibrahim’s, younger brother Hassan and three of his friends.
2:40h/  Breaking News: Tripoli is now under heavy shelling  -
NATO now bombed the technical secondary school and its neighboring with about 10 missiles and the aircrafts are still flying in the city sky, bombing caused extensive damage to houses and shops near the place .. No reports of injuries until now!
01h/ Eyewitness in LIBYA / Leonor- Libya Leonor UpDate - August 18
00h/ Eyewotnes in LIBYA / Al Fatah BR.NEWS 2day THEY BOMBED NON stp - #NATO INFORMED THRU' FLIERS PAPERS & RADIO CHANNEL 2 "#Stay #Away From Bab Alzizia at least 3 Km" 
***  Rape of Libya: NATO Bombs UNESCO World Heritage Site and rebels smuggling the Libyan national treasure 'Cultural property represents in tangible form some of the evidence of man's origins and development, his traditions, artistic and scientific achievements and generally the milieu of which he is a part.
04h/ Just 20 percent of Americans now support continued U.S. military action in Libya, a new low — down from 26 percent in June and 24 percent in July, a new Rasmussen Reports poll reveals.
09h/ The division of Libya into three separate countries has been an old imperialist objective of the U.S., Britain, Italy, and France. There have been at least five attempts to divide Libya.
"Dear friend Lamb
Libyans are a good and a proud people. You and I have spoken about Omar Muktar and our defeat of the Italians that cost us more than one-third of our relatives who fell in battle. Do you know my friend that during the Ottoman Empire centuries of colonization which was the only Arab or Muslim country to rebel again them? It was Libya. Only Libya, led by her tribes. We stood up against the Turks and fought two 20 year wars against them. Do NATO and Obama believe they can defeat us?
Your friend,Mohammad.”
 Omar Muktar and Italias
Truth be told, some foreign observers, and certainly this one, having been based in Tripoli the past nearly eight weeks, have not taken very seriously occasional media predictions that Tripoli might soon be invaded by “NATO rebels” and certainly not by NATO country forces putting their boots on the ground. 
13h/ teleSUR NATO Intensifies Attacks over Tripoli, Zawia, Killing Civilians, War On Libya
14h/ Fighting in Zawiya has focused on two main streets  — Omar Mokhtar and Gamal Abdel-Nasser streets. At the front line, rebel field commander Rida Shaeb said Gadhafi forces held the main Zawiya hospital, as well as a hotel and a bank on the main square. Shaeb's unit of about two dozen men was pinned down about 200 yards (meters) from the main square, and left its position after a particularly heavy barrage of mortars and rockets. [what is this? jouranlism? ]
15h/ GENEVA - The United Nations said today it would mount an operation, probably by sea, to evacuate thousands of foreigners trap ped in Tripoli. More than 600,000 of an estimated 1.5 million to 2.5 million foreigners, most of whom are Asian and African migrant workers, have fled six months of fighting in Libya. However, many have remained in Tripoli, which until this week was far from fighting and a safe two-hour drive from the Tunisian border.
16h/ CANADA - Canada’s forces are due to leave Libya by the end of September unless Parliament agrees to another extension. What was behind this from the start was irrational Western optimism that with a little help, the rebels would overthrow Gaddafi and quickly establish a pluralistic Western democracy in North Africa. This is very little different from the exuberant thinking of the Bush administration that Iraq
17h/ MALTA  - The catamaran left Malta early on Tuesday morning. It sailed towards Sfax in Tunisia from where it picked up 620 Libyans aged between 27 days and 80 years. 495 were children. 200 were transported to Misurata while 420 were taken to Benghazi. 287 were injured and although they received medical treatment in Tunisia they were given further treatment by the Maltese crew.
18h/ JAKARTA - Strong explosions rocked Tripoli Friday as fighting between rebels and Moamer Kadhafi's forces raged on multiple fronts in western Libya and the Red Cross warned the humanitarian situation is worsening.
20h/ GERMANY - German opposition deputies are up in arms over Germany's military participation in the NATO planning of bombing missions in Libya after the government specifically said it would not take part in the war. German soldiers "are directly involved in the war" without prior approval by the German parliament, Green Party deputy Hans-Christian Stroebele thundered on ARD public television Friday.
21h/ ANGOLA, LUANDA - Angolan president calls on NATO to end raids on Libya. President dos Santos urged the concerned parties to negotiate a political solution without preconditions. He also expressed hope that the parties concerned would adopt the road map proposed by the African Union (AU) to solve the crisis in Libya.
22h/ TUNISA -  War StranglesLivelihoods On the Border
22h/ Revolutions often aren't so revolutionary . Back in February, as the Arab Spring was still springing, an unnamed Egyptian "human rights activist" said of the "ci-devant" Egyptian ruling class: "This is their Robespierre moment." It was a remarkably cavalier way to describe the threatened mass detainments of the time.

 Day 150: 18. august 2011. Libya news
*** Seraj area in Tripoli was bombed last night by NATO (witnessed by residents of Tripoli).  Seraj is predominantly a heavily residential area with schools, hospitals, colleges and universities.  What exactly is NATO trying to do? and why has mainstream media failed to report this bombing?
17h/ Five loud explosions shook the center of Libya's capital
24h/ GENEVA, Switzerland, August 18, 2011/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- Over the past few days, intensified fighting has resulted in a rapid deterioration in the humanitarian situation in and around Brega, Al Zawiya, Gharyan, Sabratha and near Misrata.
15h/ NATO bombs UNESCO heritage site in Libya
** NATO’s Puppet Regime in Libya Falls Apart. The NATO powers’ decision to back a group like the TNC shows that their intervention in Libya never aimed to protect civilians or establish democracy, but to advance their strategic and economic ambitions.
** Libya and the end of Western illusions ->
** Ethnic Cleansing of Black Libyans.
24h/ Why I will be in Trafalgar Square on 8 October: Lindsey German - Convenor of Stop the War Coalition
23h/ BARBADOS March for Libya- About 50 people from 13 community-based organizations staged a pro-Libya demonstration yesterday and denounced Britain and the United States for their involvement in the conflict in the North African state.
 23h/ Libyan citizen sends an open letter to the heads of America, France, Britain and Italy -- I am a civilian and all members of my family did not feel safe and secure days after your intervention military Naked on my savage. Who are the civilians who intervened to protect them? You intervened to protect a handful of bands Armed criminal and destroyed and killed ... 
23h/ The opinion of the Libyan nation:While we know and everyone knows that Mercenary writers, reporters and media professionals in Qatar far outnumber the population...
22h/ When the U.S. promised the Libyan rebels access to Libyan government accounts I predicted that one of the consequences of this would be a retraction of sovereign funds from the "western" financial systems:
22h/ Let us start in the East. Al-Brega has not fallen at all. It is totally under the control of the Libyan Armed Forces (LAF). In fact, the LAF are currently conducting operations inside Benghazi itself, where the terrorist elements are in total disarray after fighting amongst themselves, stealing the money NATO has been giving them...
21h/ Ливийский народ продолжает сражаться и одерживать победы, несмотря на заметное ухудшение гуманитарной ситуации в стране. Об этом шла речь на открытии 16 августа выставки "Ливия в борьбе", созданной усилиями фотокорреспондента НиколаяСологубовского.
19h/ There's no fighting in Tripoli, never has been, so why is NATO bombing the civilians and infrastructure?!
18h/ UK banks funding cluster bombs ->
18h/ China sends emergency aid to Libya
18h/ As a gift to the Muslim community for their 17th day of Ramadan, NATO bombed a power plant and six high voltage sub stations. Apparently they believed the Libyans would have no ability to repair this, and so, in their “humanitarian effort to protect civilians,” they tried to cut power to 2 million innocent people during the holy month of Ramadan and the hottest month of the year in this desert country. Well, NATO sorely underestimated these resilient people. They had the power back in 6 hours!
17h/ ATTENTION! According to reports from reliable sources, the fake scenery of Tripoli is erected in Qatar, in particular Bab al-Aziz and Green Square. Losing, coalition is preparing a grand spectacle. It prepares to destroy the remaining radio and television transmitters in Libya and block Libyan TV on the Internet to suppress truthful information.
17h/ BENGHAZI, Libya — Libyan rebels fought on Thursday to close in on Tripoli and claimed to have seized a key refinery, as their chief said he feared a bloodbath in a battle for the capital.Yet Abdel Jalil said he hoped to celebrate???? in Tripoli -- a city of more than one million inhabitants -- the feast of Eid al-Fitr, which will cap the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan at the end of August
17h/ Video of huge weapons arsenal 'for Libya rebels' seized on Qatar boats
16h/ An Explanation of Current Events in Libya. Please take the following into consideration, this may help you see what the events during Ramadan really are.
15h/ Хроника войны в Ливии
13h/ BENGHAZI: Libya's rebel leaders have set out a fresh plan to transform the country. "Libya is a democratic and independent state," the document states, "the people are the source of authority, Tripoli is the capital, Islam is the religion and Islamic sharia is the principal source of legislation."
Five loud explosions shook the center of Libya's capital Thursday afternoon
13h/ ANKARA (Xinhua) -- Turkey has sent 14,000 tons of Euro diesel to Libya under an agreement with the Libyan rebel National Transitional Council (NTC), the semi-official Anatolia news agency reported on Tuesday.
12h/ BENGHAZI, Libya, Aug 17 (Bernama) -- The Libyan opposition welcomes Chinese enterprises back to Libya and looks forward to China's participation in rebuilding the country, an opposition leader said on Wednesday.
12h/  PARIS, Aug 18 (Reuters) - Former French prime minister Dominique de Villepin has met Libyan rebels and envoys loyal to Muammar Gaddafi in Tunisia for talks aimed at ending the conflict, aFrench newspaper reported on Thursday.
12h/ BENGHAZI: Libya's rebel leaders have set out a fresh plan to transform the country. "Libya is a democratic and independent state," the document states, "the people are the source of authority, Tripoli is the capital, Islam is the religion and Islamic sharia is the principal source of legislation."
01h/ Five loud explosions shook the center of Libya's capital Thursday afternoon
00h/ Libyan rebels re-open Washington embassy ... Obama meets with national security team ... Bush: Export controls hurting U.S. drone makers ... Slaughter wants fix for defective body armor

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