Jul 28, 2011

RAPE of LIBYA: CAN WE STOP NATO DEVIL? Bab al `Aziziyah, 25. july 2011.

NATO will be forced to bomb civilian targets. Bombing of civilian structures is TERRORISM! And we've seen so many violations of international law in past 4 months. In fact "they" smashed "international law".
It is so painful to see the hardship and sorrow the West (NATO) is causing in the pretext of protecting civilians.
As a matter of fact we are only fed with the little censored crumps from the Western media, while they are busy bombarding the Libya communications system to ashes, in order to feed the world with all kinds of one sided lies.
Shame on them….!!
What more do they want from Col Gaddafi and the Libyans? 
Will they only be happy the day that they have finished him off?
It is reported that the daughter of Gaddafi (who lost her own child and brother including several local Libyans) intends to lay charges of war crimes against NATO in Brussels, but at the same time the Belgians are the ones attacking the Libyans, yet it is expected they report to the country which is busy destroying them.
They are at the same time the judges, investigators and jury at the same time. How can we expect fairness in such a trial?
Let this cases be handled by the Africans themselves please, because there wont be a fair trial at all as long  as those who commits atrocities against the Libyans, justice wont be served to the Libyan people  Anti imperialist

 Libyans in  Bab al `Aziziyah, after NATO bombing 
(graphic extremly)
(25/7/11) NATO bombed a wedding party and a hospital in Zlitan. NATO is bombing Tripoli as I write, I can hear the planes and the bombs dropping outside the hotel. Sukant saw smoke rising from the Bab Alziza (Bab Al Ziziah) compound.
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