Jun 9, 2011

Gaddafi's speach 07.06.2011.

Leave Libya to Libyans 

During heavy OTAN's bombing of Tripoli, in the most aggressive air-strike since the bombing began, brother leader Muammer Gaddafi gave a speech on a National TV. He said:

     "You should be ashamed, you will never terrorise Great Libya, you can't terrorize the enduring Tripoli!  
Tripoli destroyed Spaniards and Skulaip and the Knights of Malta and Byzantium, Romans, Italians! 

They were all broken on the rocks of Tripoli!
Glory to Tripoli! 
Glory to Libya!
    Libya is undergoing the deadliest, the most barbaric, and the savagest campaign, but we will not go down! We will not surrender! We have only ONE OPTION, and that option is OUR LAND, and WE ARE LIVING THAT OPTION NOW!
Life or Death, it makes no difference to us!
This is Our Option! 
This is Our Land!  
We will not leave it! 
We will not betray it! 
And, We will not sell it!
You tyrants, fascists, you are UNJUST! 
You, sons of no man's land , you are in front of several options:
  Go back to your country! 
  Repent, you blood-thirsty people! 
 Pull your generations out of this!
  Leave Libya to it's people!
    Libyan people will resolve this battle, and We will put an end to this on ourown. You have to conform to the will of The Libyan people.
Milions will march toward the mountains or any area where armed gangs are. Those gangs which called you to open your fire on us. Libyan people will march towards the east or the west or wherever gangs are. Millions will march to DISARM them! Millions will march to disarm gangs without fight in front of the world. Your airplanes will not be able to stop these millions marching, nor will the gangs be able to stand strong,even for a minute,while facing these millions marching.
    We will march together- men, women with our children and our elders to liberate and clean our land.  
This is our historic duty! 
No weakness! 
No betrayal to our history!  
    We will not betray ourselves! You can pour your fire on us, as you like,but you will find no cowards here! We are stronger than your rockets, stronger than your airplanes, Our voices are more stronger than the sound of bombing! THE WILL OF LIBYAN is stronger than your aircraft carriers! It is not the first time for you to bomb Us, to be defeated and to regret it!
   I'm speaking as a Libyan at this hour and I know that our country will be gloriuos, having a High spirit. Libyans are making this country glorious and our generations will be proud of it.
Our children and grandchildren are and will be proud of us and our brave enduring. We will defeat our enemy.
We don't care about victory now and we don't care about life or death. We decided to do our duty, to fight against imposed and unjustified aggression!
We weren't the reason to this battle.
We decided to do our duty that We have to do, duty for Our history, for Our grandfathers who sacrificed themselves for this land, and for the generations who will live in Libya.
You are just Ere in the sea. You are chasing the mirage.
What do you want ?  
Did we hurt you?
Did we cross the sea ? 
Why are you bombing Us? 
You want us to go down ? 
We will never go down.

We are welcoming death. We don't want to live with NATO!
We don't want to live under your rockets and your airplanes, we don't need it.
This is not a Life.
Martyrdom is better million times from such a life!
    Dear Libyan I know Your will is strong, make it strongerRaise Your head! 
I see youths in Bab Azyzia, when they bombed us,many youths came to Bab Azyzia. They are Libyan people! And you think they will go down?
Men and women are in the battle of pride.
    We don't care about life and death, We care about our duty. 
Our duty for the future!  
This is Our land and you come to attack Us in our land! 
Even Libyan women were angered so much that they thousands of them came to train how to use weapons. They are great Libyan women training to use guns for battle.
You will never defeat armed people.
Dernah will raise up, Benghazi will raise up, you know those tribes of Berqa who attacked you before. You know how brave they are. You offend Benghazi when you visit it with your dirty men, you wanted to offend people of Benghazi.

These tribes will wipe out the shame.  
Traitors have no value, and they will not last!
They are nothing.
People will endure.
Right now while I'm speaking they are bombing quite near me .... and airplanes are above me but my soul is with God!
Go Ahead millions, march to the West and to the East of Libya, for  duty!"
Brother Leader Muammar  al- Gadhafi  

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