Jul 25, 2011

NATO Hit Hospital, Kill Three Doctors: Libyan Residents

Reports coming from Libya say NATO forces have struck a local hospital in western Libya and killed seven people. Osama Mahmoud who is an ambulance driver told media that "three doctors were among the dead at the Zlitan hospital."

Hospital workers and residents said NATO raided the hospital early Monday morning, the Associated Press reported.
Libyan government forces took journalists to the destroyed hospital that is located in the town of Zlitan. The city is about a two hours drive east of the capital Tripoli.
The journalists were also brought to a number of food warehouses which according to government officials had been invaded by NATO planes and were burning in fire.
NATO has not commented on the raid yet. A NATO spokesperson in Naples, Italy announced "the alliance would not release information on the strikes before Tuesday."
The alliance forces have destroyed civilian buildings many times during its assault on Libya. Many civilians have been killed in such attacks and a large number have injured.
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