Jun 18, 2011

(V) ALERT!!! Invasion of Libya in July 2011!


   Informational website Infowars.com, owned the famous American TV presenter Alex Jones received disturbing reports from military personnel on the basis of Ft. Hood in Texas, confirming the presence of U.S. plans to begin full-scale ground operation in Libya. Presumably the invasion to begin in October this year, after the deployment of troops in the region.
    The source said that more special forces will go to Libya in July, and the first division Calvary (heavy machinery) and the 3rd Corps rapid deployment of land in late October - early November. Initial troop level is estimated at 12 thousand soldiers and 15 thousand employees of logistics, that is, a total of nearly 30 thousand troops.
    This information is confirmed by numerous phone calls and emails from other soldiers, some of whom argue that the troop deployment will begin in September. According to these sources the operation will be supported by the British SAS. Also, there is evidence that the U.S. military assault of sabotage and reconnaissance units are already in Libya. Messages vary in detail, but in general the overall picture is pretty clear: as Qaddafi continues to shy away from trying to remove him from power, the fall will be a full-scale war.
    A informant, identified in reports as a "specialist H" morgue worker at U.S. Central Command, said that Americans already have a loss in Libya. He said that at least two soldiers and three civilians were killed by gunshot wounds, as reported by the media yet.
    The fact that Libya is preparing a full-scale war, the fifth, in addition to four already ongoing at the same time in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen, "Alex Canal" also told the geo-political analyst Webster Tarpley doctor. The desire to spin as much as possible the spread of regional conflicts could well trigger World War III, which will also cover Syria, Lebanon, Iran and even Saudi Arabia, said Tarpley.
    Meanwhile, Obama refuses to report to Congress regarding the continuation of hostilities after the allowed 60-day period, "the president of law." First he promised to finish all in a matter of days, and now calls the events "Kinetic" and not war. In this case it is justified by the fact that is subject to a UN mandate.
    And on Saturday, June 18, it became known that Obama has decided to continue military operations in Libya, even if he fails to get Congressional approval, and despite the fact that the Pentagon lawyers and advisers were opposed to this plan.

by Jazira Chuibekova on Saturday, 18 June 2011 at 14:09
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