Jun 21, 2011


You can read comment for RESPECT! 

MoonPurpose at 1:35 AM June 21, 2011
Mr. McDonnell,
    I must say I am shocked with the way you wrote this article, although I haven't read your work before, so I can't really judge if you are always so biased when reporting from Libya. 
   I would just like to point out the obvious- when writing about crime scene ( and this is a crime scene on a larger scale), what should you cover? 
How many victims? 
Who were the victims? 
When did it happen? 
How did it happen? 
Who did it? 
   Let's say one US Senator was accused of committing a crime, and was then targeted with bombs in his family house, without evidence or proper trial. Let's say he doesn't die, but his entire family is wiped out. What would be the appropriate title of the article covering a crime scene? Would it be: "The Corrupt Senator survives the attempted murder" or " 10 people killed in bombing attack on a US Senator in his house" or something like that?
  Would you then proceed to describe the "luxurious haven" and the China vases or try to answer the basic question - since when it is OK to attack somebody in his house, without trial, without evidence, just based on allegations. Would you, then take statements describing the character of the victims, because, hey-if a victim was not a good guy, it deserved to die anyway ( I just don't know how you could be able to justify the killing of children, but I guess you can always downplay it a little...) or would you try to do the basic search on the one victim you try to portrait and make sure you are as objective as possible. 

    As you will see, the majority of the resources portray him just as what the Libyan government said he was- A Humanitarian, but you either didn't make the effort to search them or decided to ignore them completely.
   And one last thing- what about this: "The government was eager to display evidence of a "barbaric" assault, in the words of Musa Ibrahim, the chief government spokesman." What kind of a man witnesses a bombed site, with multiple victims including children, and then makes such a remark???? Eager?! Really? 
  How would you react to find your house invaded, destroyed, your children killed, and your only way to seek some justice is to ask the media to show it? 
Because that's exactly what's going on in Libya- a foreign invasion under pretext of Humanitarian aid and protection. Humanitarian bombing...
I guess those 900 ( including over 100 children) people killed in NATO air strikes were not humans after all, maybe they didn't pass the test NATO makes when deciding on targets. 
Is there a code word or something? 
Are the rebels who make the minority of Libyan people the only humans who count? 
And You and Your fellow reporters don't have the guts to stand up for any other humans in Libya, except those politically correct according to your employer. 
But I guess it's like that in America- 
You have to chose: Your conscience or your carrier...

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