Jun 17, 2011

(V) Tripoly 17.06.2011. Green Square Gadaffi' s SPEECH

Leonor says:
Right now I am told that tens of thousands of Libyans in Tripoli's Green Square:
1.Show the world that the Libyans are against the invasion.
2.The Libyan support their legitimate government, legitimate power of the tribes and their leader Moammar  Ghadafi.
3.Support for the Libyans living in Benghazi on harassment and oppression of the armed rebels, Al Qaeda and Islamic extremists.
It is important to note that all these thousands of people have flocked to the green square in spite of not having gas.Some have walked for hours or even days to reach the Green Square.

Meanwhile, NATO planes / USA entering the airspace of Tripoli unopposed and bomb the University of Tripoli.
From the language of the USA and NATO are losing money to "defend the Libyans."
We develop a new language dictionary USA / NATO to the whole world knows it
 Tripoly 17.06.2011. Green Square (video)
Brother Leader  Gaddafi  17. jun 2011.
"We are in our country we have to stay until the end.
We are in Our country, We have to stay in it until the end.
We do not want a reconciliation with them and We do not want negotiations with them. We are steadfast. You can bomb Us with atomic bomb.

We are provoking them and forcing them to come on ground. We are in Our country and We are not offending you. We were safe, comfortable in our country We enjoyed our goods.
They want to take Our wealth and Our oil and they want to enslave Us!
For the first time, they would face armed people!
They would face millions! Millions involved in this mess!
Even in Afghanistan they are fighting the Taliban only. In Algeria they faced the Algerian Liberation. In Lebanon they faced Hezbollah. And in Palestine they faced Hamas only. 
But here, in Libya, they are facing an armed people, milions of them. For the first time they are facing an armed people who can enter the battle, men and women.
In the past we used to say men defend women, but women surpassed men in Libya because of their determination for defense of our homeland and for the challenge and steadfast.
They will be defeated!
We resist that We have to change anything in Our country, and We will not change anything exept if it is Our own will and far away from your bombing.
Who has the manhood to carrying the flag of shame?
Who has the manhood to fighting his brothers?
This is not the effeminate man who fights with the Red Cross Royal flag which was flying with the American flag and the French flag
Who carries the flag have manhood?  Shame on him and his tribe!
Benghazi will rise up, will explode – Look O Look Benghazi to Tripoli
Look to the masses under the bombardment .
From everywhere, from all villages they came to Tripoli

As for you in Benghazi, are you afraid of a handful of weapons ?
These men and women united in Tripoli under bombing from aircrafts
You are in Benghazi and you can not challenge the rifles and machine guns?
Shame, shame! Where is your manhood?
Where are you?
Where are you Alawaqier tribe, where are you Alafajr tribe, where is population of Benghazi ? Do you fear a hand full of weapons? Gangs who are stealing from you ? Make you homeless ? 
Eat from donkeys of Qatar and the Gulf donkeys?
Where is dignity?  
You have to do your duty
We are not interested in death And We are not interested in life
Dignity is to do your duty We will not betray the past, We will not betray the parents and ancestors and the sacrificed fathers!
Grandchildren will not fail them!
We want them to come on the ground. We are waiting.
They are cowards, those cowards can’t come to the ground.
Who still have faith?
Who still say I’m Muslim? Or say I’m Arabian or Libyan and he fights under the flag of the shame? Flag that was undergo colonisation!"

Rajab Hamman   "Everyone in Libya wants Col. Gaddafi, not some traitors," Rajab Hamman, a 51-year-old engineer from Tripoli, said in the square as another demonstrator shot a magazine load of automatic rifle fire into the air a few steps away. "These are the real, true Libyans," he said of the crowd. 
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