Jun 9, 2011

(V) Rape in Libya

Aljazeera Missuratah - Asamao Mad & criminal acts of rebels

REBEL: She told us "Please this is not our ways or what our faith or our Islam condones. Please why are you doing this?"

REPORTER: And you didnt listen to her?

REPORTER: Because you have no heart or feelings to listen to her, your conscious is dead! I will let the Libyan people watching to analyze or try to understand this because I cant understand it or make sense of it!!! so you cut her breasts off?
REBEL: Yes, and her daughter fainted, and we went back for the rest of the children
REPORTER: And you went out to celebrate?
REPORTER:Tell me about the celebration, how did u celebrate?
REBEL: We put  breasts on a table and we were chanting and saying God is Great.
REPORTER: You can even say God's name? How can you know God?..Ok what table? Tell me about it
REBEL: We got a table and and displayed  breasts we cut off from the girls and women
REPORTER: Tell me more about this celebration..what else did you do?
REBEL: We were drinking alcoholic drinks and had the radio on.
REPORTER: So you were happy?
REBEL: Yes we even had drinks and pastries and desserts
REPORTER: You had food and drinks and pastries laid out?!!!!!!! dear GOD!!!................Tell me do you believe in God? Even though I don't think you have any idea about HIM. You know if you weren't sitting here right in front of me and I am hearing this from you, your confessions, I wouldn't believe it because I don't think any human being can commit such ugliness such as slaughtering, beheading, raping and then mutilating and cutting off the raped women's breasts and then celebrate and dance and have cake afterwards!!!! there is no category in the human race for such an example as the one sitting in front of me now!
part II

REPORTER: Continue 
REBEL: I went back tot he warehouse, changed my clothes and then went back to my checkpoint. Two days later they called us and told us to meet at the court house.
REPORTER: The raping and choping off breats how much did u get paied to do that?

 REBEL: We didn't do it for money
REPORER: Then you  contacted by this man called Baset?
REBEL: Yes. We  called to meet at the court and we  told to fill the fire trucks with gasoline, so we did then we returned them to the fire stations.
REPORTER: To fill he gas tank or the water tank?

REBEL: Fill the water tank with gasoline
REPORTER: There are two tanks, the big one that is for water to put out fires, and there is the smaller one for gas...

REBEL: Yes we filled the big ones, the watrer tanks

REBEL: Becase we were told that the army was coming, so the plan was to drive the fire trucks to the army convoies and blow them up
REPORTER:  I see, so you mean when the convoies arrive you would take the fire trucks and blow them up in order to cause as much damage and kill as many of the army as possible???!!

REBEL: Yes exactly
REPORTER: And those men from the army , where are they from??
REPORTER: and where are you from?

REPORTER: How can you do all that?? continue
REBEL: A couple of days later, we  contacted again and  told that a group of people will be coming from Tawergha to get gas and they were captured at the checkpoint because they are from Tawergha and it is known tat people from Tawergha are supporters of Gaddafi so we captured them and took them to the jail in the court house, and the next day we tied them up and took them to the slaugter house.
REPORTER: What? They were alive? 
REPORTER: So these are normal people who just came to fill up their cars with gas and you captured them and took them to the slaughter house?
REBEL: We took them and beheaded them, all of us did, the 6 men from Tawergha
REPORTER: did you chop them off? Or just the heads?

 REBEL: We separated the heads from the bodies and put them in the meat locker or freezer then we went back tot he court house and each one of us received a 1000 Libyan dinars. Then I went home, changed my clothes and went back to my checkpoint where forces of the army came from the south , we were told to let them enter the city, there were 4 tanks and a number of jeeps , there was cross fire in the are of SHRAKSA where 8 of the Libyan troops died
REPORTER; and how many of your group died

REBEL :4 of us died
REPORTER; OK continue

REBEL: The army forces retreated, we took the corpses of the deead soldiers back to the court house, there was a tank there set on fire and an Egyptian man by the name of kaled Abu Ziad, he was holding the body of a Libyan soldier
REPORTER: Who is the Egyptian?

REBEL; He was one of us, he works with us, so we gathered the bodies of the dead troops, and one of us , he is from the family Shnesha, ripped the heart out of the soldier's body
REPORTER: So you cut his chest open??

REBEL: YES , and got his heart out and the man from Shnesha family stepped on it and stomped it with his shoe (the heart). Then the bodies were taken upstairs, by then we had all gathered around and we were chanting slogans of victory.
REPORTER: Victory for whom? I dont know how to even speak to you..I just can't.. ok ok carry on continue

REBEL: We went back to the slaughter house and put the bodies in the freezer, then went back and got our money.
REPORTER: So basically any crime, rape, slaughter, mutilation, u get paid for? So basically its a business, you just have to sell your heart and feelings and conscious in exchange... so how much did you get this time?
REBEL: 20,000 Libyan dinars
REPORTER: All this money, and all these amounts you are talking about is for what?

REBEL: It is to encourage and motivate us, to destroy and vandalize and commit crimes , whoever does that gets huge sums of money, anyway so I went back home to change my clothes then went to sleep, the next morning I headed to the checkpoint where we stayed for about a week, checking and searching who passes through, then we  told to be careful since the army might be coming so we were warned, and the army forces did attack and we ran away and retreated and went into houses to hide

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