Jul 8, 2011



   Especially in the cities of the jihadist hotbed in the northeast of Libya, Benghazi, Ajdabiya, Al Beida, Derna and Tobruk, – justifying it’s actions with the false black mercenary allegation – lynch mobs were hunting black people, arresting, mistreating and killing black people in the most ugly ways with knives. As many people in wealthy Libya have mobile phones with cameras the crowds videotaped such crimes an uploaded videos to social media sites as signs of victory.
There are many more such videos of such horrific deliberate crimes of the „rebels“ – often racist murders commited against helpless black people which were already handcuffed. Every and each government has not only the right, but also the duty to stop such murderous lynch mobs – and the government should exercise the amount of force that is necessary to stop such lynch mobs.

Now, let’s have a look of what is alleged to be proof a horrific crime of the government forces loyal to Muamar Gaddafi. See here two screenshots of a video, 1:06 min long, showing alleged crimes of Gaddafi loyalists. YuoTube link ->

Screenshot: Second 15 of a 1:06 min long Video Look at this screenshot well and remember. See that between the three killed men in uniforms there is an empty place in the middle, bloody were a head may have been laying.
Screenshot: Second 39 of 1:06 min long Video Look at this screenshot well, and remember, too. Ask yourself: what kind of weapon has been used to cause that kind of injury?
The video, posted on many video channels and titled for example „GRAPHIC Lybian Soldiers Executed – By Gaddafi’s Mercenaries – Libya – Smuggled Video“, was uploaded to Youtube on 23rd of February. The description of the video reads – at the Youtube channel SurvivalWithBushcraf:
Soldiers tied up and executed by Gaddafi mercenaries for refusing to kill protesters! Reuploaded from … WARNING Extremely graphic video smuggled to an Al Jazeera reporter across the border in Libya. This is evidence of crimes against humanity which the world should know about especially the West. The information given is that these are soldiers who refused to kill their own people so they were tied up and executed.
The video shows about 18 government soldiers and security forces, most of them with their hands handcuffed on the back brutally and bloodily slaughtered. The deads are shown close up and other people as the slaughtered are just seen in the last seconds. Comments below the video read like „Gaddafi is a devil they should burn him alive.“ Nobody questioned who were the devils who commited this crime. It was „Gaddafi mercenaries“ slaughtering security forces because they didn’t want to kill such peaceful freedom and democracy demonstrators as the participants of the islamic lynch mobs seen above. 
How did the world know? 
Please note, that Libyafeb17.com has removed the video embedding and that someone who said he is admin of Youtube channel WadiTR, created February 18, 2011, has given a comment, declaring that he is the „admin of the YouTube Page that posted this Video“. So the world was set up to believe, that Libya is the only dictatorship in the world, were the brutality of the dictatorship is not proven by massacred peaceful protesters, but proven by a video showing masscred government forces. Of course, that’s bullshit.
It can be proven. Other videos of this horrific crime scene do exist, too. See here a video, probably taped by a different person, which is 55 seconds long. Watch it well.

The video shows allegedly „rebels“, who found the soldiers, which were slaughtered by Gaddafis mercenaries because they refused to kill their fellow Libyan people. Have you noticed something? Here is a screenshot of second 10.

Screenshot: Second 10 of 0:55 min long Video
This white skinned guy is badly injured, but he moves his hand, so he is still alive. The guy is lying exactly at the place were in the 1:06 min long video is an empty space. Look at the screenshot. The guy still living is videotaped in close-up, but neither the camera man nor anybody else of these sympathic human rights and democracy rebels seems to help him. 
Didn’t they notice, that he he still alive?
More videos of this horrific crime scene do exist. See here a video, probably taped by a different person, which is 1:25 min long. Watch it well, too.

Have you seen? Look the screenshot of 1:18 min.
Screenshot: Minute 1:18 of 1:25 min long Video
Someone who – like all of the people present at the crime scene in this video as in the last video, you can hear men and at least one woman speaking with each other in the background – doesn’t want to come into the picture, gives the guy, who is still living, a bit water
But nothing more. Nobody cares trying to stop him bleeding. Nobody cares for him, fo example speaking with him to keep him awake until – maybe – an ambulance comes. 
Have you ever seen an accident on the street where people were injured? 
What kind of people would behave this way? 
It’s easy to say: murders behave in such a way. 
What we have seen here in these videos are the murders taping the fresh crimescene of their own crime to publish the video and blame this horrific crime on Gaddafi.
The guy who is still living is the same guy, who was lying at a different place and whose head was completely smashed in the 1:06 min long video. See the screenshot and compare. 
That means that the head of this guy was smashed after the „rebels“ taped the crimescene when he was still living. „Rebels“ smashed his head after the 0:55 min and the 1:25 min long videos were taped.
You still don’t believe what you see?
So see this video, it shows some of the victims still alive – together with some of the people who overwhelmed them. The video was made in the night – as the victims didn’t redress in the meantime, probably shortly before their were killed. Watch closely:

Do you remember this guy? His pullover is very specific.
Now have a look of a weapon used by the people, who took the soldiers hostage before they were killed.
Screenshot: Minute 4:32 of 11:51 min long Video
The big black guy, who is among those later slaughered, is threatened with kind of a wooden club, an iron rod or a sword. Hard to say from the video what it is exactly, but such a weapon could probably cause such injuries as we have seen in the massacre of the captured soldiers.
Now look at those who took the soldiers hostage before they were slaughtered.
Screenshot: Minute 5:02 of 11:51 min long Video
The soldier in the front is one of those who is saughtered later. He is upset, and someone – probably a woman – is laying a hand on his shoulder to calm him down. In the background at the left the guy with the black woolen hat is clearly one of the captors.
Screenshot: Minute 5:04 of 11:51 min long Video
The guy with the white jacket is one of the captors. The person with the camera is clearly trying to avoid to tape him on video, but at one time he slipped into the picture. If you watch the video closely at these seconds where he appears, you can see, that he has got a long gun in his right hand. In the background we can see the window. It’s night and some people are in front of the window watching the crime scene.
Screenshot: Minute 5:28 of 11:51 min long Video
A very young man is shown who covers his face partly with a scarf so he will be a bit harder to recognize if the police will looking for him for taking soldiers hostage, who are killed later in a barbaric manner. He is one of the captors.

Screenshot: Minute 5:35 of 11:51 min long Video
This person remains a mystery so far. It’s just an arm. It’s probably the person who videotapes the hostage taking. As this screenshot was taken, a female hsotage taker argues heavily with the big black guy, who is later among the dead. So, the person who took the video is most probably a woman. But she is never to be seen in the picture because it is her, who tapes the video.
That hostage taker people are clearly not Gaddafi special troops. These are rebels, taping their own hostage taking crime. An later they tape the crimescene of the massacre, which they committed themselves. 
They published the videos of their own crimes and labeled them „Crimes of Gaddafi“.
This is interesting enough. What is even more interesting is that this pattern is to be seen in different places in Libya. Rebels murder people, soldiers and Gaddafi supporters, tape their crime, publish it on social media sites and label it „Crimes of Gaddafi“. 
Check your favorite search engine t find more such alleged Gaddafi crimes which are in fact rebel crimes. 
Think yourself: if it’s true somebody has organzied this uprising in this way, which is clearly a murderous and brutal campaign of the most racist and disgusting people around there.

[original: http://nocheinparteibuch.wordpress.com/2011/04/04/hidden-behind-propaganda-a-giant-crime-against-libya-is-fact-part-i/]
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