Jun 5, 2011

(V) Massacre ni Benghazi (+18)

Were these a peaceful demonstrations in Benghazi?? Do these people look like democracy seekers?? Does this look like fighting for freedom, against the opression?? Ofcourse not! How would you feel if somebody let out 1.000 prisoners from the prison at the outskirts of your country, and they side with Al Qaeda and western secret agents in order to take over the town with loothing, massacres and fear? in order to serve their western masters, in order to get the approval for the bombing and destruction of your own land?? How would you feel?

 Beheading by the Al Qaeda rebels in a mosque

These Al Qaeda rebels are supported by the US, UK, France and NATO in their 'humble' quest for 'democracy' ... As you can see they are beheading a Libyan man in a mosque with traditional Al Qaeda swords, while cheering .. This happened before Gaddafi even started fighting with them...

 Rebels are butchering Libyan and carrying body parts as trophies

Western-backed Al Qaeda rebels are butchering people and have a custom of carrying body parts as trophies, in order to scare Libyan people, because a majority of Libyans are against this so called revolution..

Lynching in Benghazi

Al Qaeda lynching mobs from Benghazi - hanged a black Libyan publicly on a square. They were celebrating his death by shooting and mutilating his dead body with Al Qaeda's swords. We are  sure if people were not so blinded with the fabricated lies of CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera, if they knew the truth, they would condemn their respective governments for supporting these "revolutionary"  lynching mobs in Libya.

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