Jun 13, 2011

They will attack you [NATO used Depleted Uranium in Libya war]

 [NATO used Depleted Uranium in Libya
    On Tuesday the British Foreign Secretary William Hague told the House of Commons "We are flying fifty missions per day". The sheer cold-blooded evil of OTAN's leaders is by now apparent, as for them shards of glass flying through babies' lungs, shrapnel piercing the throats of three-year-olds and little girls and boys tortured to death by the sub-human filth they have sided with, the armed Islamist terrorists led by Al-Qaeda capo Hasidi, mean nothing.
       Fifty missions per day. Fifty terrorist strikes per day. Depleted uranium released into the Libyan atmosphere leaving swathes of territory contaminated outside the theatre of war (illegal and in breach of the Geneva conventions), acts of criminal damage without any declaration of war (war crimes, who is going to pay for this? You do not go into someone else's country and bomb infrastructures, destroying government and private property then act as if nothing had happened. Someone will have to PAY for this) and acts of murder, including those of civilians and children. Those responsible will be brought before courts of law, tried and judged for their crimes.
    The cyber war ongoing is closing down the evidence produced by those inside Libya fighting against this Islamist scourge and there are many links that close as soon as they are posted on the Internet. It is called Freedom of Expression (interesting how the USA complains when its systems are hacked, but what about the attack on Iran's Internet system?) However, some survive.
     The footage of rebels cutting out the heart of a Libyan government soldier and burning it has suffered a cyber terrorist attack, as has the one of a Libyan civilian having his head cut off in the street. See the links below for extensive photographs of Libya's "unarmed civilians" and footage of horrific atrocities committed by the terrorists NATO is protecting....
by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

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