Jun 12, 2011

(V) Humanitarian Aid: NATO Bombed 14 Tanks and 437 Schools

    Organized mass murder (war) is very often justified as "justice" or moral. Indeed it is almost always the good guys against the bad guys (unless it is a war waged by mercenaries). Western  wars are always in foreign countries against native people, so on the surface it is hard to understand why West is in so much denial about their empirism, colonialism, and imperialism...

NATO bombs Libyan school for disabled children -  30 Apr 2011 

OTAN pilots bombed the Libyan Down Syndrome Society, a parent-funded school for children with Down Syndrome, early in the morning on April 30. The missile destroyed the main wing of the school and the adjoining office of the government’s commission for children. The bombing also damaged an orphanage in the building. 

 NATO destroying Libyan education system /June 8, 2011 by lizziecocker


     Alliance chief liar today announced that the Alliance bring Libya and the Middle East, democracy and freedom. Bring pictures of the democracy and freedom that the Alliance and  war by attacking Libya same amazing way the images brought by democracy and freedom that the U.S. has previously been to Afghanistan and Iraq.
      Imperator  is wrong if he thinks that people will give up its fight against his Empire, when he and his mass media, they lie just bold enough
    Despite the imperialist rhetoric about protecting civilians, NATO forces are clearly attacking civilians and have been doing so throughout their war on Libya.
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