Jun 6, 2011

The one who is murdering children is OTAN ! STOP killing people !

    NATO is bound and restricted by UNSC Resolutions 1970 and 1973, which state there is to be a no-fly zone (imposed already, so why is NATO still there?) and measures to protect civilian life. Why then is NATO acting to aid and support terrorists led by one Hashidi, who was actively engaged in obtaining Benghazi-based terrorists to fight alongside bin Laden's Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and to provide the bulk of the suicide bombers in Iraq? Why have Cameron, Obama and Sarkozy systematically failed to refer to this and why have the media in their countries skirted round these questions?
The one who is murdering children is NATO. Why the cover-up?

    The attempts to murder Gaddafi are war crimes, the killing of his son and grandchildren amount to acts of cold-blooded murder. Cameron, Obama and Sarkozy, now Berlusconi, have blood on their hands. In giving the go-ahead for these strikes, they are cold-blooded callous killers. As for NATO, well it is a terrorist organization, always was, is and always will be. The one who is murdering children is NATO.

  01.05.2011. NATO killed  - the youngest son of Colonel Gaddafi  was only 29 years old, grandchildren Saif Mohammed Muammar Gaddafi was one year and 3 months , Carthage Hannibal Muammar Gaddafi was 2 years and 9 months old and Mastura Humaid (daughter of Aisha) was 4 months and half

   How amazing it is that the citizens of these countries sit on their backsides happy that their leaders are committing murder and do nothing. And the apathy of its citizens would point towards the fact that they either think it is OK, or just don't care.
A final question to Cameron, Obama and Sarkozy: How would you feel if your kids and grandchildren were murdered in cold bloody by a terrorist? 
Apparently, you couldn't care less...

source: http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/12-05-2011/117888-terrorist_nato-0/
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