Jun 7, 2011

(V) Cutting BABY's fingers, legs and hands (+18)

     Are we still talking about poor defenceless civilians seeking democracy?!? 
Or we will finaly enbrace the truth that these people are Al Qaeda lunatics ordered by western secret services to threaten and massacre all the families which are fro Libya and Colonel Gaddafi in Misurata and elsewhere!! 
Cutting BABY's fingers, legs and hands!!! 
    Humanitarian organisations are turning a blind eye on all the real atrocities commited by the rebels! All these videos were sent to them, but they sent viruses to our computers in response! 
   Humanitarian organisations like Amnesty International, Unicef, Human Rights Watch, UNHCR do NOT WANT to react on this, because these babies do not pay their bills,they know who pays their bills! 
They have a one-sided approach (siding with NATO )! A shame for humanity! A shame for all those good people who spent there money donating to good humanitarian couses, thinking that their money is in the right hands! Shame for criminal ICC Tribunal as well ! That tribunal has a purely political function. It has no relation to the justice and truth!!    SHAME SHAME SHAME
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