Jul 27, 2011

WHY GADDAFI MUST DIE & Muammar Al Gaddafi ... Who is this man?


Muammar Al Gaddafi ... Who is this man?

   They said it as crazy, criminal, and unbelieving, and the magician, and clown, and a vampire, and obsessed, has become a Colonel Muammar Gaddafi at the beginning of 2011 a symbol of all evil in this world, and people were totally devoid of features and the pros, has devoted the media suspicious every effort in tarnish the image of this man and demonized and stripped of human figures, it has reached interconnected to declare that colonialism is much mercy from the rule of this man who is willing to annihilate his people to their father's reel.

   It was not easy to talk about this man under the so-called revolutions Arab experienced by Libya and the Arab countries, was not acceptable to just think in any positives or achievements of Gaddafi, it was the closest to disbelief, and the accused person immediately going crazy or that he paid with the Qaddafi, was not allowed until the question about the credibility of any charges and slanders against him and the Libyan regime, because the self-evident to many that this Aldekatur rule his people over 42 years with iron and fire, and he had not done anything for his country, but led his country to backwardness, some even believe that there is not in Libya's hospitals and universities and health centers and roads. BUT http://libyasos.blogspot.com/p/gaddafi.html

   Media war unprecedented, based on lies, fraud, misrepresentation and the facts as a basic fuel, depending on the make dazzling and shock the recipient, and make the recipient to hand over full and conviction are not to doubt, but desperate to refuse questioning of any information, even if the evidence and facts, I have excelled Media suspicious tarnish the image of this man and demonized and stripped of his humanity, through the investment of each technology and modern communications in the news and satellite channels and websites, video, cartoon, etc., that the ferocity of this war, the media and exceed all the limits of morality and logic raises suspicion and doubt, and leads to the curiosity and wonder about the fact that Muammar Gaddafi, who is this man, who gathered him enemies and friends deny him?
   The answer is that he staged a bloodless coup had not shed a single drop of blood. Is the one who called the late leader Gamal Abdel Nasser, the title of Secretary of Arab nationalism and Arab unity. Is cleared from the Libya of U.S. bases and British and Italian that had a major role in the aggression against Egypt. Is what made America lose the most important military bases, which paralyzed the movement of the Sixth Fleet to the Mediterranean, and make them lose the gateway to Africa. Is the rejection of all attempts of containment and colonial domination when he refused to join the AFRICOM and the Union for the Mediterranean. 

Is to make Libya occupies the first place at the AU and the fifth level of the Arab world in the Human Development Index according to the report of the UN Development Programme, 2010. Is made to order in Libya occupies the 53 in the world in human development index.

Is the establishment of large housing projects in Libya, and spent the shanty houses and cottages which is famous for many countries in North Africa. Who is the Great Manmade River project, which is the largest project to transfer water rights in the world knew him. Who nationalized the oil sector and deprived the U.S. and the west of the acquisition of it.

   Was founded by the Arab-African Union project so that the Arabs and the Africans to solve their problems without foreign interference. Hu, who has funded the launch of satellites instead of an African satellite Bank, and thus has deprived Europe of millions of dollars, and cultural hegemony and the media on the African continent. Is the one who tore the Charter of the United Nations false, and demanded an investigation in 65 war (KILLING HOPE) erupted since the establishment of the United Nations.

    Is called to investigate the execution of President Saddam Hussein and Abu Ghraib prison scandal and the aggression on Gaza and other crimes. Italy is forced to apologize for the era of colonization of Libya. West, who is appalled when he proposed to deal golden dinar in Africa and the Arab world instead of the dollar and euro. Is a courageous stand by refusing to stop for the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Is applied the truth of democracy through the power of the people and the people's congresses. Is the only Arab leader who put forward several initiatives of the unit, the only one who tried to collect all the Arab countries to unite, the Federation and opening the borders to everyone. Is the head of the Islamic Call Society, which is the safest on the hands of millions. That helped the liberation movements and the oppressed peoples, and open land for each Liberal Libya in the world.
   Is a person who hates hypocrisy and subservience, he refused to shake hands with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice established. Is that the Arabs to enter Libya without a visa and make Libya to all Arabs. Is the one who hired the oil money to help the Libyan Arab countries through the many investments in Egypt, Sudan and Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Yemen and others. Is the prevention of alcohol and trafficking in women in Libya.

    Is produced and financed the film Omar Mukhtar, a movie and the message which came through which thousands of people in Islam. Is the Arab leader who remained committed and proud of his own language, and Arabism, and his tent, and his clothes Arab.

In fact I did not know much about the Leader Muammar Gaddafi, and every time I discovered more facts and honorable positions of national Libyan leader, which are totally incompatible with the unjust campaign aimed at the ground and the Libyan People of all, and I feel very sorry for the impact of these attempts that seek to assassinate our symbols, our history and distort, and discredit our minds.

    The war showed the advantages of Libya Muammar Gaddafi and the achievements that were obvious to many, and which enemies are trying to cover up and distorted, but all this reminds me of the words of the poet "Abu Tammam"  If God wanted to publish a virtue *** wrapped allowed it to San envious for not caught fire with bordered  ***
What was already well known lute can not figure out the smell of a good lute, but with fire 
And fire and unjust war on the people of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi on the person we knew a lot of features and facts that were hidden and shown by haters and envious enemies and Vshaka and crushed them to their plots.
Author "Who si this man": Sawsan Ahmed Abu Ajamieh
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